Through The Wire

Chp6: Moving In, Well Kind Of

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Through The Wire

Chapter Six: Moving In, Well Kind Of


A few more people came in and out of the shuttle, and a jealous side of Cagalli took over for a few minutes as families continued to reunite. The rest of the time she had her mind on redknight30. SHe missed talking to him, party because Nicol wasn't really someone she could just tell her problems to. She had just met him. He didn't even know that her real name was Cagalli. Also she missed him because it was just something that she was so accostomed to doing this past summer, as well as the four summers before that. Lastly, it was because they were together now. It was like an instinct that kicked in. When you are in a relationship...things become different. You notice that in some parts of your life they're not there with you, and it feels a bit lonely. She had noticed it, although she wanted to crown it as being clingy. There was something in her mind that argued it.

SUddenly she felt a hand on her back and a kiss on the head.

"Well if it isn't Princess Cagalli Yula Attha," he said loud enough for Nicol to hear, "Nice disguise, Princess."

Cagalli froze in place.

Then all of a sudden, Nicol walked past her and greeted the person behind her.

"Hey, Athrun!"

'What, he's here already?...'

Cagalli stood up, turning to look at the man who seemed to create a disturbance in her mind. It was Athrun Zala, the young 18 year old playboy who always seemed to have a particular interest in Cagalli whenever she was nearby. To be honest, Cagalli was actually quite nervous of Athrun coming. She never seemed to think when he was around. It was so in the moment when he was around her. She turned around to see him, and there he was in all his glory...damn he looked good.

"Finally, what took you so long?" she took her things and rolled them up to the trunk of the limo. Athrun rolled his eyes and chased after her. Nicol just watched in confusion.

He held her shoulders, "No, 'Hi Athrun,' or, 'Hey babe'?" she walked out of his grasp and made her way behind him. His eyes had followed her while she put her hands to her hips.

"If all you're gonna do is sexually harass me then I might as well not go to PLANT, I have better things to do."

"Oh Cagalli," he touched her arm lovingly, "I would never sexually harass you. You know that. More like Sexually be with you. It's nothing like harassment."

"Cagalli? Who's Cagalli?" Nicol asked Athrun.

"She's Cagalli," Athrun said pointing at Cagalli, "You didn't...Ahhh!..." he smiled at Cagalli, "You're a smart one, Princess."

She smiled, "Why, that's the nicest thing you've said to me since you've arrived." She approached Nicol and put a hand on his shoulder, "Let me explain in the limo..."

Nicol, not knowing what the hell was going on just nodded. They put his things in the trunk, and the driver politely opened the door for all of them. All went in and started to converse amongst themselves, telling Nicol who Cagalli really was.

There they stood in the middle of the shuttle base, barely an inch between them. He lovingly tucked a few strands of hair behind her ears. They both smiled at each other, it was going to be a long two weeks for them.

"Promise to take care of yourself?" she whispered to him. He cupped her chin and lightly kissed her lips.

"I'm actually more worried about you during the next two weeks..." he admitted. He felt her soft gentle hands brush up and down his arm. That was something he was going to miss during the twisted family vacation. But he couldn't tell that to her, it would make her worried.

"Did you tell him?" he asked while wiping some hair from her face.

She smiled at him, "About?"

"You know..." he teased. It took her about a minute to get what he was talking about. SHe gave him a light laugh.

"Nuh-uh...I get nervous trying to tell him that it's finally happened."

"Well, you should try to these next two weeks. know what happens..." he patted her stomach.

"I guess so. It's just that I don't really know how mad he's gonna be. If he's going to be that is. He's gonna arrive there next week, so I don't have much time before he leaves. I just don't know how I'm gonna do this, Kira..." she felt some of his hair.

"You can do it. I've already told father, and he says he's happy for us. Except for the fact that we're just eighteen. He told me that we should try to get as much help as possible, just because we have no clue what to do. I can't wait to tell Cagalli and Athrun. I'm sure those two might catch up to us by how I set them up this afternoon," Kira laughed.

The girl in front of him crossed her arms, "That Athrun, harassing Cagalli like that."

