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Summoner Naruto

By Mage-Alia

Chapter 7: Monsters in the Mist

Summary: After failing the Genin exam Naruto ends up walking a different path after being presented with a Summoning contract for the rare creatures called "Aeons". Now, unable to use Charka outside his body, Naruto needs to find his own purpose in life while he deals with elementals that tell bad jokes and his extremely reluctant guardian, Sasuke.

Pairing: SasuNaru

A/N: I've decided that I will make this clear now before I continue the story any further. It WILL be SLASH. (Now anyone who don't like it can't say I didn't warn them.) It won't exactly happen right away, reasons being, they still greatly dislike each other, if not hate, and if anyone would care to notice at the moment, they are twelve. Anything that develops into something serious will most likely take place sometime in the timeframe of Naruto going away with Jiraiya and when he returns. Just thought you should know that.

ANYWHOOOO…. Enquiries about Haku and Zabuza must wait. All will be revealed in due time… (and no, Haku is not in any way, related to Shiva.)

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There was a mist around them so thick they could barely see where they where going as they moved across the large body of water in silence. Their boat did have a motor but it was turned off in favor of stealth. It wouldn't do to be detected right away.

"We should see the bridge soon." The fisherman rowing whispered and no sooner had he spoken it appeared through the gloom. The bridge was huge. A gigantic mass of metal and concrete that stretched from shore to shore, connecting the islands of the wave to the mainland. Naruto couldn't help the 'Ohhhhh' of wonder that slipped out when he saw it. Sitting toward the rear of the low flat-bottomed fishing vessel Kakashi watched lazily. Soon after the attack by the Demon twins Tazuna had admitted to everything he'd withheld from them previously.

The master bridge builder was being hassled by a wealthy shipping magnate named Gatou. He had brought out all the trade in Wave and turned it to his advantage, crippling the island country's economy and making a killing himself, dealing with drugs, the black market, and even various missing nin on a regular basis. He was rich, dangerous, greedy and had a near army of thugs from all corners of the continent, a nasty man indeed. In Wave he almost had absolute control, all he feared now was the completion of Tazuna's bridge. When the bridge was finished, it would mean a free flow of resources between Wave and fire country, putting his operations to a halt.

They'd been ready to continue toward their destination until Tazuna had begun to babble like a senile old man about his daughter and grandson.

At that point they'd really just been too stunned to say no.

"Tazuna-san… it looks like we've avoided detection so far but just in case, we'll take the route with the most vegetation. It will make us harder to spot." The fisherman began to steer toward a canal that went a ways inland and Tazuna murmured a thanks. Naruto gave another delighted gasp at the sight of the buildings built along the edges of the canal and moved out of his place beside Sasuke to look around at the mangroves as they maneuvered through them. Eventually, they came to the end of the line and the boat pulled up at the edge of a dock.

"This is as far as I go." The fisherman told them as they clambered out onto dry land. Naruto ended up blending somewhat with the mist as he bounced a little ways ahead. The only real way to keep track of him was to watch the blinding yellow hair of his through the slowly thinning fog. "Goodbye and good luck." The man finished before gunning the motor and getting away as fast as he could. With that they set out to walk the remaining distance to Tazuna's house.

Naruto was humming to himself as he bounced along and the others where all looking around warily at the trees. They'd repelled the last attack of a Chunnin team, but in the light of their success their hidden enemy wouldn't take any more chances. The next attack would come, not from a Chunnin, but a Jounin. Nearly half way there, Sasuke abruptly stopped and turned with one lightning movement, drawing a Kunai and hurling it into the bushes.

The 'thwak' of metal on wood sounded and everyone jumped in surprise. They where all more than a little high strung.

"Sasuke-kun! Don't scare us like that!" Sakura screeched loudly, seconded by Tazuna as Kakashi wadded into the bushes. Parting the leaves around the base of a nearby tree he looked down and found Sasuke's Kunai sticking out of the trunk above a very stunned white rabbit.

"Ohhhh! Poor Usagi-Chan!" Naruto burst out when he noticed and he raced forward to snatch it up into his arms, quite happily doting over the rabbit while Kakashi glared at it suspiciously with his single visible black eye.

