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"I'll meet you a few levels down. I need to alert some subordinates of the situation" Shinji and Ritsuko stand outside of an elevator door, waiting for it to descend. "It's only four levels down and there should be a sign pointing to the lab…you've read the map, right?"

"Just some old blueprints, but nothing new" Shinji gives the doctor a slight smirk, which she replies with a small frown.

Ding, the elevator door slightly opens, but Shinji notices a tall dark figure inside. The glimpse he catches of the man is none other then of his father.

'Oh…I'm going to enjoy this' Shinji thinks, right before closing the distance between him and Ritsuko. Without warning, he grabs and pulls her close into a tight embrace, taking in her the soft features of her appearance.

"Wha…hmmmfff?" Akagi tries to ask, but just as she opens her mouth, Shinji pushes his lips onto hers. It takes her a few moments for her to give into the kiss, slowly wrapping her arms around his torso.

"Ahem" coughs the man in the elevator. Ritsuko recognizes the voice and slowly breaks away from the kiss, tilting her head to get a view of the elevator's occupant. Her body freezes, at the sight of the commander. "I see you two…have gotten to know each other"

"Yeah" is all Shinji says as he slowly walks away from the shocked and confused doctor, heading into the elevator. "Going down?" Shinji presses the button for his floor, and waves at the doctor as the elevator door closes. Ritsuko slowly walks away from the area, trying to take her mind off of what just happened.

"It seems you are making yourself comfortable here"

"Yep. I try the best I can" Shinji replies to the expressionless man standing next to him. The sound of vibrating metal can be heard as the elevator descends lower into the central dogma.

"That is good to hear" Gendo's hands are clasped behind his back.

"Don't even pretend to care" Shinji chuckles, but Gendo does not respond. It takes a few more seconds before Shinji asks his 'father' a question. "I'm getting paid for this right?"


"Good, then I would like to discuss my contract" Gendo thinks it over for a moment, avoiding the eyes of the young man staring at him.

"…Very well"

"Good," Shinji smiles "First things first. I want my work pay to be compensated. NERV is my bread and butter, and let's just say I'm not getting the crumbs" Shinji takes a puff of his dimly lit cigarette.

"Very well, anything else?"

"Yeah, I also want my informant to be left alone. He's on his death bed and I would appreciate if he died in peace" Gendo only nods to Shinji's request, waiting for more of his son's demands. "Another thing…hmmm…oh yeah, I'm not wearing a stupid plug suit either, and don't tell me they make it better for that synch thing cause I seemed to kick the enemies ass with what I have on"

"That is accept…" Gendo is cut off in mid-sentence, slightly irritating him.

"I'm not done yet" Shinji leans back on the elevator, putting his arms behind his head. "I want my full medical expenses covered by NERV, nothing less…and one last thing" Shinji pauses.

"Which is?"

"Leave the major and the doctor alone. I don't care if you bark orders at them, I just want them safe from your…ways" The younger man flicks the cigarette onto the elevator floor, stepping on it to extinguish the small flame. "And besides their safety, Ki-Chan is to not harmed in any way, and she is to be watched over on the bridge when I fight"

"The bridge?"

"I know you hide in there so you obviously know it's the safest place to be, and the shelters don't seem very safe" Shinji looks up at the level indicator, noticing his stop is coming. "Also, If she's harmed in any way…I'll take that revolver you got stashed under your jacket and fire every round of it into your crotch" Shinji catches the older man glance at him for a brief moment. "If there's anything you want to ask, go right on ahead"

"Will the mother be accompanying you? By the looks of…things…It doesn't seem so" Gendo asks, feeling uncomfortable around the young man.

"She's dead"

Ding, Shinji slowly exits the elevator, pulling another smashed cigarette from his jeans pocket. The automated door closes behind him, subconsciously noticing the sweat dripping from the Commander's forehead.

It takes longer then Shinji expected to reach the laboratory. Unbeknownst to him, a rather infuriated Ritsuko greets him.

"What's up Ritsuko? Shinji asks, knowing her answer fully.

"Why the hell did you kiss me in front of the commander?" Her voice is calm, but her tone hints frustration.

"I have a few reason…"

"Name one" Akagi says bluntly.

