So I said I would write an epilogue but I kind of lost it…I think. I can't seem to find the notebook that had the stories I had drafted. And well it's been like two years? Maybe more, I don't know. So PM me or leave a review or whatever telling me if you want the epilogue, which will clear things up. Like clear everything up, or just rewrite the last chapter (again) but actually rewritten and longer which includes the epilogue, but like the shorter version of the epilogue. You guys get what I mean?

So let me know and I'll get started on it. In the mean time, I do have other stories that I have written. Just check my user profile. Um but I advise you to read the one-shots because the multi-chapters have all been kind of slowed. And by slow I mean hardly updated because of said lost note book and also school. Some of you may know I'm in university and it is my first year. My program is pretty competitive so I've been working and trying to keep up my GPA to stay in. But I'll try!

You guys have been great! And I'm really sorry about this really, really late note from me. I'll take it down within the week because I know does not allow authors notes posted as chapters.

With love,