Naruto/ Final Fantasy Fusion

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Summoner Naruto

By Mage-Alia

Chapter 1: Dreams lost, dreams gained

Summary: After failing the Gennin exam Naruto ends up walking a different path after being presented with a Summoning contract for the rare creatures called "Aeons". Now, unable to use Charka outside his body, Naruto needs to find his own purpose in life while he deals with elementals that tell bad jokes and his extremely reluctant guardian, Sasuke.

Pairing: SasuNaru

A/N: Okay! This story is a fusion of Naruto and various Final Fantasy games, but when I say that I mean there are no final fantasy characters in this story, just Aeons, Eidolons, GF's and Materia summons's. Also, I might as well say this too… This story has nothing to do with my other Story 'Dark Summoner' and won't include any of the elements of it either. This was just a passing idea I had, so if anyone wants me to continue it they'll need to tell me or I might not continue it at all… it's on a trial run so to speak, so I guess the only thing left to say is enjoy!

"Great job! That's my son!"

"Now you're a man!

"I'm so proud of you! I'm going to make your favorite dinner."

"Hey, that kid…"

"…yeah, that's 'the' kid, and he's the only one who failed."

"Well that's good… we can't have him becoming a Shinobi."

"…Since he is…"

"Hey! We can't talk about that!"

Naruto couldn't keep the look of disappointment from his face as he sat in the shade of a great Oak, listening to the crowd of adults and children as they milled around the academy courtyard. The new Gennin's where all smiling and laughing and not for the first time the normally bright blonde felt his own loneliness weighing him down. Nobody was there for him, hell, he hadn't even passed the exam. Heaving a sigh he picked up his goggles and stared at them before he replaced them on his forehead. Another year… that would be how long he had to wait before he could take the Gennin exam again. Naruto got up off the swing he'd been perched on and fled the courtyard. Not wanting to hear what everyone was saying about him. As he vanished in the direction of the forest he missed the eyes that watched him go.

The Hokage let out a sigh of his own as he walked up alongside Umino Iruka.

"Iruka, I need to talk to you." The Chuunin didn't take his eyes off the place Naruto had disappeared.

"Yes Hokage-sama."

The sun had set by the time Naruto stopped walking and finally slumped down at the base of a tree, still moping. Contrary to popular belief he wasn't the idiot people made him out to be. Most of the time he wasn't actually happy unless he was pissing off Iruka-sensei or playing a prank. At least people paid attention to him, and if being an idiot was what got that attention, then that's what he'd keep on doing… but still, there where only so many times a twelve year old child could be ignored and let down. Finally noticing the time Naruto got to his feet and was about to make his way back to his apartment when he heard a soft gurgle behind his tree.

The blonde froze before curiousity welled up within him. He peeked around the tree and into the small clearing beyond only to find a dark, crumpled heap nearby. It gurgled again and shifted, making Naruto jump in surprise before he darted from the cover of the tree and peered down at what he could now see was a person… an injured person. The half moon shone weakly overhead as Naruto bent down to look into the man's face. Dark stains marked the presence of blood in what had one been golden blonde hair, very much like his own, and his clothes had been almost shredded, the remains hanging off him as he lay there, wheezing for breath in a pool of drying blood.

Naruto leaned in closer to his face and was reaching out a hand to shake him when the stranger's blue eyes fluttered open and looked up at him with a slightly insane glint. The boy fell on his behind in an effort to scrabble away when he reached out a shaking hand and clenched the material of his pants.

"No!" The man rasped. "Don't go." He was forced to let go a moment later though when a coughing fit caused blood to bubble up over his lips. The Kyuubi vessel stopped and stared as the man stopped coughing, breathing roughly he pushed himself into a sitting position and swayed. "…please… I need your help." The man pleaded before he moved an arm, revealing a large and heavy looking scroll laying half concealed by the remains of a cloak. He pushed it out onto the grass between Naruto and himself. Wincing when the movement pulled at a gaping wound visible on his side. He sat panting for a long time after before he could speak again.

"This… cough … scroll, you must sign it." Naruto's eyes widened in surprise as he opened his mouth to ask why but the man cut him off before he could ask the all important question.

