Title: He's Mine

Genre: Angst-General

Rating: K+

Summary: Sakura finds out she's not the only one. OOC. Spoilers for SakuNaru fans.

A/N: I'm not good with updating so often so please bear with my oneshots…

Haruno Sakura is always the earliest student to come to school. One day, feeling happy and cheerful, she entered their classroom. As usual, she is the first to come. The first thought in her mind was the date she went with the boy she liked. It happened last week and she is still preoccupied with the event. Filled with good thoughts, she suddenly noticed something written on the blackboard… for her.

To Haruno Sakura

He Is NoT yOuRs YeT,

I aM sAd To SaY,

YoU aRe NoT tHe OnLy OnE,

So DoN't FeEl SaFe.

HoW sAd YoU hAvEn'T nOtIcEd

HoW cArElEsS yOu HaVe BeEn,

ThInK iT's AlL sEtTlEd BeCaUsE hE aSkEd YoUr HaNd?

ThInK aGaIn, YoU hAvE tO cRoSs Me…

I'm NoT gReAt LiKe YoU

But I cAn Be DaNgErOuS tOo,

PlEaSe DoN't GeT mAd WiTh ThIs…

The last line, Sakura dare not read. Who could have done this? The poem, although written legibly seems to be written a while ago. It could be a mysterious rival, but who? Who would be her rival with a guy who isn't even as popular, smart and superior to all like Uchiha Sasuke?

Sakura opened the door of their classroom.

"Tell me who you are!" she shouted. Silence. The hallway echoed her voice. There was noone but a pair of snow-white eyes and an innocent smile which chuckled sweetly, as the last line rested in her expression…

UzUmAkI NaRuTo Is MiNe, BiTcH…

A/N: It's short. I wanted it as a one-shot but if you like me to extend it, then I think I'll make a story out of this with several chapters. Hinata will be a bit OOC then.