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Mimi stared at Matt's cards for what seemed like an eternity. Many thoughts were going through her head; the most recurring thought was 'I'm fucked! What am I going to do?!' She bit her nails nervously and continued to stare at the damn cards.

Matt found her reaction to be quite comical. But the longer she stared at his cards, the more he was worried that she was going to have a nervous breakdown. At least five minutes had passed by and she didn't look away from the cards. If she continued to chew on her nails, she would for sure chew on her finger tips. He snapped his fingers to get her attention but it didn't work. "Mimi?" She didn't react at all. Finally, he reached out and gently touched her knee.

As soon as he touched her knee, it scared the shit out of her. She gasped and was snapped out of her thoughts. Matt retracted his hand immediately, afraid that he may have pissed her off. Her facial expression softened a bit, realizing that she was acting irrational. She agreed to take it all off if she lost and she lost. So she had to do it, no if and or buts.

Mimi cleared her throat and tried to smile. "Well, looks like you won. Congrats" Her voice was surprisingly strong. 'Come on Mimi, you can do it! All you have to do is take it all off and then put them back on. Piece of cake. In fact, you can have a little fun with it.' She thought evilly.

She crawled over to Matt and sat on his lap, with her back facing him. Matt didn't know what to make of her action. Less than a minute ago she was close to having a breakdown and now she was sitting in his lap, which felt very nice. He took a deep breath and fisted his hands. It took all of his self-control to not rip off her remaining clothes and take her right then and there. "What are you doing?" His voice was shaky.

Mimi smiled, having fun with her effect on him. "I thought you would want to do the honors." She cocked her head back, indicating the hooks on the back of her bra.

Matt looked at her suspiciously. 'What was she up to? Was this a bluff? To see how far I would go? Well she's in for a surprise. I am not going to be the one to back down.' Through out whole time he wasn't going to actually make her strip if she was uncomfortable with it. But if she was gamed, then so was he. 'Let's see how far she'll let me go.' He fingered with one of her bra straps, sliding his finger up and down the thin strip of fabric. "You sure?"

She fought her instinct to shudder and tried to keep her composure. 'He wouldn't actually take off my bra. He's too chickenshit for it.' She kept thinking of ways to throw him off. "Of course I'm sure. What are you waiting for? They are probably almost done fixing the elevator by now." 'Oh how I wish that was true.'

"You're right." Matt moved his fingers over the hooks of her bra and was about to unclasp it.

"I bet you can't undo it with just your mouth." Mimi said quickly, hoping to stump him.

"I've done it before." Matt said arrogantly. She was slightly shocked when he grabbed her hips and moved her off his lap to his knees. "I needed more room." He placed his hands on her hips and tried to unhook her bra using his mouth. Mimi found the whole experience to be quite tickling.

A minute passed by and he was still unsuccessful. His grip on her hips was harder as he was getting frustrated. It was a lot harder unclasping a woman's bra using only his mouth than he remembered. He was close to giving up when he finally managed to unhook the damn bra.

The bra slid down slowly. He waited for her to remove it or give him her approval for him to do so. Fear was taking over Mimi again. She wasn't going to back down. "Well?" Matt took that as an ok sign and scooted her back on to his lap. He slid both straps down her arms at the same time.

Mimi tried her hardest to focus on her breathing. Not on how she could feel his beautifully sculpted chest behind her, how strong his arms, how soft his touch was… She was finding it hard not to think of those things.

Matt finally tossed the bra onto the floor and took in the view. He could only see her backside but he still found the sight to be incredibly arousing. There were no tan-lines anywhere, her skin looked flawless. He had never wanted anything more in his life than to touch her. But he had to control his urges though, he didn't want to scare or hurt her. Try telling that to his member though.

She could feel him being aroused which in turn made her excited. She wanted him to touch her, to give her pleasure, to make her scream his name over and over again. But she couldn't! She shouldn't be having these thoughts; she shouldn't be sitting on his lap practically naked! What kind of friend would she be to Sora?

Matt was caressing the sides of arms now, dangerously close to her breasts. Her skin was so soft, practically like silk. He wanted to feel more of her with his body. He gave butterfly kisses on her neck and she sighed, enjoying what he was doing to her. He took that as a sign to continue so he grabbed her breasts tenderly and gave them a gentle massaging. She moaned and unconsciously started grinding her hips onto his groin at the same rate he was going.

He was at the point of no return so it was now or never. "Mimi… If we keep going with this I won't be able to stop. So if you want to stop, tell me now and I will."

She knew she should say stop. But she couldn't remember why. It had something to do with Sora but her mind couldn't think. All she could focus on was his mouth nibbling at her shoulder and his hands on her breasts. She turned around and looked into his eyes which were filled with lust. "I need you Matt, in me. Give it all you got baby."

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