"Just do it!" He hacked up more red fluid from his lungs as he clumsily broke the seal and rolled it out on the ground to an empty space. "It's a summoning contract… it needs to be signed before I die or it will vanish for good." The desperation in his tone would have hooked Naruto if two words hadn't already snared his attention.

"A Summoning contract?" The boy asked in a faint mix of confusion and elation. "What does it summon? Are they powerful?" The man gave the hyper kid a weakening look.

"Just sign it!" He hissed and Naruto looked at him before looking back down at the scroll and abruptly making up his mind.

'How much hurt could it do?' He thought to himself as he bit his thumb and began to scrawl his name down the center of a column in rough kanji. As he finished the last stroke the scroll disappeared in a acrid puff of smoke and the man sagged in what appeared to be relief.

"It's done…" He trailed off as he looked Naruto dead in the eye. "May the new Summoner live longer than the last." With that he slumped to the ground, much to Naruto's alarm. The blonde scrambled forward to check him over but fell on his ass a second time when the body suddenly burst into a cloud of tiny fireflies that spiraled into the air above him before dispersing into the night sky. Naruto stared for a long time before he looked at the place where the man had been seconds before only to find no evidence of the man even being there to begin with.

"Strange." He muttered to himself as he climbed to his feet. He'd only walked about as far as the trees when a sudden pain lanced through the hand he'd used to sign the strange scroll. He stopped and looked at it only to continue when he didn't see anything wrong. Deciding he had to get back he began to walk faster but was forced to his knees a moment later when pain lanced through him once more. He pushed back his bright orange sleeves when it began to crawl up his arm and could only stare as black lines where burned into his skin. Half panicking he pulled his jacket off completely when the lines didn't stop at his arm. They formed a web over the entire arm starting at a circle on the back of his hand coloured ice blue. From there the lines joined together other empty circles in a symmetrical pattern that continued onto his chest before replicating itself on his other arm. He peeled off his shirt to get a better look at the one on his chest as the burning pain from before began to die down. Leaving him with a complicated set of tattoo's that could only have been a result of signing the strange contract.

Even so, as he looked at the tattoo, the dead last began to feel like something was very wrong. His insides where churning uncomfortably as something began to rearrange his charka, another pain shot through him but not as bad as the burst from moments before, it still knocked the wind from him. He sat back, panting when he heard a shout from closer to the village. Nearly forgetting about his current state Naruto jumped to his feet, leaving behind his shirt and jacket as he rushed through the trees, only to pull up short when he found the scene awaiting him.

Mizuki, the teaching assistant stood over Iruka-sensei with a large scroll, gloating as he watched the wounded Chuunin making an effort to get up again. Not far away from them was another body, the second Naruto had been exposed to in one night. This time it was a nameless boy who had been a year behind him in the Academy. Naruto wondered why he was dead as he listened to Muzuki speaking.

"…Ha! That boy was nothing! Mearly a tool for getting the Scroll of Seals, the fox demon is in these very woods and soon enough I will find him and release his power upon Konoha once more!" Iruka growled and reached for a Kunai.

"So you want to bring Naruto into this! Well I wont let you!" The teacher lunged forward but his attack was deflected by Mizuki who pulled out one of his giant shuriken and made to throw it at Iruka. The Chuunin closed his eyes, knowing he wouldn't be able to dodge it.

The blow never came.

Seeing the attack Naruto yelled out as loud as he could and Mizuki skidded to a stop, looking right at the blonde standing at the edge of the tree line. Iruka opened his eyes and saw him too.

"NARUTO! RUN! DON'T LET HIM GET YOU!" Mizuki was grinning now, as everything began to come together in his eyes. Naruto didn't really pay any attention to Iruka's panicked shout as he focused on the man that had been about to hurt him. A cold feeling washed over him and completely on instinct to reached across with his left hand and placed a finger over the blue circle located on the back of the right.