'That's a snow rabbit,' his gaze turned lazily away from the cheerful Summoner and focused on the trees. 'It changes color with the seasons, in winter it is white, but in summer it would be brown. It doesn't snow in Wave so a rabbit like this should be brown. This was kept in a cage specifically to perform Kawarimi!'


Looking down from his perch Zabuza could see the Konoha ninja milling around on the path. The dark haired Genin had sensed him earlier, but it wasn't all that impressive really. His eyes drifted over to the Jounin and narrowed as he recognized the figure standing there.

'Sharingan Kakashi, the copy cat ninja.' The name ran through his head and now he was put on his guard. Kakashi was dangerous enough to be included in his personal bingo book. He'd be a worthy opponent in battle but he was more than certain that even with the rare possibility that the Copy Nin could beat him, he would never be able to surpass his secret weapon. 'Although, now I see why the demon brothers would have never had a chance.'

His hand slowly closed around the grip of his blade and with a soft, barely audible 'snnick', it came free of the small, almost invisible magnetic hook on the back of his suspender. If anyone had been looking they would have been able to see the outline of a smirk against the bandages that covered the lower half of his face as he hefted his oversized blade and reared it back, powerful muscles in his arms strained slightly as he burst into motion, a few tight spins later the blade was rocketing through the foliage of the trees between it and it target. Smirk widening to a grin he leapt after the spinning instrument of death.


When Kakashi yelled those words the effects where almost immediate. Being closest to Tazuna, Sakura tackled him, sending them crashing to the earth as something whirred over their heads. Sasuke lunged at the distracted Naruto and by some small miracle the blonde managed to hold on to his new little rabbit friend. Their Jounin Sensei wasn't even paying attention to them as he dropped to all fours and was the first to look up as a heavy 'THUNK' sounded nearby. A lighter thud followed and his eye quickly found the source of the sound.

Where there had been nothing now stood a man. He was perched on the hilt of an enormous sword that was embedded half the way through the trunk of a tree and quite a ways off the ground at that. He wore no shirt, even though it was far colder than in Fire Country. Striped pants went to his waist, held by a thick leather suspender that was wrapped around his neck. The lower part of his face was covered with bandages and his hands hung limp at his sides, covered at least partially by gray camouflage print sleeves, but the biggest indicator of who he was, was the forehead protector slung lopsidedly on his head, the tails of the cloth it was set on fluttering in the breeze.

It was quite an intimidating sight.

"WHAT THE…?" Naruto leapt to his feet, the rabbit secure in his grasp as he gaped up at the new arrival. "WHO ARE YOU?!" He made no move to attack or summon at that point but Sasuke scowled slightly as he was drawn in a little closer. Kakashi watched the man with a narrowed eye before he spoke up, inadvertently answering Naruto's question instead.

"Well, Well, if it isn't the Hidden Mist's Nukenin, Momochi Zazuba-kun." The familiar way he addressed the man made everyone look at him. Kakashi however, never took his eye off Zazuba who glared back. However casual his words might have seemed, there was only wariness beneath it. The missing nin seemed to find that amusing and gave a dark chuckle before he looked slightly behind Kakashi to Naruto, twitching slightly when he noticed the rabbit. The blonde however was growling faintly as he reached around the rabbit and went for the bracelets. He'd managed to removed the right one before Kakashi's hand lashed out to stop him.

"No, Naruto." Kakashi let go of the Summoners wrist. "Everybody get back. This one's on a whole other level." No one said anything as he reached up for his own lopsided forehead protector.

"Against him… it will be a little tough, unless I do this…" His fingers where hooked under the metal, ready to slide it off when Zabuza spoke up, drawling sarcastically.

"Ah, I've heard of you, Sharingan Kakashi. It would be interesting to fight you but you'll have to excuse me, the old man is mine!" Kakashi's single visible eye glared vehemently up at the Nuke-nin as he focused, ready for a fight, but the others didn't share his state of readiness.

'Huh? Sharingan? What the hell is that?!' Naruto thought, looking between the nin, the unraveled bandages on his right hand forgotten. Tazuna and Sakura where more than a little confused while Sasuke's eyes widened in shock.

'The Sharingan?!' Why was his blood line being mentioned now? Why Kakashi?

