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Thanksgiving was held in Lorelai's house, with Sookie, Jackson, Davey, and Martha there too. Sookie was the cook, of course, with help from Rory, and Dean, Jackson, and Luke sat around watching football, while Lorelai fussed over Sam, and Davey and Martha sat coloring on the floor of the living room. Just as they were sitting down to dinner, there was an unexpected knock at the door. Emily and Richard Gilmore stood on the other side, looking rather put-out and awkward - their silent way of admitting defeat. After apologizing to Rory and Dean genuinely - or what Rory accepted as genuine knowing her grandparents - they were introduced to baby Sammy, who they both prattled over with proud smiles and sincere congratulations to both Rory and Dean.

Lorelai and Luke married in mid-Decemeber in a ceremony attended by practically the entire town. Chris was there with Gigi, and Emily and Richard came, too. Emily will swear up and down that she did not shed a tear seeing her only daughter finally walk down the aisle. Finally, Lorelai Gilmore becameā€¦ Lorelai Gilmore-Danes.

Christmas Eve was spent in Hartford at the Gilmore Mansion. It was the first time in years that Emily and Richard refused to host their annual Holiday Mixer, complaining that it would be too much for baby Sam. Lorelai, Luke, Rory, and Dean were all taken aback by this news, though by Emily's tales of her DAR meetings, it was obvious she bragged about her newborn grandson to her socialite friends. Richard, too, was heard over the phone to his clients boasting about Sam. Still, no annual party had been a big enough step for the two Great Gilmores that their four guests did not complain.

The New Year was celebrated in individual homes, amid warm fires, whispered nothings, and glasses of champagne.

Dean and Rory married in the spring of 2007. Little Sammy, with a mop of shaggy brown hair like his dad, was big enough to sit up on his own by then, and sat in Dean's little sister, Clara's, lap during the ceremony. Again, practically the entire town showed up for the event, including Chris with Gigi, Paris and Doyle, Emily and Richard Gilmore of course, and Logan sent his wishes to the happy family from his office in London.

Sammy's first word happened to be "Kirk", much to everyone's dismay, but he had learned how to say "Mama" and "Dada" by the time Rory's Yale graduation rolled around at the end of May.

By September, Rory was working part time for the Stars Hollow Gazette and the Hartford Heralder, all the while having plans in the work for a novel she decided on up-taking due to Dean's encouragement and the unexpected visit from Jess Mariano, who came bearing his latest book, congrats to the couple and their son, and his fiancee, Brynn. While that went on, Tom's company - the one that Dean had become a partner with - was being offered several contracts and loads of money by prestigious business men looking to add a few new districts to the edge of the town. In other words, Dean got a nice fat bonus, and he and Rory moved into a brand-new house with their son.

By the end of September, Sammy had learned how to walk, consequentially leading to his near potential kidnapping by an oblivious Kirk, whom he had decided to follow out of Luke's Diner one afternoon while his parents and grandparents were caught up in a conversation. Luckily, Dean grabbed him before he smacked into the glass door.

In November, Sam turned a year old, and his parents celebrated his birthday at their house with Lorelai, Luke, Sookie, Jackson, Davey, Martha, Lane, Zach, Emily, Richard, Christopher, Gigi, and Paul Anka all in attendance. In the same month, Lorelai announced that she was pregnant. It had been at the Gilmore Mansion during the family's Thanksgiving Dinner, and the expression on Emily's face was actually one of delight.

In June of 2008, Lorelai and Luke welcomed their first daughter together, Nora Elizabeth Danes, into the world. She had the same infamous crystal blue eyes her mother and half-sister sported, along with the same brown locks.

Rory's first novel, "Eternal Promise," about a small town girl's relationship with her mother, the quirky townspeople, and her first love, was finished and published in the fall of 2009.

In August of 2011, Rory and Dean's second child, a daughter named Lorelai Alexa Forester, dubbed Layla for less confusing purposes, was born. The spitting image of all the Gilmore females, she had the same blue eyes and brown hair, even the same dimples. Sam, who more or less was the spitting image of Dean with his shaggy brown hair and olive green eyes, started kindergarten the next month, already at the head of his class knowing how to read, write, and tie his shoes.

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