"Oh c'mon Lacus, the boy's learning! I gave him some pointers on how to date women. Because...y'know..." he scratched his head, "How amazing our dates turn out to be!"

"Kira, what on earth are you trying to do with those two?" Lacus gave him a disappointed look. Kira shrugged.

"I dunno, it's just fun to tease 'em both. Moreso Athrun because he told me that he actually considered to take my sister out on a date while he visited us last time."

"Well, Kira Yula Attha, I expect you to not do anything to try and trick them." She gave him a peck on the lips. He laughed a little, "As well, you must promise me something..."

"What do I have to promise to my dear Lacus?" Kira said playfully.

"Promise me..." she whispered the rest in his ear. He had a smirk on his face and it wasn't going to wipe off any time soon.

"Oh. Okay..." he lightly sucked on her neck, "I can definitely promise you that..."

A man clad in an Orb uniform presented himself in front of them. He saluted and the couple saluted back. Then the man spoke.

"Sir. The captain requests you to be seated in the shuttle. It is going to launch in a good five minutes."

"Thank you. Tell the captain I will be there in three seconds," Kira replied. The officer saluted, "Yes sir. Nice seeing you again. Ms. Clyne."

"As you, kind sir," Lacus courtsied. Then he had left.

"So. This is it, huh? I'll see you Lacus. Take care okay? I promise I might be back sooner if I can," Kira gave a last hug.

"You too, Kira. Please, you do not have to leave early just for me. I can take care of myself for now..." Lacus warmly smiled. It still had struck a string in his heart.

He reacted, putting both arms around her waist loosely tugging her to come closer to him. His lips had to just move one short downstep to meet hers, and expectedly found themselves in a long "I have to go" kiss. WHen they parted, Kira began to walk away when Lacus had called for him.

"Take care, Kira."

She tried to hold back a few tears, she knew that she had to be strong for the both of them. It was only then she had really realized what was actually going to happen. It was a start of dark days ahead. It wasn't avoidable and they were gonna face it someday. She didn't expect it to be so soon.

The foreshadowing of watching him leave her was enough to let a single tear escape from her eyes. She began to feel faint, oh why did this have to happen to them? She watched as the plane began to take off.

"Take Care, Kira...Please, take care..."

"So you're actually the Princess of Orb?" Nicol exclaimed in fascination.

"Yeah," She scratched her dyed brown hair, "Sorry for the trouble..."

Athrun eyed the "blonde" as she talked to Nicol. He fell for almost everything about her: spunkiness, attitude, sexyness, her boyish ways, the way she talked. He was almost hooked by those, but we haven't even gotten to her body. He almost let a drool slip out. Her hair, silky smooth, her eyes...right now purple...Her lips. Oh how he began to sweat at the sight of her lips. He couldn't fall for her again!! Hey!! He was with someone else!! That couldn't be in the least bit fair to her! To the both of them...I mean--

"Hey Athrun! Are you alright there? Not that I care," Cagalli shouted at him. He winced at the volume.

"Huh? Yeah, yeah...I'm alright. Just a little bit tired of everything goin' on..." He said thinking of something else...

How was she? Is she alright? He hoped he could see her when she came here...

"Okay, I guess you could sleep then. I suggest you don't try anything or I'll cut your hand off..." she smiled.

In the shuttle, the two enemies sat beside each other. No particular reason. Nicol sat behind them, so Cagalli began to talk to him facing the opposite direction.

"What are you going to do in PLANT, Cagalli?" Nicol asked, "Now that I know you're not gonna write aritcles or anything like that..."

Cagalli gave him a puzzled look, "Of course I will! I'm gonna submit them to the nation's paper. Our people need to know what exactly is going on." She began to speak again in a matter-of-fact tone, "There are many nations on earth that don't know what's happening at all."

With his eyes closed he focused on the sound of her voice...Not high like Lacus', it was a subtle voice that was deep but wasn't that deep. He wondered what his girlfriend's voice would sound like? Would it sound as soothing? More high-pitched? Would it be as nice to hear as Cagalli's? Would it make him totally forget her if her voice was better, if her looks were better? Her personality sure topped Cagalli's. Could she be the one to make Cagalli get out of his heart?