"Surround and protect Tazuna!" Kakashi abruptly barked out and the genin jumped. "Do not enter the fight and work together." He lifted his forehead protector the rest of the way but Naruto was the only one in a position to see it. A long thin scar cut the skin around it in half but the eye itself was different than his other one. The iris was blood red with a black pupil surrounded by three slowly spinning commas.

"Fight me." Kakashi challenged, the new eye's pupil dilating as the commas began to spin faster.

'What is that eye…' Naruto continued to stare, even though he was now being ignored.

"Ah, I already get to see the famous Sharingan. I'm honoured." Zazuba drawled, the shape of an evil grin visible through the bandages. He tensed, ready to spring into action, but one again any action was disrupted by Naruto.

"Sharingan! Sharingan! What the hell is a Sharingan anyway?!" An akward silence followed and no one dared to move, all wondering slightly at why the blonde was being so loud in such a precarious situation. Eventually, Sasuke felt compelled to answer.

"It is said that some have the ability in their eyes to read and defeat all types of Gen, Tai, and Nin-jutsu. The Sharingan… the copy wheel eye… is one of the types of pupil that gives you this power, but that's not the only ability the Sharingan has." Sakura, half back into fangirl mode whipped around to look more closely at the Uchiha.

"Huh?" Naruto made a little noise of confusion the expression on his face oddly mirrored by that of the rabbit. Zazuba gave out a demented sounding laugh.

"Hehe, exactly." He concurred with Sasuke's explanation. "That's not all, what's even scarier is that you can copy you opponent's techniques once you see them." The Nuke-nin waved a hand lazily in their direction. "When I was still a member of the hidden mist you where mentioned in the Bingo Book." He said in way of an explanation. "The man who has copied over a thousand jutsu, Copy cat ninja Kakashi." Then the two Jounin entered a staring match. The tension was thick in the air as the others all looked between them, wondering what was going to happen next and if they'd survive the encounter. Sakura, was awed over their sensei's special ability while Sasuke wore an increasingly more mutinus expression on his face as he wondered just how Kakashi had come to have the doujutsu of his clan and Naruto, was nearly strangling his new friend with one arm as he waved the other around in the air, somewhat quietly cheering Kakashi-Sensei on, even if it was more likely to distract him than encourage him.

"Now… lets end all the talking. I have to kill that old man!" Zazuba finally moved, crouching low on his blade his gaze focused on Tazuna who took a step back in alarm as the Genin suddenly closed ranks around him. Zazuba wasn't surprised when Kakashi appeared right in his line of vision.

"But it seems I have to beat you first." Kakashi's body tensed as Zazuba suddenly vanished from the tree, the great blade wrenched from the bark of the tree as he leapt over them in a blur and landing on the water of the nearby lake with only the softest of ripples.

"He's standing on the water!" Sakura stated the obvious as she turned and spotted the Nuke-nin, but no one paid her any heed as Zazuba raised his arms into a strange stance, his hands easily forming seals.

"Ninpou: Kirigakure no Jutsu…" Even as he spoke the words a billowing cloud of mist rose from the lake around him and just like that, Zabuza was gone. They could barely see their own hands in front of their faces as the cloud thickened and even though they could feel their team mates beside them, they felt so alone…

"8 Options…" Zabuza's voice echoed as though it was a part of the mist itself.

"What?" Sakura blurted inelegantly, but the mist muffled her voice significantly.

"Liver, Lungs, Spine, Clavical Vein, Neck Vein, Brain, Kidneys, Heart… Which one should I go after?" A chill ran down the spine of the listeners and Naruto resumed the task of unwrapping his bandages again as quickly as he could. Every nerve of his body was screaming at him to do something… anything… even as they screamed to run away, to escape from the pressure bearing down on them. To his right, Sasuke was shaking violently, a Kunai in his hand rattling against the loose buckle of his armguards.

Naruto moved as fast as he could and the rabbit in his arms was nearly convulsing in fear as he reached for a different node to the one he'd been ready to use earlier.

