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Arekara by Maaya Sakamoto
Uso Mitai na 'I love you' by Utada Hikaru

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The girl waited patiently for the other end to pick up.



"Hello, Nara residence."

"Ino…I'm coming home."

Seven years…it had been seven years since she had gone back home. Yes, she was twenty-four now. She had changed so much. Her pink hairhad grown longer and was now past her shoulderswith a shade darker highlights in them. She kept her bangs; she liked the way they were. Her apple eyes were once again sparkling with excitement. Sakura had also grown another inch or two (Hey it's possible XD) when she had left. Her face wasn't round but longer now and as for her forhead...she had grown into it.

She had matured over the years. When she left at sixteen she was…well you could say not as developed. She had attended one of the most prestigious school of business in America. That's right, she had gained more knowledge when she had left. She had gained more maturity; she was no longer the little girl who would be moved so easily, she was no longer the person who would cling on to people when she needed to. Sakura had built up a wall again, this time stronger, this time it wouldn't be broken. This time she was strong, she wouldn't let anything hurt her. But it wasn't like anything bad was going to happen right? So she had let it down…for the moment.

"It is approximately 6:43 p.m. at the moment in Tokyo, Japan. We will be arriving in another hour or so. The flight attendants will now be coming around with forms to fill out. When you have arrived at the customs, please show these forms to the working personnel's."

Sakura opened her eyes as a young man handed her the small white sheet. She smiled and nodded her thanks and took out a pen. Quietly she filled in all the necessary spaces. When she was done she set her pen back down and leaned her back against the chair and took in a deep breath. Yes, this homecoming would be…

She smiled. Fulfilling? Would that be right? She would get to see them all again. See him again. Raising her left hand she gazed at the ring. After he had given the ring to her, Sakura had never taken it off. Absent mindedly she stroked the shining metal. Fond memories flooded into her mind. The most vivid one at the moment was the promises they had made each other.


Sakura opened her eyes. She had taken a short nap. The green light signaling for the passengers to fasten their seatbelts had sounded.

"All passengers, please fasten your seatbelts. We will be arriving in Tokyo in ten minutes time. Please adjust your seat upright as we will be preparing for landing in that time."

'I'm almost there…'

She sat there comfortably, her heart beginning to pound. She could feel it in her ears, she could hear it. The sounds of the engines were roaring, she could hear the wind trying to push the plane off course; the wings were beginning to turn them as they headed for their destination. The sun had set and all there was were the starts glowing brightly in the sky. Sakura looked out the window and the view was absolutely breath taking. The lights below were like small sparkling stars themselves. Blankets of snow covered the ground and covered the buildings making the city even brighter as it reflected off the snow.

The plane began to descend. The wind was blowing harder now. As the plane began to jerk around, Sakura felt herself tightening her hold on the arm rests. A wave of panic seized her body as the turbulence began to grow worse.

"Our landing will be delayed just a little bit. Please keep your seatbelts on, as we are experiencing slight turbulence. Don't worry folks; we'll be there in fifteen minutes." the pilot spoke to them calmly.

'Slight turbulence my ass! It's like Godzilla is shaking this thing up and down!'

"Can you see her?"

The rolled their eyes.


"Do you see pink hair anywhere here?"



"There's your answer."

"Besides, look at the screen. It says that her flight is delayed."

"But it's just for a few minutes, thank god."

"A few minutes my ass. It's a whole fifteen!"

"It's not like waiting fifteen more minutes is going to kill you."

"Don't forget the customs and luggage pick up. That adds up too."

"Fine, fine. Half an hour. Happy?"

"Such a long wait!"

Excitement buzzed around them. She was coming home after so long. She kept her promise. But had she kept them all? Had he kept them? Among them, Sasuke shifted uncomfortably. They noticed and grimaced a bit before beginning to chatter again.

"Welcome to Tokyo everybody."

The passengers clapped and cheered as they landed safely onto the runway. The engines roar started to die down and the speed had slowed down as it came to a drive. A fifteen hour direct flight wasn't the most comfortable thing, the people around were relieved that it was finally over.

"Thank you for riding the Air Canada, (Heyyy can Americans ride that plane and not go on United Airlines? Lol I like Air Canada…lol) we hope that you have enjoyed the flight. Please wait until the light for the seatbelt goes off before grabbing your luggage and exiting."

The language immediately switched to Japanese as the people ignored the announcement. They did not wait for the light to go off, but just started to get up when the plane stopped. (That happens a lot…) Sakura's ears were now a bit plugged from the change of pressure in the cabins, but she was alright. She was here. She was home.

Quickly she grabbed her things from the compartment and headed off the plane. She walked towards the customs and pulled out the forms and her passport. The person behind the counter asked her a few questions and then smiled, gesturing that she could go on. Sakura nodded and grinned as she headed out the doors.

"Is she here yet…"

"For the last time…NO!"

"Naruto, be more patient!"

"But I really want to see her!"

"Naruto, don't worry she'll be here. So please calm down."