"You won't hurt Iruka-Sensei." He found himself saying in a voice that was far calmer than he felt. The cold exploded into being around him and five giant ice shards crashed down from nowhere, piercing the ground behind him like a fan. Seconds later the crystalline form of a woman floated out of the sky and into the midst of the icicles before they shattered to reveal the real summons. Mizuki and Iruka where reduced to staring in shock as a scantly clad blue skinned and haired woman strode before Naruto in a sort of guard position. She had much the same effect as the Orioke no Jutsu and if the situation hadn't been so serious the teachers would have probably been sent blasting back by a nosebleed. Fortunately she also wore a shimmering green and blue cloak that looked as though it was made from shards of ice.

A moment later she raised up her hand into a completely different stance and Mizuki came out of his shock and just got ready to throw his weapon once more but a graceful sweep of the long haired Ice queen's arm stopped him dead. Out of nowhere once more Ice formed and plummeted toward the ground. Hearing the chime of loose falling shards Mizuki looked up and a single look of fear swept across his features before he was flattened under what had to be a tone of ice.

Silence decended over the clearing and Iruka stared at the ice bolder, horrified. He eventually looked over at its source and realized that his student was still standing somewhat numbly behind the woman he'd summoned to defeat Mizuki. Naruto wasn't looking at him but the summons was. She was regarding him with a cool look. That combined with her stance and appearance gave him the impression of royalty, like she was an icy, proud queen staring at him as though he where an idiot. Finally, when she looked away in dissintrest Iruka forced himself to his feet and stumbled over to Naruto as more people arrived on the scene, they where ANBU but the Academy teacher couldn't care less as he reached out to stop Naruto from collapsing.

"Naruto!" His voice snapped the boy out of his daze and he sat up holding his head.

"Iruka-Sensei? What happened?" Iruka frowned worriedly and looked over his shoulder at the ice queen. The action subsequently brought the being to Naruto's attention and his jaw dropped.

"Naruto, you summoned her when you saw Mizuki, what happened? How did you do it?" He asked worriedly, concerned over what the boy might have heard and his mental state. His earlier talk with the Hokage had brought many things into perspective where Naruto was concerned and he was starting to see the exuberant boy as one of his best students and a little brother in spite of his attitude and dead last grades. The blonde shook his head in response to the questions, not understanding what had really happened. The chime of ice shards sounded again behind them and Iruka leapt to his feet and span around to face the summons before he realized that a big chunk of Ice wasn't going to plummet down on their heads.

The Summons was laughing.

"Naruto-Sama has used much power." She explained in a voice that was both delicate and powerful at the same time. Her hips swayed as she walked on her bare feet toward them and stopped to kneel on the other side of the blonde boy. "Summoner's don't always require our presence so soon after the signing of our contract, not to mention they usually receive more training before they summon us." Iruka just stared at her before he found his voice.

"What are you?" He asked bluntly and she laughed again. Seemingly not in the least offended.

"I am Shiva, queen of ice and a Summon of the Aeon contract Naruto-Sama signed earlier this evening." She answered, her voice still rather cold but as she spoke of the boy sitting between them it took on a more gentle tone, something Iruka picked up on right away.

"He signed a contract? Where is it?" Iruka questioned once more, trying to piece together what the hell had happened. Shiva just raised an eyebrow.

"The contract is gone." She explained. "There can only be one Summoner at a time. The last died a few weeks ago and his guardian delivered it to the next before he died. Some guardians follow their Summoners to their graves shortly after their death." If anything the explanation left Iruka more confused than when he'd started.

"Summoners? Guardians?" He asked desperately, trying to figure out what was going on but Shiva just shook her head.

"I will explain this to Naruto-Sama later once he has recovered from his first Summoning." She was ignoring Iruka's enquiries and without so much as another word she leaned down and set a small kiss on the dazed blonde's forehead before standing.

"Protect him with your life." She directed the instruction at Iruka. "Naruto-Sama, please Sommon me again once your energy has returned." With a confirming nod from her Summoner she leapt backwards into the air and exploded in a rain of fine crystals. Naruto yelped as the cold mist settled over his bare skin and remembered for the first time that he'd left his shirt and jacket in the woods. Cursing he leapt to his feet, ready to race off and find them but a hand on his arm stopped him. He half turned to see Iruka smiling at him as he told him to close his eyes…

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