Evangelion: Addiction

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A cigarette butt falls to the concrete next to a pair of black boots; the sixth one in the last ten minutes. He started to pull the flask from his back pocket, but decided it would be better to save it.

'Where the fuck is she?' He thought. His slim, mildly built body leaned on the cold steel frame of the building next to him. He skims the postcard that was sent to him, ordering his arrival in Tokyo 3. It would have made him angry if not for the contents of the letter.

The cover shows a single woman with a stunning figure. The only problem is with it is the arrow pointing to her breasts. He doesn't find it disgusting, just distasteful. 'She's pretty hot…but too old…and sex doesn't really buy me' a small smile appears on the side of his, only to slowly fade in the wind. 'Speaking of wind…'

The ground around him starts to violently shake but his body is unwavering. It momentarily distracts him away from the woman with purple hair, but not from his cigarette. It bellows hard, quickening the burn of the nicotine. With it threatening to die out, the young man takes one long puff, dropping it into the gusting wind.

He looks around, trying to find any signs of her. 'No cars moving…and no one walking on the street…odd' His questions were partially answered in the form of a missile. It flew overhead around the adjacent building, leaving a smoke stream in its wake. 'That would do it' His inner thoughts never betrayed his calm exterior.

His blue eyes followed the missiles trail, flying towards a mountain a few miles away. As the projectile vanished behind the scenery, he lights his eighth, while simultaneously witnessing a small explosion in the background.

It hasn't been the best day either. First he's asked to leave his home in the middle of the day, and second, meet his father. 'My father' he thought 'I'm going to tell him…then I'm going to kick his ass' He mentally chuckles at the prospect of the black and blue man strung on a flagpole in his underwear. 'If I do that though…they might shoot me…and Kichi would never forgive me' He dismisses the idea as childish 'I'm not a boy anymore, so I won't act like one…but I will tell him'

The ground shakes again, his balance still firmly connected to the ground. Instead of a missile however, 2 large white figures are seen walking in the distance. These lumbering mechanical behemoths pass behind the mountainside just like the rocket, only this time the explosion was bigger.

He inhales deeply, tasting the flavor, and rolling it off of his tongue. 'JetAlones…heh, I figured the UN quit that project after the incident four years ago'

For a third time the ground shakes. A building across the street from him opens up, revealing a red figure, Similar to the JetAlone. 'Evangelion…figured as much. I should pay my informant double for this…that is if I remember' He keeps his thoughts to himself, watching the battle continue to develop.

Yet another giant appears, moving out from behind the mountainside. Its body is that similar to the JetAlones too, only it's black and in the center of its chest a large red orb. One by one the friendly aircraft fall, until the red 'Evangelion' is left, coming toe to toe with the monster.

From its pylons it draws a glowing red knife. The black beast aims high and low, but is easily dodged. Trying to end the fight quickly, the red unit goes in for the kill, connecting with the enemy's face.

"AHHH!" An almost ungodly scream comes from the black beast as the knife digs deeper into its white visage.

"I see you're a good pilot," the young man said to himself. That is until the enemy takes it tentacle like arms and wraps them around the Evangelion's shoulders, squeezing them until they are literally pinched off. "I hope he makes it" Another unenthusiastic puff is taken.

Just as he finishes his sentence, the enemy's hands are pressed firmly on the Eva's chest. 'Thump! Thump!' From them comes a bright light, pounding the surface of the red giant.

Right before the light breaks through however, a cylindrical object is launched from the back of the friendly unit.

Now it's limp. Light is shining through the new hole the enemy made in its torso, losing the attention of black beast. The young man watches it retreat back behind the mountain, outside of the city.

With it no longer visible, or any signs of a fourth earthquake, the sound of screeching tires can be clearly heard.

'She better not drive like this when I pick up Kichi' He was scared of the thought, in fact he was only scared when it involved Kichi.

With his last cigarette gone from the package, he tosses to the ground and pulls another one from the pocket across from his flask.

'SCCCRREEEECHH' Just as the orange filter is put to his lips; a blue car halts in front of him. While he starts to light it, the door opens revealing a woman with lavender hair and perfect curves. He noticed the curves…and noticed them again with more…hidden intentions.

"Hi, you're Shinji I presume? Welcome to Tokyo 3…Is that a Cigarette?"

"Yeah" He continues to talk with it in his mouth, "Want one? I got a pack on me; however there are another three in my bag"

"Four! Holy hell, you'll die of cancer before you twenty!"

"I don't care" He takes a deep breath and expels the smoke through his nose. "This is my last one anyway"

"Why is that? You said you had four packs"

"I do, but I quit smoking five packs a day" He takes the cigarette from his mouth and flicks it out of the car window. "Besides, my bag is at the train station, which means I only have one pack on me"

"You left your bag at the train station? Now we have to go back there!"

