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Tuesday, April 27, 197 After Colony 10:30 A.M. Sanq Time. Sanq Capital. Peacecraft Castle.

In the year After Colony 197 Queen Relena Peacecraft Darlian stepped down from the Sanq throne and the Kingdom of Sanq was officially integrated into the Earth Sphere Unified Nations and Relena Peacecraft officially took on the name of Darlian once again to become the Vice Foreign Minister. The castle was turned into a museum and opened to the general public while Relena moved back into the mansion she had grown up in, surrounding herself in politics and the life that she loved. Her Adoptive mother stayed until her daughter was settled before moving out and moving in with the widow of the late General Noventa, hoping that time, and a little peace and quiet, would heal old wounds and lay to rest the gohsts of their husbands.

The Gundam Pilots destroyed their Gundams with little fanfare and moved on. Pilot 05, Chang WuFei joined the Preventers to become Agent Ash. The action and the duty gave him a sense of purpose as well as a sense of belonging and he was never seen far from his companion and inspiration, Dr. Sally Po a.k.a. Agent Water.

Pilot 04, Quatre Reberba Winner took over his father's corperation and officially became head of the Winner family. He never forgot his family during the war and contacted his "Brothers" almost every day. The Maguanacs ceased to be an army and instead dedicated themselves to helping the WEI flourish. It was not surprising that many of the remaining single Winner women attached themselves rather forcefully to the rough and tumble arabians. Even though his work kept him busy Quatre also was an unofficial Preventer and was always prepared to go when Commander Une was in need of his skills as a pilot and tactician. He took the Preventer name Agent Sand.

Pilot 03 a.k.a. Nanashi a.k.a. Trowa Barton a.k.a Triton Bloom a.k.a Trowa Bloom finally took a name by becoming an official member of the Colonial Traveling Circus. Catherine Bloom became Trowa's official guardian and both became the stars of the show with their acrobatics routine. Even though he regarded the circus as his family, he kept in constant contact with his "Brothers" and sent them tickets to see the show almost all the time. They almost always came. He also kept one ear open with the Preventers and if there was ever a need for infiltration or a tactical mind he was there as Agent Glass

Pilot 02 a.k.a Duo Maxwell a.k.a. Shinigami worked and lived with the Sweepers and bounced back and forth between the colonies and Earth. As an unofficial contact of the Preventers he never became an agent, but still helped out now and then as a hacker and head of security. It was all kept very hush-hush and only his brothers, the sweepers and Commander Une knew. In his spare time he returned to school and studied to be a minister.

Pilot 01 a.k.a. Heero Yuy kept in touch with his brothers and became Relena Darlian Peacecraft's head bodyguard. He seemed content where he was and those closest to him would claim that they had never seen him happier.

Or so they thought...


It was just a feeling I had

Just a feeling

It woke me from my sleep

I don't even know if I dreamed

If the dream had been a nightmare that had woke me

But it did.

And I lay in the darkness









I can't breathe.

My only thoughts were of you

It was just a feeling I had