"Well, I figured it would piss him off" Shinji notices a blood vessel bulge on Ritsuko's face and decides he should give a better explanation. "I said I had a few reasons, not just one"

"Well…?" Ritsuko's patience are running thin, getting angrier by the second. Her foot taps against the white tiled floor, and her arms are crossed.

"Let me think…" Ikari cups his chin with his hand, his eyes drifting towards the ceiling. "I like your personality…you seem energetic, trustworthy, intelligent…but you really should be true to yourself" Ritsuko's angry expression is replaced by one of curiosity. The vessel on her forehead sinks back in, but her eyebrow rises in its place.

"What…does that suppose to mean?"

"Your hair…I think your natural hair color would make you stand out more" Shinji watches Ritsuko as she slowly opens her mouth to respond, giving him a perplexing look. He decides to answer before she can speak, however. "The hair near the roots…you can tell it's a slight shade darker then the rest" He raises his hand and points his index finger to his head.

"How…did you notice that?" The doctor blurts out. "Only a few people I work with know that…and that's only because I told them"

"Well…" Shinji takes a puff from his cigarette, "…I used to dye my hair half blonde and you could tell when it needed to be re-dyed"

"Half blonde?"

"I would dye the left side of my head blonde…I thought it would make me look like different…maybe like a punk"

"Different than what?"

"Than my father" Shinji flicks the burnt out cigarette into air, not caring where it falls. "But no matter what I do, I will always look like him"

"Does it bother you that much? Why not shave your beard off if you hate it so badly?"

"Because I have one thing to balance it out"

"And that would be…?" There is a long pause between the two.

"…Something he will never have…part of my mother" There is another long pause. Both adults stare into each other's eyes, almost hypnotized by the other's gaze.

"…Well…were there any more reasons?" Ritsuko asks under her breath, barely loud enough for Shinji to hear.

"Another reason for what?"

"For…kissing me" Ritsuko holds her breath, wanting to hear the words that would calm the storm of her brewing emotions.

"Who couldn't resist. Your one of the most attractive women on this hell-hole of a headquarters…and I like you already" Ritsuko's face lit up like a stoplight; however she did not want to stop. "And besides…" Shinji slowly walks up to the doctor who is frozen in position, her eyes following his every movement. "I think you like me too" She gasps as Shinji places his hands around her waist, pulling her body close to his own and meeting at her eye level. His lips draw closer to Akagi's, moving slowly forward with every breath he takes.

Before he knows it however, Ritsuko is the one to move in on her target first, forcing her mouth onto his. Both adults gasp for air as they inhale each other in their lustful rage. Shinji feels his body pushed backwards into an automatic door. His excitement heightens as the doctor takes more control away from him. For a brief moment, she breaks away from the passionate kiss, pressing a few buttons on a nearby number pad. Shinji tries to move slightly but is forced back by Akagi's hand.

"You're quite the dominatrix" Shinji says, giving Ritsuko his slyest smirk possible. She only responds by opening the door behind him and pushing him into the dark room. He tries to catch his balance but falls backwards onto the ground, the doctor still held firmly in his arms. Both lay there for some time without either talking, just staring into each other's eyes. "I think your beautiful" Shinji whispers into her ears, causing her entire body to shake slightly.

"There aren't any cameras in here…I think we should take advantage of that" Ritsuko whispers back, lying atop of the young man. Eventually, the door closes behind them, leaving them alone from most of the outside world.

"Commander… I no longer have them on within visual range" A young woman sits at a computer console on the bridge. Over her shoulder is NERV's commander, giving her the exclusive orders to watch over the doctor and Shinji. "I am however getting a steady audio feed…oh my"

"What is it lieutenant?" Gendo leans over her shoulder, scaring the younger woman. She tries to take her mind off of the shadowy figure behind her by pressing her headphones closer to her ears, trying to catch any faint sound.

"Ummm…sir? I think I hear…moaning…EEP!" The lieutenant puts her hands over her mouth, shocked from her outburst.

"What is it? What did you hear?"

"I heard…a scream sir…OH MY!" The woman's eyes widen as she is forced to listen. "Sir…I believe they are engaged in personal…endeavors…eep!"