He smiled down at his wife and pulled her close to him.

"I'll calm down. But only because you told me to Hinata."

They rolled their eyes as Hinata giggled.

"Gee, you listen to her and not us?"

"Shut-up! Look!"

Sasuke looked up, more worry evident in his face.


His head snapped towards them.

They looked at him with unreadable expressions. He knew what they were thinking though. It was going to be hard.

"I'm sure…"

"You're not sure idiot. We all aren't!" Ino snapped.

Naruto had a grim line to his face and nodded.

"I lied. I'm not sure. Like Ino said, we're all not sure how it's going to go."

"Maybe it won't be so bad." Tenten said as she looked past them all.

"We only hope…" Nejisaid quietly as he gripped Tenten's hand.

She took a deep breath and stepped out the doors. She was met with loud noises of overjoyed families seeing their loved ones return. Children were happily squealing as they raced to their mother and father hugging them tightly. Old friends joked with each other as they began to walk away to the outside.

"I'm here. I'm home."

She began to look around for her friends. It was quite difficult since there were so many people in the area. This was quite nerve racking for her, she was anxious to see them. Sakura began to rub her ring. It seemed to be some sort of habit when she was nervous but it calmed her for some odd reason. She closed her eyes and then opened them again carefully scanning the place. Then she spotted them.

She could see them trying to look out for her too. Naruto was frantically jumping all over the place trying to see past the heads. The others seemed to be muttering words. Most likely saying 'Idiot.' or 'I don't know him.' Sakura giggled to herself.

'So typical of Naruto.'

"Naruto! Stop that!"

"But then I won't be able to see her!"

"There are other ways too you know."

"Try holding up the sign moron." suggested Shikamaru as he handed the white sign over to Ino. The blonde was about to lift it up but then…

"Look!" Tenten's voice rang out.

They all looked at where the girl was pointing at. Lo and behold was Sakura standing there waving her arm at them smiling. Without having to be told twice, Naruto dashed towards her dragging Hinata along with him.

"My first day back and I'm going to be suffocated." Sakura muttered as she watched the blonde boy bound up to her. She braced herself as she felt him embrace her in his arms. He hadn't any idea of his grip so he was quite oblivious to her turning blue.

"You're killing her Naruto." Neji said as he whacked the boy…er actually let's change boy to man. As I was saying, Neji said as he whacked the man in the head.


"Sakura!" the girls screamed in joy. Ino and Tenten hugged her and kissed each cheek. Hinata came afterwards and hugged her as well then saying a "Welcome home Sakura" and smiled brightly.

"It's been a while." Shikamaru stated as he grinned at the coral haired girl.

"I guess it has." Sakura smiled.

"Is that all your stuff?" Ino asked in disbelief.

Indeed there were a lot of things. There weresix large luggages and all were full. Not only that, she had a sling bag on, which carried some stuff as well. Sakura grinned sheepishly and nodded her head.

"How long are you staying anyways?"

Sakura looked at them with pure happiness. When she told them they too were smiling.

"This time for sure?"


"Sakura, you've changed a lot." Neji commented as he looked her up and down.

"You think so?"

"Turn around first! We want to see!" Tenten said.

Sakura slowly turned around. She was wearing black wide leg pinstripe pants with a white rolled up sleeve blouse.The black stilettos she wore clicked as she turned.Her hair had been let down and her bangs were brushed aside, keeping it away from her eyes. She looked more business like, more elegant.

"We likes the change!" Naruto laughed. (Him saying likes is on purpose, not a grammatical error.)

Sakura smiled at all of them. Her eyes landed on Sasuke. He was unusually quiet, he hadn't said anything. When they saw her looking at him, they quieted down. No one spoke. Silently, she studied him. He had changed. His face was more chisled, he seemed to have grown at least another inch and there was something else...something that she couldn't quite point out.


He looked at her with soft eyes. She walked over to him and smiled softly.

"I missed you." she said quietly.

He nodded his head and hesitantly smiled back. Sakura wrapped her arms around him and hugged him. His eyes widened a bit but then he too wrapped his arms around her.


They broke apart. Sakura looked at the person standing in front of them both. She had never seen this person before. Her hair was a golden brown and pulled up into a pony tail. The girl's hazel eyes were eyeing them with curiosity as if confused at what was happening. Sakura looked at Sasuke with confusion. Who was this girl? She frowned a bit but then shook it off.

"I'm Haruno Sakura. Pleased to meet you."

"Hashimoto Mitsuki. (Note it's Mitsuki not Mizuki. Don't get her confused with the nasty girl from chapter 15 from SBMS. I'm sorry if the names sound alike but I love the name Mitsuki.) Likewise."

There was a cough behind them. Sakura turned around just missing something. When she turned back to face Sasuke, a look of confusion was etched onto her face again.

"Sasuke, why is she – "

He closed his eyes and the opened them with an uncomfortable look. He took a deep breath and finally spoke.

"Sakura…she's my fiancée."

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