A blast of red light and a sudden hole forming in the ground between them and the bridge builder heralded Carbuncle's arrival. It scampered out of the hole and it closed up beneath him as more light emanated from its horn and the weight of the killing intent was lifted. Naruto dropped to his knees in relief and the rabbit slowly stopped twitching, instead sitting still in his arms, it's small heart beating fast, but not as fast as before. Sakura and Tazuna where transfixed by watching the little green Aeon as the mist was pushed away from them, stuck outside a sphere of tiny swirling sparks. They where protected from any Charka based attacks for now. Tazuna was staring at the blonde, now beginning to rethink his previous thoughts about the boy indefinitely. He was proving to be more useful than he seemed, with his strange creatures. While he gawked, Sasuke was still on his guard. The mark on his hand was useful sometimes. It whispered things he needed to know to be a guardian, even though he was still rather firmly in denial about everything. Sakura however…

"What the hell did you do Naruto!" She yelled for everyone to hear, including the enemy. Naruto scowled up at her.

"At least I did something!" He shot back, "At least now we can't feel that Charka!" The pink haired girl looked at him like she wanted to yell some more but seemed to think better of it when Kakashi appeared out of the mist close by.

"Don't worry, guys, I won't let him hurt my team mates." Even as he said the words Zazuba seemed to take that as a personal challenge.

"We'll see about that!" A second after speaking the inhabitants of the Reflect shield realized that the voice had come from behind them… "It's over." Zazuba began to swing the enormous blade, but Kakashi's sharingan eye dialated as he caught the movement and in the blink of the eye he had planted a kunai into the missing nin's guts. With a pop the shield burst and the Genin and Tazuna where thrown to the ground as Carbuncle was dismissed with a puff. Around them, the mist that had obscured their vision wasn't as thick as before and it was Naruto that noticed the movement off to the side while Kakashi finished off the Mizu Bunshin.

"Sensei! Behind you!" He yelled and Kakashi span sin surprise but it hadn't been in time. Sakura gave another scream as the older leaf nin was cleaved in two. Under his mask of bandages Zazuba smiled in triumph, but the expression fell a moment later as he realized the rain of fluids on the ground wasn't blood but water.

'Mizu Bunshin?! No way!! He copied it in the mist?!' He tensed and made to turn but froze as a glint of steel entered his vision.

"Don't move." Kakashi hissed coldly and repeated Zabuza's earlier words. "It's over."

"Wow!" Naruto burst out, cheering along. Sakura giggled a little in relief and Sasuke just stared darkly. Zazuba only gave them the most fleeting glance before he laughed.

"Hehehehehehe…" The creepy chuckle echoed out over the battlefield. "It's over? You don't get it. There's no way you can defeat me with your monkey-like imitations." Kakashi said nothing in response, his hand steady as he continued to hold the Kunai to his opponent's neck. "Hehe… but that was impressive of you." Zazuba continued the memory of Kakashi telling the others he wouldn't let them be hurt surfacing. "At that time you had already copied my Mizu Bunshin. You had your clone say those words to attract my attention while the real you hid in the mist and watched me. Nice plan…but…"

"I'm not that easily fooled either." The visible areas of Kakashi's face blanched as Zazuba brought his blade to bear. For a moment everything hung as if suspended in time as Zazuba began his swing, but as time sped up again Kakashi ducked. Zazuba's sword plunged on and ploughed into the ground, sticking tight, but the mist nin took his in stride, changing hands on the pommel he continued his circular course and lashed out with his foot, catching Kakashi unaware and sending him flying backwards.

'Now!' With a burst of extra speed he wrenched his sword out of the ground and charged toward where the copy nin had been thrown only to skid to a stop a few meters away from the shore line as Kakashi entered the water with a splash. 'Makibishi?' the nuke nin scoffed at the pathetic attempt to slow him down.


"Sensei!" Naruto couldn't hold his outburst and both Sakura and Sasuke were starting to sweat.


'What? This water is so heavy…' Kakashi was struggling to get back on top of the water, it became denser and denser before Zazuba spoke out behind him.

"Heh, fool! Suirou No Jutsu!" As he finished the seals the water Kakashi was floating in exploded upwards, encasing him in a large liquid sphere. Kakashi cursed himself for not seeing it sooner. Zazuba was a mist nin, who's specialty was usually in water techniques, meaning, he had practically doomed himself the moment he dropped into the lake.

"You may have been trying to escape to the water, but that was a big mistake. Hehehehe, I now have you in my special, inescapable prison!" Zazuba confirmed his fears. "It makes it so much tougher if you can move, you know. Now Kakashi, we can finish thing later. First I'll take care of them. Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu!" The demon of the mist set his sights on Tazuna and the genin and the water that stretched between them splashed and warped to make a clone.