He sure hoped so...

Cagalli sat back down to think as well. She missed her boyfriend, although right now it didn't seem to phase her. She was beside Athrun, and watching him there, sleeping was something she had never seen before. It was like magic, he looked good, and it suddenly made her lonely just looking at him. How was she supposed to keep her relationship when she was tempted by other men, when one seemed to constantly flirt with her, when one--the same one wanted to sexually be with her? This was going to be hard, but positively she told herself that she could handle it. Think of it as if it were easy...She guessed.

She turned to Nicol, "Hey, Nicol, I'm gonna go to sleep, okay?"

"Yeah, sure. I'll wake you guys up when it's time to get off."

"Thanks." She leaned back into her chair and closed her eyes. Thirty seconds later she found herself opening them, and looking to her left. His arms were limply rested on the arm rest and his face quite pale. He was tired. This is what happened to her last time there was a meeting...She barely left her room because she was so tired. The only times she left was she Kira or Lacus or sometimes even Athrun would force her out.

She looked at how his blue hair was still in place after all this time. How his drained state made her almost feel sorry for him, although somewhere deep inside her she already did. His lips were a pinkish colour, a colour that was almost foreign to the rest of his body but seemed like it belonged there. She moved towards his eyes noticing how it made his face seem more peaceful than how she usually saw him. That is, until, he opened his eyes. She almost jumped out of his chair. Luckily, Nicol was in the bathroom.

"H-Hey!" Cagalli stammered, "W-w-what are you looking at?"

Athrun made a suspicious face at her. His face resembling a drunken man just waking up from him hangover. ALthough he was a bit more intelligent than that. Actually, he was much more intelligent than that.

"I should be the one asking the same thing," a sly smile appeared, "Or have you finally fallen for me? Because that would make the whole process so much more easier."

Cagalli blushed a deep red out of embarassment and anger. Mostly anger, "As if, you jerk-face!" she turned her whole body to the left so that she could hide her blushing face before he could make fun of her further.

Athrun smiled, "You know...It wouldn't be embarassing if you told me--"

"Don't make me hurt you."

"Oh, how I would love to be hurt by you," he said almost gleefully. He always had to have the last word. It was part of his annoying nature towards her.

It took four hours until the shuttle had finally landed in PLANT. Night had already fallen, the sky victim to its darkness. Cagalli and Athrun had fallen asleep with her head resting on his shoulder and his on her head. Nicol took some sneaky pictures that he would definitely book Athrun for when he didn't want to do Nicol a favour. It was rather adorable, Nicol thought. You could've sworn they were sweethearts or something. Not hostile enemies. Well, not that hostile I guess. He left them for five minutes snapping pictures when he finally decided to wake up Cagalli first.

"Hey Cagalli," he shook her gently, "We've arrived."

She didn't bugde.


"Unh...Huh? We're here," she stirred, but something had instantly gotten her irritated, "EWWW! Get offa me!!" She pushed Athrun, which instantly woke him up. He hit his head.

"AHH! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!" Athrun screamed at her, "You didn't have to do that!"

She stood up and looked down at him, "Didn't I tell you not to touch me?!"

He stood up to stand up for himself, "Hey! Last time I woke up, you were on me!"

"Guys! Guys!! Don't fight! We're here! Let's get to Athrun's house already!" Nicol divided the two from fighting. Both had anger in their eyes and were about to get at it.

"This is going to be one hell of a vacation..." Nicol thought in his mind.

They had taken a limo once again to Athrun's place. Nicol strategically sitting in between the two of them so they could have a cease-fire. Cagalli continued to sleep on Nicol's shoulder, while Athrun looked out of the window.

"Hey, Nicol..." Athrun got his attention, "How come it's snowing here...yet on earth, it's so warm?"

"People control the weather here," Nicol looked at the fresh fallen snow, "You didn't know?"

Athrun shook his head.

"I thought you of all people would know that...Oh well." Nicol smiled. Athrun leaned foward to take a glance at Cagalli. Leaning back again, his looked outside again before he spoke.

"She's still sleeping, eh?" he smiled. He didn't know why. He was glad that they were nearly approaching home to get to his bed.

