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Chapter 1

"I hate you!" she screamed into the phone, slamming it down on the receiver.

Lorelai cringed and leaned forward, out of Luke's embrace. "Rory?" she called through the foyer to the kitchen where she saw her daughter fuming, staring daggers into the phone with her stiking blue eyes. "Everything okay, hun?"

Rory jerked her head up and looked towards her mother. The image of Lorelai and Luke sitting on the couch wrapped up in each other was enough to make Rory want to puke at that moment. It wasn't that she was upset about her mother being happy, but rather that her mother was very much in love with a decent, hard-working, sweet guy who loved her just as much back, and Rory didn't have anyone like that.

As much as Rory tried to move beyond it, she just couldn't ignore the Huntzbergers opinions of distaste and unsatisfaction in her and Logan's relationship. And as much as Logan loved Rory, he refused to completely remove himself from his top-notch, high class family and thrive on self-sufficiancy. Rory simply refused to keep getting in the way of Logan and his father. So a couple weeks after their Valentine Weekend getaway, Rory had smacked Logan with an ultimatum: Either her or his family and their fortune. Least to say, Logan had thought the thing a complete joke. The dead silence on the other line told him otherwise, and in the heat of a brewing argument, Logan chose his family. He had tried to get in contact with Rory to apologize, but Rory had finally started down a new path in her life.

And it felt good… somewhat.

She was furious that the man she loved dearly was too childish to escape his parents' choke-hold over him to be with her. She was upset that she didn't have anyone to be in love with when everyone around her did. However, it was the first time in a year that she felt like she had some sort of control over her life again. And that felt good.

"Everything's fine, Mom," Rory said, plastering a fake smile to her face.

Lorelai and Luke didn't seem to believe her, for they intensely watched her without averting their eyes back to the movie they had been watching.

Rory shook her head and headed toward the door, disappearing from their view. "I need to go out for a while," she said. "Maybe get some fresh air."

"Okay, but not too much — it may take up the space in your head that you use to stuff those crummy news articles in," Lorelai called after her. She listened to Rory grab her coat and purse, and then the front door clicked open and slammed shut. She turned to face Luke. "What?"

"I told you not to like that kid," Luke said, returning his gaze to the television set.

Lorelai kissed his cheek and nuzzled her head into the crook of his neck. "Yeah, well, she's a big girl. She needs to make her own mistakes and learn from them."

"Amen to that, sister."

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