"Hehe, wearing forehead protectors and acting like real ninjas… but you know what? A real ninja is someone who has survived numerous brushes with death. Basically once you're good enough to be listed in my handbook then you can start calling yourself a Shinobi… You guys should not be referred to as ninjas." As he finished speaking he vanished into thin air. Naruto glanced around franticly looking for him and dropped the rabbit in his arms just in time to get kicked back toward his team mates by Zabuza's foot. He slid away and rolled to a stop at their feet.

"Just a brat." The real Zabuza drawled darkly.

"Gah!" Kakashi gurgled slightly in his prison and began to yell as loudly as he could through the barrier. "You guys! Take Tazuna and run away! You have no chance of beating him! As long as he's keeping me trapped in this prison, he can't move! The water clone can't move far from his real body, JUST RUN AWAY NOW!!" Naruto sat frozen on the ground, his eyes already wide with pure terror at having to feel the killing intent again.

'This is a Jounin…' The words ran through his mind. '… a real ninja. At this rate I'm really gonna die!' Just as his fear was becoming unbearable warmth flashed through his arms and he remembered that he wasn't alone. He had taken on the burden of the Aeons as the last wish of a dying man, and even now he still had the responsibility of keeping them and Sasuke safe. Whether he would admit it or not, he'd been listening to Shiva's lectures. If he died, he'd drag Sasuke with him. They where rivals, sure but he didn't want him dead.

"I'm not going to be afraid." He muttered to himself as he focused on the warmth in his hands. "I'm not going to run away!" Getting up he looked over his shoulder and eyed Zazbuza's foot where his forehead protector was crushed underneath it. It had been Iruka's, and probably the most precious thing he had other than his contract. It was what signified him as an adult and a ninja of Konoha…

"UAHH!!" Leaping to his feet he charged at the Bunshin.

"No! NARUTO DON'T!" Kakashi yelled from his prision.

"NARUTO what are you thinking!" Sakura was freaking out while Sasuke was slightly stunned. He wouldn't admit it but he was getting used to having to do everything for him.

"Bah…" Zazuba scoffed. "Idiot."


Naruto was sent flying once more and skidded back to Sakura and Sasuke's feet, his white robe now covered in dirt. Sakura jumped on the chance to scold him for his apparent stupidity.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING JUMPING IN ALL BY YOURSELF?! WE GENIN HAVE NO CHANCE AGAINST HIM!!" Naruto dragged himself up again and Sakura's rant failed when she saw what he was holding.

His forehead protector…

All eyes where on him as he shakily returned to his feet and deliberately and slowly tied the Hitai-ate back on.

"Hey… you eyebrowless freak, put this in your handbook. The one who will one day become Hokage, Summoner of Konoha, Uzumaki Naruto!" He brushed a thumb over Shiva's node and with more than it's usual flare the enormous ice crystals rained down. Zazuba was put on guard at the new development.

'Maybe the kid will be more interesting after all.'

Shiva's glassy form entered the ice and it exploded into shards that vanished before they could hit anything.

"You called Naruto-Sama?" Shiva was smirking dangerously as she drew to her full height and cast off her cloak. Naruto grinned back at her as he caught it.

"We've gotta free Kakashi-Sensei!" The Aeon nodded and Slid into her ready stance, one hand on her hip while the other hovered ready beside her. Zazuba had the chance to recover slightly as they spoke and did well to hide his apprehension. He had never seen a ninja summon like these.

"A lot of arrogance," The clone drawled. "But do you stand a chance?" Naruto and Shiva just smirked back at him.

'This is bad.' Kakashi fought back the memories of his own teammates threatening to surface.

"What are you doing?! Run away!! This fight was over the moment I was caught! Our duty is to protect Tazuna! Did you forget that?!" On the bank the Genin froze and looked back at the old man who was standing behind them. Feeling their attention Tazuna looked up.

"Well…" He began. "I planted this seed myself. I'm not going to say that I desire to live so much that I'd stop you. I'm sorry guys, fight as much as you want." Naruto grinned his foxy grin and turned to Shiva.