"Well, I gave them to someone I know to hold onto them until they arrive"

"…What are you talking about?"

"Well, I left them with someone very special to me, but I was afraid that if she didn't come with what I needed, then she would have been left there" Shinji relaxes in his seat a little, putting his arms behind his back.

"You were told not to bring any girlfriends you might have. I remember the letter specifically saying that" She takes her eyes off the road…again…and notices Shinji's arms. "So…where did you get the scars?"

"Oh these?" Misato nods "I took a six inch blade and slit my wrists…actually I started at the wrists and dragged the knife down farther until it reached my elbow" A small smirk appears on his face.

It would have been an understatement to say Misato was disgusted. "What the FUCK is wrong with you? And we were told you tried to drown yourself, not slit your wrists…"

"One of eight times"


"Every time I tried to kill myself, I did it at a different location thus a new hospital. If I survived, I wasn't going to end up in a mental institution either. Good thing I know people who can delete medical records too" His laughter only continues to disgust the woman.

"What the fuck happened to you?" She couldn't help but stare at this dark figure.

"You work with Gendo right?"

"Yeah…" Her voice trailed off.

"Then you expected more from his son?" The laughter that disgusted her was no longer present, replaced by something dark.


"Do you like the beard?" Changing the subject caught the Major off guard. He wouldn't show it, but if she dug any deeper she might not like what she finds, if it were possible to be more disgusted.


"The beard…I tried to pull off the bastard look, you know, the 'leer in the shadows and use everyone as my pawns' kind of look" He cupped his chin and rubbed the facial hair, examining it in the passenger side mirror. "Maybe I should shave though…"

"It's a striking resemblance…" She scanned his trimmed face, noticing something sinister beneath it. "Where did that scar on your neck come from?"

"It's not what you think" His hand lowered from his chin to his throat, massaging the scarred flesh. "I never slit my neck"

"Then why is there a scar?"

"I said 'I never slit my neck' emphasizing the I"

"Sorry" Her sympathy for this troubled man deepened. "By the way we're almost there. Why didn't you just wait there for your friend instead of walk half of a mile into the city?"

"You mean wait at the train station? No, we came at separate times, through separate stations. Ki-Chan was at a friends and I had her put on a train as soon as I was ordered to come here"

"So is she your girlfriend? You called her Ki-Chan" Misato gives a somewhat enthusiastic wink, feeling it might lighten the mood, 'if possible' she grimaced.

"Something like that" He waved off her teasing, only occupied with finding the girl, 'his' girl. The car pulled up and parked in the designated car lot, only twenty feet away from the station

"Well, we're here, please hurry up so we can get her to a shelter" The car came to a stop in front of the train platform.

"Thanks Misato-San" He quickly exits the car, taking in his surrounding. It only takes a few seconds to scope his target. "A ha! I found you Ki-Chan!"

"No fair! It was hard to move around with this bag!"

Misato's jaw dropped to her feet. In front of her was a girl no older then four with purple eyes and green hair. She also wore a green shirt and pink overalls, but what caught Misato's attention the most was the girl's single ponytail sticking out of the top of her head. Misato watched as Kichi she tried to drag Shinji's gym bag across the cement platform.

"Papa! Papa! Please help me! This bag is heavy!" She gave a small frown and her eyes started to swell up.

'Did she just say papa?' Misato was never told of anything like this. 'NERV had stated on more then one occasion that he was living alone for the last three years. Why would an unstable teen be aloud to take care of a child especially after all of his attempted suicides?' Questions plagued the Major's train of thought, but not enough to distract her from her duties.

"Ki-Chan, it's all right, you want some ice cream when we get to NERV? I'm sure they have strawberry flavor!"

Bingo. The water in her eyes evaporated as fast as they had flowed.

"Yeah! I would love that, but will you share it with me?" Her lower lip was protruding, trying to put on the best puppy-dog face she could.

"Yeah sweetie, but first lets leave, okay?"

"Okay papa!" Shinji lifted the gym bag over his shoulder and opened the back door of the car. He let her in first, following her into the back seat. Kichi sat directly behind Misato, Shinji sat in the middle, and the bag sat being the front passenger seat.

"Hey lady" Misato failed to answer "HEY LADY!" Kichi yelled. Her eyes lowered to the screaming girl, but her facial expression stayed the same. "Lady, my papa says if you leave your mouth open like that, you'll catch flies"

Needless to say she closed her mouth. "Well, it appears your papa says a lot of things" She glared at Shinji, "And forgets to say others" She trailed off looking back down at Kichi.

"So…Shinji…who is this?"

He looked back at Kichi, kissing her on top of her head while buckling her safety belt. Looking back at Misato he said, "This is my daughter, Ikari Kichi"

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