The Road with Armadillo

I was there when they hit the sand

On their hands and knees they praised the skies

For their safety on the land

Covered in sea weed, muck, and flies

I was there in their journey through the wilderness

Stole away some food here and there

Nothing more, nothing less

But I hunted down those monkeys

that stole what they had to wear

I was their friend, their little orange pal

Following their blind steps forward

Had a laugh, had a gal

El Dorado we traveled towards

I stuck by their idiotic sides

As they claimed the glory

I tried to warn them, their time they should bide

But as always no one listens to the "shorty"

I helped them out again and again

Bouncing on their boney limbs

To get through the hoop and win the game

Against twelve monstrous chimps

After all this rowdy "gaming"

In which my feelings were stomped on and banked

All these adventures were really just shame

For never-not once-was I thanked!

A/N: I love that little guy and he doesn't get enough credit…poor thing. My brother and I always call this movie The Road With Armadillo, because he's the best little dude in the world! Please forgive this nonsense. It's so bad.