"You hear that Shiva! Lets get started!" The Aeon nodded again and vanished into this air, reappearing seconds later beside the clone and delivering a devastating spinning kick to its side. It stumbled and retaliated but Shiva had already leapt away, flaring out her hand in mid air and sending out a bolt of ice toward the clone, freezing it solid and making Zazuba gasp when it simply shattered and fell apart. Shiva landed daintily back into her starting position and glared coolly.

"A clone made of water will freeze, no matter the shape it wears."

Zazuba wasn't quite so impressed.

'How? What is this thing? It can't have a bloodline like him, can it?' The real Zazuba made another one handed seal and another three clones twisted from the water. This time they took the initiative, leaping forward and lashing out with their blades. Shiva dodged nimbly and as each blade whizzed past the clones became more and more frustrated. When a large enough break came Shiva hopped out of the way of an overhand chop and raised a blue hand into the air, a familiar looking attack appeared unnoticed in the air above the real Zazuba.

"This is for hurting my Summoner!" She announced out loud. "Heavenly Strike!" Sakura and Tazuna both yelled out in surprise as her arm swept down and with it the ice bolder. Zazuba noticed the direction they where looking in and looked up to see the ton of ice about to crush him. At that point, survival instinct kicked in and he leapt out of the way, loosing control of the water prison as his Mizu Bunshin where finished off by the Aeon.

Shiva smirked as he looked over at her and Zazuba saw red. He grabbed the hilt of his sword and threw it toward the shore. The Ice Queen quickly raised a hand over her chest as the spinning weapon got closer. There were two options. She could dodge and let it hit her Summoner, or she could take the blow and direct it off course so it wouldn't kill her Summoner.

The answer was a no brainer.

The enormous sword impacted violently with her arm and for a moment Shiva was twirling with it before she knocked the blade and sent it flying off into the trees to the side, but in the process it slashed her abdomen. She went to her knees grimacing slightly as she looked up at her Summoner.

"My time is up Naruto-Sama, please call me again once the battle it over." Naruto nodded and the Ice queen managed to stand once more, taking on a stately pose before she leapt away and burst into a fine rain of ice crystals. Zazuba had a moment of triumph before he realized two important factors. One, he no longer had his sword, and two, Kakashi was free.

'Oh well.' Came the loose thought as he formed more clones and focused on the blonde. 'A pity I'll just have to kill him now.' With a command the clones vanished into the mist and Zabuza tried to follow them, but the drenched form of Kakashi halted him.

"You're opponent is me." The silver haired nin grunted out and Zazuba kicked away from him.

"Heh." The Nuke nin scoffed. "I got distracted and released the Jutsu…" Kakashi glared at him.

"Wrong! You didn't release it. You were 'forced' to release it." Zazuba twitched in irritation at the affront to his pride.

'Damn brat.'

"I'll tell you that I don't fall for the same jutsu twice." Kakashi continued his earlier speech, faintly mocking. "What will you do?"

"Bah!" Without another word Zabuza began to make seals at a rapid pace, Kakashi seemingly moving with him, as if he already knew exactly what Jutsu Zazuba was using. Moments later the water around them was swirling dangerously and they yelled out the name of the attack in perfect synchronous.

"Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu!" Charka tore water from the lake, forming it into enormous dragons that spiraled toward the other nin. They collided in thin air and the attacks cancelled each other out. If they had been looking, the genin would have stared in awe at the display of raw power and skill. They where going to win this fight afterall!

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…And now, just because I felt like adding them, the Jutsu used in this chapter.

(In order of appearance)

» Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu
» Water Clone Skill
Appearance: Chapter 12
Used By: Momochi Zabuza, Hatake Kakashi
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Creates a number of clones, made from water. Each Clone is capable of attacking on its own, yet each is 1/10th the power of the original. A direct hit will cause the clone to revert to water - and it cannot leave a certain radius of the user.

» Suirou no Jutsu
» Water Prison Skill
Appearance: Chapter 13
Used By: Momochi Zabuza
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Creates a large sphere of water, that holds the opponent inside it. The prison is difficult to escape, yet, the drawback is that the user must keep contact with the sphere to keep the prison working.

» Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu
» Water Type; Water Dragon Blast Skill
Appearance: Chapter 15
Used By: Momochi Zabuza, Hatake Kakashi, 2nd Hokage
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Creates a large dragon shape formed from a large amount of spinning water. The dragon form is sent towards your opponent for a powerful attack. This jutsu can only be performed when near a large body of water.