"I believe so…I want you to stay at your post and report to me when they are finished. Please tell me everything that is said and done. I need to know if he is seducing her for information" The commander walks off into the darkness, leaving the anxious woman to her work.

'Sorry Sempai' the lieutenant thinks to herself, hoping she will be forgiven for the orders the commander gave her. Unfortunately for the young woman however, she would be working overtime.

Back at Misato's apartment, the exhausted Major tries to keep her self-control.

"Ki-Chan, want to watch a movie? I think Pen-Pen has had enough" She watches as the worried penguin wobbles for his life, behind him an ecstatic four year-old. "You're going to kill him if you keep chasing him like that!"

"But he's fat and wobbly! Penguins are the funnest animals!" She reaches her arms out as she sprints around the apartment. Her excitement only equals the fear of the flightless foul in her grasp. With death on his mind however, the penguin devises a childproof plan. With a quick maneuver around a nearby table, he manages to break away from the girl, causing her to slip and fall. With her on the ground, he takes a final leap into the kitchen, landing on his stomach and sliding into his refrigerator.

'Where's Shinji when you need him? He has been gone for nine hours and hasn't even called saying what's taking him so long' She mentally sighs. "Hey Ki-Chan, you want anything to eat?" She gives the little girl her biggest grin possible.

"Uhh…what you got?" Kichi tilts her head sideways, waiting for the answer that would make her day brighter.

"Ummm…" Misato takes her time, thinking if she has anything other then instant. Unfortunately, she does not. "You like ramen?" Katsuragi smiles sheepishly.

"No. Daddy always ate that, and got me something different"

"What did your daddy give you?"

"I like…that one stuff with the noodles!" Misato's jaw drops to the floor.

"Can…you tell me the name of it sweety?" Katsuragi's patience is running on fumes.

"Uhh…Nope!" Kichi giggles as the older woman falls backwards onto the floor.

"Well…" She picks herself up and grabs her cell phone from her pocket. "Let's just call your father and see what you like, shall we" A few numbers are dialed from the note Shinji left with Misato.

Ring… Ring… "Hello?" Shinji answers his cell phone in a hoarse voice.

"Hey Shinji-Kun, this is Misato…I have a situation…"

"Is Ki-Chan all right?" He asks sincerely, no hint of worry in his speech.

"Yeah, everything's all…" Before she can finish her sentence however, a third voice enters the conversation.

"Shinji-Kun…Yawn…who is it?" Ritsuko wakes from her peaceful slumber, her arms wrapped around Shinji's chest. Unbeknownst to her however, is a slightly agitated major on the other line.

"Shinji…Who is that next to you?" Misato's phone nearly snaps when she hears her best friend next to Shinji.

"It's Rit-Chan"

"So you're calling her Rit-Chan now? Is there a reason she is right next to you?"

"Why do you think she's right next to me?"

"I think you two…" Misato almost finishes her sentence, but remembers the little green-haired girl standing next to her. "…Did something very naughty!"

"Well…yeah" Shinji yawns, stroking the blonde hair of the woman leaning on his chest.

"Shinji-Kun, who's on the other line?" Ritsuko asks for the second time. By now, her vision is clearing, and her senses are becoming more active.

"It's Misato-San, you want to talk to her?" He hands Ritsuko his cell phone, wondering if she understands their situation.

"Mi-Sa-to? Uh oh…" The color from Ritsuko's body drains. She has the urge to bite her nails but instead grabs the phone from Shinji's hands. "Uhh…Hello Misato"

"Don't 'Hello Misato' me! I know what you two were doing" The pressure on her phone reaches its breaking point and the screen snaps. Unfortunately for the two lying in the staff bed, the receiver is still intact. "Darn it! You owe me a new phone!"

"Uhh…uh…" Ritsuko loses her words, but Shinji decides to take the phone from her.

"What do you want? Are you jealous or something?"

"JEALOUS?" The pressure on the phone builds, a few buttons popping off. "Why would I be Jealous?"

"Actually, I'm just trying to piss you off…Is Ki-Chan next to you?" Shinji raises an eyebrow.


"Put her on the phone…if it doesn't have any sharp sides from your 'Super Misato Crush' technique"

"Ok…Ki-Chan, your daddy wants to talk to you"

"Gimmy, gimmy, gimmy!" She reaches up for Misato with both of her hands in the air. Misato checks her phone for anything that might scrap Kichi, but gives it to her after it is deemed safe. "Hey daddy!"

