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"Oh Shit"

Mimi sighed in frustration as she pushed the "Up" button several times even though she knew it wasn't going to make the elevator come any faster. She took a look at her watch; she was already five minutes late meeting her friend for lunch. She smoothed out her white mini skirt as she waited. Finally the doors opened and she quickly stepped inside. She jammed the "10" button with more force than necessary and leaned back against the wall waiting for the silver metal doors to close.

"Wait! Hold that elevator!" Matt yelled as he came rushing towards the elevator.

'Great. That idiot is going to make me even more late!' Mimi's hand shot up to the "Door close" button and pressed it several times. But the doors didn't close. "Come on..." She repeatedly pressed it and the doors finally started to close. She let out a triumphant sigh and leaned against the wall once more.

Matt saw the doors closing and ran even faster towards the elevator. He just had to make it in, he only had a two minutes left before his interview started. He managed to slide in the elevator right before the metal doors closed. He dropped his suitcase on to the floor and used the wall to support himself as he tried to catch his breath. "Thanks...for...holding...the elevator," he said sarcastically. "Bitch…" He muttered under his breath.

Mimi smiled sweetly. "You're welcome." 'Jackass,' she thought. She stole glances at him while pretending to examine her manicured nails. 'Hmm... He's really cute.' She leaned back a little and smiled. 'For a jackass he has a pretty nice ass.'

Matt rolled his eyes as he finally caught his breath. 'She seems like one of those snobby types.

Mimi's cell phone rang and she answered it. "Hello? Oh hi! Uh huh, yeah... Oh I don't mind! Sure! No problem."

Matt rubbed his temples. 'That girl is way too perky for my taste.' He took this as a chance to look at her more closely while she was distracted talking on her cell. She looked like one of those girls that would smack him with her purse repeatedly if she caught him staring at her.

He looked down at her black stilettos. He had to admit to himself, he does love it when girls wear those types of shoes.Especially when the girls are wearing just the shoes and nothing else. He looked up back at Mimi and saw she was still chatting away happily. She seems really familiar... Where do I know her from?' He shrugged off the thought and looked at her legs. From what he could tell she wasn't wearing any stockings. Her legs were practically perfect, nicely tanned, toned, and there wasn't a blemish anywhere.

"Alright, see you tonight. Bye Sora!" Mimi said cheerily and hung up her cell.

The hearing the name Sora caught Matt's attention as he watched Mimi put her cell away in her purse. 'Sora? ...As in... my ex Sora? Wait... oh no... Please tell me that isn't Mimi!' Matt thought desperately. He noticed that her cell phone was pink, her top was pink, her nails were pink, and her purse was also pink. The Mimi he knew loved the color pink… That could only mean one thing...

Suddenly the elevator lurched violently. It threw the both of them off balance. Mimi tried desperately to grab on to the railings to stop herself from falling but she couldn't. Instead she fell on Matt. The lights in the elevator were flickering and there was a mechanical hum. The elevator came to a stopped but the doors didn't open.

Matt was lying on his back, looking at the ceiling of the elevator. 'Oh, thanks a lot, God.' He thought sarcastically, but then again... Mimi was on top of him and he did like that...

"Wha? What happened?" Mimi asked as she got off of Matt and back on her feet.

Matt was about to answer but he noticed that Mimi's skirt was hiked up past her waist and he could see her lacy pink panties. He had trouble thinking let alone respond to her question.

Mimi followed his line of vision and blushed furiously. She harshly pulled down her skirt and glared at him. Matt shook his head and got off the floor. "... Something must be wrong with the elevator."

Mimi rolled her eyes. "Gee, really?" She said sarcastically as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Matt got angry at her remark. "Do I look like a fucking elevator repairman?!" He snapped.

Mimi was quite taken back. 'Maybe I should think more clearly before talking. After all, I don't know this man... He could have just gotten parole recently and was in for murder!' She was about to apologized but the elevator phone rang.

Matt, being the closest to the phone, answered it. After about a couple of minutes he hung up the phone and sank back down to the ground. "They said there's a mechanical problem and that they are fixing it right this moment."

"So... we just have to sit here and wait? This piece of shit isn't safe... it could crash again!" Mimi exclaimed looking at the door in despair, hoping it would magically open.

"Well there's nothing else we can do. So sit tight Mimi, it's going to be a looooonnnnngggg wait."

Mimi sighed and slid down the wall to the floor. She thought about what he said and realized he said her name. "... You know my name?"

Matt mentally kicked himself. 'Shit, why am I so stupid? Eh, being stuck here with her for hours she was bound to recognize me anyway. Even she is not that ditzy.' He let out a long sigh, knowing she was going to react badly to what he was about to say. "It's me, Matt."

He watched as her eyes went huge with shock. And then it went into a glare with hatred. "Matt?!"

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