Outside there were little children dressed up in their snowsuits jumping around in the snow. Older kids a few metres off threw snowballs at each other at the park, fighting. While somewhere off in the distance Athrun had caught a teenage couple about his age making out under a tree. He suddenly thought about espreciallyrose15, and had added it to his mental note of why he wanted to get home so bad.

They had turned left three blocks away from the park driving along a forest surrounded road. Bare and grey, the trees stood tall, stretching their branches to another tree's. Almost as if they were all joining hands. Finally at a right turn they had finally arrived at Athrun's house.

"Hey Cagalli," Nicol whispered, Athrun almost felt jealous, "We're here."

Cagalli sat up straight and began to rub her eyes, when she finished she looked outside and almost gasped at the beautiful snow. Athrun smiled, "From the sounds of it, you've never seen snow before..."

She smiled back, as if she had forgotten her anger towards him, "No. It's just that...Snow, it always gets me happy."

Turning to the front of the house they heard the limo roll over the salt sprinkled along the asphalt. The car gently stopped and out came the limo driver pulling the door open on Cagalli's side.

"Thanks," The driver gave a light nod back.

They arrived at the large house. And of course when the word "large" is mentioned you really do have to imagine a mansion, a beautiful palace-structured house. It was painted white, and stretched to have a right and left wing. It was shaped like a "C" from an aerial point of view.

There was a staircase which had about six to seven steps, so it was easy for the trio to carry their luggage to the front steps. Cagalli almost felt like she was going into a dorm. They reached the front steps and Athrun used two different keys which fit to large oak doors.

"Home Sweet Home..." Athrun said sarcastically as a large light filled their eyes, and as well as the entrance before them.

Cagalli was awestruck. This was even more larger than her own house, and that in itself was pretty large. The large glass chandelier hung from the ceiling, and she could tell that if it fell someone under it would be dead for sure. She would soon find herself looking up and walking around it everytime she would pass it.

On her feet was a red carpet, and around her she noticed a whole warmth about the whole house. It was the colours and they were completely entrancing. She looked around with such childish eyes, not seeing the cold man that stood before them;

Patrick Zala.

"Good evening, Mr. Amalfi. Ah and yes, you too Ms. Attha..." he said in a hollow voice.

Cagalli, not even realizing he was there, was surprised to hear his voice. The two had both greeted the Chairman and his servants. Athrun was told to show the guests their rooms. It was a few minutes of awkwardness, but they had escaped to do their own conversing while Athrun tried to find their rooms.

"Nicol, uhh...Your room is two doors to the left. It isn't very far just because the security guarded rooms are further south from us." He paused, "Cagalli. How can I put this without getting severely injured?"

Nicol chuckled, while Cagalli's face turned pale.

"Am I sharing a room with you?" she said horrified. Athrun's face lit up, "Do you want to?" he stood hovering over her head, if he bent lower they would have kissed.

"NO!" she exclaimed, "No Way in HELL!"

"That's fine." he stopped teasing, "Because you're sleeping in the bedroom next to mine. Our rooms connect."

He empasized the word 'connect' and she had suddenly winced. She wanted to punch his face and had done so in her mind, but that's about how far she had gotten.

"Damn you. Can I switch with you?" She looked to Nicol, hoping that he could be her hero in this situation.

"I'm sorry, but that can't be arranged. We've already specifically set the rooms." Athrun said proudly as he did most of the work decorating the rooms. Specifically Cagalli's.

"It'll only be two weeks, Cagalli. Don't worry!" Nicol teased, "Plus, if you ever get lonely, Athrun's always next door."

Athrun and Nicol high fived, while Cagalli smacked the two in the head, "You jerks! I'm going to my room!"

She began to walk, but quickly got lost. She returned a few minutes later finding that Nicol and Athrun were awaiting her embarassing return. SHe looked at the floor, too embarassed to look into any of their eyes. Athrrun pointed to the room directly in front of them.

Shuffling, Cagalli went in her room.

In time, Athrun and Cagalli were bound to see each other again momentarily. Even if she didn't want to, Athrun would go and bug her anyway. She sat on the edge of her bed in silence and began to unpack.

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