"Hey sweety! How was your day?" Shinji's face lights up when he hears his daughter's voice. Ritsuko notices the change too, feeling herself almost floating with his presence.

"It was great daddy! Did you know she has a fat penguin! I chased him around the house but he slid into his fridge. It was the bestest day ever!"

"Did you do this all day?" Shinji chuckles, wondering if he would have had fun watching his little girl chase the flightless bird. He could only imagine the fear in the penguin's eyes.

"No, I took a bath too, and I had some animal crackers, and I watched some TV"

"It sounds like you're tired. Did you get a nap?"

"Yeah, I slept after bath-time…But I never had any supper" The color from Misato's face drains

"You didn't?" Shinji acts a surprised, but he still has the same smirk on his face.

"Nope, but she wanted to ask you about the stuff with the noodles!"

"Okay sweety" Shinji smiles brightly "Can you put Misato back on the line? I have an Idea for supper"

"Okay papa" Kichi tugs the pant leg of the worried Major, getting her attention. "Hey, papa wants you" Katsuragi takes the phone from the girl's hand, putting it to her ear.

"Ye…Yeah Shinji"

"I heard you didn't feed Ki-Chan all day…Is that true?" Shinji's tone is serious once more.

"Uhh…She never asked…" She begins to stutter, but her attention is distracted by the sound of laughter.

"Oh man! That was classic!" Shinji continues to chuckle at the Major's expense. "You were really scared weren't you?"

"That's not very funny" A few more buttons snap from the severely abused mobile phone.

"Calm down. It was just a joke"

"Fine" Misato sighs. "Well…is there anything else you wanted to ask me?"

"Yeah…I was thinking we could all go out to eat tonight. Anywhere you want, and I'll pay for everything"

"Really?" Ritsuko and Misato ask at the same time.

"Yep…but first let me get ready…and find my shirt…Hey Rit-Chan?"

"Yeah Shinji-Kun?" The doctor tilts her head up, looking into Shinji's calm face.

"Can you get me my pants? I can't remember where they landed" Shinji almost forgets there is another person on the phone. "Oh, sorry Misato. I am getting ready so it will be about half an hour. Is that okay?"


"Good, where do you want to go?" Shinji asks optimistically, "Just make sure they serve for kids"

"Ok…I know this place on the side of town…I haven't been there in a year but it's still there…I can't even remember the name of it…"

"Welcome to my world…" Shinji whispers.


"Oh nothing. We will meet you at your apartment. See you in half an hour, Bye!" click Shinji hangs up the phone, but Misato has a more difficult time turning hers off.

"Where did that 'end call' button go…ok, screw it" She clasps the phone with both hands, and twists it in half, ending its suffering. If she could speak phone, its final beep would have said 'thank you'. "Ki-Chan, your daddy will be here in half an hour"

"Yay, I'll get to see papa!" Kichi starts jumping up and down, disturbing the resident who is sleeping in his fridge.

Back at NERV, Shinji and Ritsuko are getting dressed. Both of the adults exchange clothing as they search through the small room. It is not until both are dressed when they speak to each other.

"Aren't you worried?" Ritsuko asks, opening the door, the lighting shining through and temporarily blinding her.

"Worried about what?"

"The commander?" Akagi starts the shake at the thought. She almost forgot about the situation she is in, but is reminded when her prolonged bliss fades away.

"Nope, he knows I'll slit his neck in his sleep if he tries anything funny" Shinji replies unenthusiastically. It takes a few minutes for Shinji to find all of his clothes, but it only takes him a little while to put them on. "I'm ready Rit-Chan, let's head out"

Ritsuko exits first, followed by Shinji. The two walk down the halls of NERV, but Ritsuko sighs, knowing she will have hell to pay once the commander finds out. Shinji notices this and wraps his arm around her waist, making her feel more secure. However, it is not until this newfound security is compromised by the presence of an angry commander.

"I see you are finished with the tests…I would like you to drop off the reports of the results on my desk ASAP" Gendo says, rising an eyebrow to another one of Shinji's smirks.

