Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. Casanova was a real person. I'm playing with the impression of the good man created by Russel T Davies' marvellous adaptation of his life's work. I assume that this version is owned by the BBC.

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A Grumpy Old Man in a Cold Castle

The library was cold, despite the warm climate. But at least it was dry. Not that this was for the benefit of the librarian, who sat warming his cold hands at one of the numerous candles. No, the library was placed in a dry spot so it would keep the books from being damaged. Nothing in this castle was ever done for the benefit of the librarian, unless the castellan specifically ordered it. The household staff despised him, jealous of his easy literacy, his fine manner of dress and his educated speech, relics of his better days.

And such days they had been. For however badly they had ended, the beginnings had been full of joy and love and curiosity. Oh, to live them again.

Maybe he could. There was paper aplenty here, after all, and quills and ink, and he had nothing but time. His duties were neither onerous, nor many. His employer employed him as much for his name as for his work. The nobleman might even be overjoyed with an account of those glory days.

The librarian smoothed out a sheet of paper, sharpened a quill and dipped it into an inkwell.

The pen traced the first words onto the page:

"The Memoirs of Giacomo Casanova, Seigneur de Seingalt."