"I believe that's impossible," Shinji replies. His grip around Ritsuko tightens, returning the safe feeling she once felt. "We had GREAT sex in the lab…and I mean it was GREAT!" Shinji raises his free arm in the air triumphantly. "Wasn't it GREAT?" He looks into the eyes of the woman next to him, loving the confused look on her face. Her mouth is hung open, and her face is purple.

"You two used NERV facilities for…personal…recreation?" Gendo clasps his hands behind his back, staring at his son.

"Duh…and I already knew you would know, so I don't really care… in fact you know what? Just deduct it from my pay and we'll call it even"

"We'll see" The older Ikari slowly walks passed them, turning a corner to never be seen again that night. However, even when Gendo exits, Ritsuko still has the same look plastered on her face.

"Are you okay Rit-Chan?" Shinji asks sincerely, but as before, he already knows her answer.

"Am…I okay? Of Course I'm not okay!" She manages to blurt out her answer. The previous expression is replaced by one of subtle anger. "You compromised the situation…I'm not…very happy with you right now"

"He already knows"


"Well, the NERV cameras are accompanied by sound recorders so I'm pretty sure we were…recorded" Shinji states bluntly.

"…Oh" Akagi looks embarrassed from her apparent blunder, but it raises a question she must ask. "Wait…you knew, and…" She trails off.

"Well, I would be lying if I said I didn't"


"I think we both needed to get laid…badly by the way you…we gave in to our… instincts"

"Oh, well that's a good reason" Akagi says sarcastically.

"I think it is actually. You need to give into your emotions sometimes or you might just…snap" Shinji lets go of the doctor and crosses his arms.

"Do you know that by experience?"

"Yes…but I feel better now, don't you?" Shinji smiles enthusiastically, pulling Akagi to his chest.


"Ok then, let's go shall we?"

"Fine…" Ritsuko sighs, walking with the younger Ikari. Both exit NERV through the transit system without talking. Shinji wants to talk, but feels that it would only alienate the doctor further. Once at the surface however, Shinji feels it's safe to communicate.

"I'll call a cab, is that fine with you?"


"You're not talking much, are you okay?"

"Not really, I'm still nervous about the commander"

"Don't be, I'll protect you if anything happens…not anything will" Shinji begins to chuckle lightly. "I already said I would kill the bastard if he tried anything. I even said it to his face…well…more like I would hurt him in a way so he could no longer have children"

"You really said that to him?" Ritsuko's jaw drops to the ground.

"Why wouldn't I? Making him sweat is fun pass time. He won't kill me 'cause he knows he needs a pilot, and he won't even touch anyone close to me because I would end his little experiment in a heartbeat. I'm a wildcard and it scares him"

"I don't think death could scare him…" Ritsuko replies as-a-matter-of-factly.

"It's not death he's worried about, it's what I could do to him that could make him wish for death, but death would never come.

"So you would…torture him?" Akagi sounds impressed, but there is a mild tone of fear.

"Torture isn't an accurate word…it's too subtle. Anyways, let's get a cab" Shinji pulls the cellular phone out of his pocket; calling the same cab he took last night. It only takes a few minutes for it to arrive however. The time it takes them to arrive at the apartment, surprises Shinji further by the driver's speed. Once the 'couple' is at their destination, Shinji tips the driver for his service, and the two adults make their way up the apartment complex. Once at the door, Shinji knocks to be greeted by an excited four-year old.

"DADDY!" The little girl runs to Shinji, causing him to smile with her presence.

"Hi Ki-Chan, are you ready to go?"

"Yes papa! I was a good girl all day!"

"I bet you were! I heard you didn't eat anything either, so I decided we could all go out!" Shinji raises Kichi in the air, and she clings her arms around his neck. "You missed your daddy didn't you?" He says softly.

"Yeah, but I but I'm a big girl!" Kichi yells into his ear, but Shinji only chortles at her antics.

"Ok, if everyone ready to hit the town…assuming it didn't blow up last night…"

"Oh…I never thought of that…" Misato says, remembering the explosion that took place earlier. "I'm pretty sure it didn't…maybe…"

"Don't worry Misato-San; I'm sure it wasn't destroyed"

"I hope your right" The four exit the building, but one is softly asleep in her 'daddy's' arms.


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