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Summary: Alternate Universe! Sae is a restless princess who always gets her way and is adored by her kingdom. She meets Momo, a kind, lonely peasant girl with a temper from the village, and becomes her friend. Complications arise when brothers and princes Kiley, Ryo, and Toji arrive from a nerighboring kingdom. Life gets very strange for Momo as she becomes "friends" with Sae and when she realizes that she knows Toji and in fact shared a kiss with him, two years ago at a lake. Kiley and Toji are both fascinated by her… And Sae wants to use her.

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Rating: For sexual references/scenes (nothing graphic); some violence.

Deceiving Ch.1: Meet Sae

By Lady-indis

It was springtime in the small, prosperous kingdom of Rosenbur. Everyone in Rosenbur and the surrounding kingdoms knew this meant one thing- the Annual Springtime Ball! Balls were usually reserved for lords and ladies, royalty and near-royalty; but this was the one ball where peasants of age (16+) were allowed to mingle, so long as they had the proper attire. It was a tradition that had been going on for nearly a century, and the current king and queen were pleased to be able to continue it-if only because it helped keep the peasants in line! Peasants were treated with respect, as equals, on this one night, and it was a memory happy enough to sustain them until the next year. Ingenious, really, the princess Sae thought to herself.

"Daughter! Oh, where is that girl?" Queen Marischa fumed openly, looking rather annoyed as she bustled down the palace hallway in her floor-length evening dress. She was not a tall woman, but she certainly had enough confidence to make her appear so. Her dark hair was pulled into an elaborate bun, and her delicate golden crown sat on top of her head.

The maids were doing last-minute cleaning before the ball, and they scurried out of the queen's way as she passed. One of them, a small, athletic teenager named Brennia, hurriedly curtsied and waited for the queen to acknowledge her. Then she whispered, "Your highness, the princess Sae Marie Belle Donna Parissa is upstairs, getting ready for the ball tonight. Would you like me fetch her, your highness?" Brennia looked terrified; she was rather new to the palace.

Queen Marischa gestured impatiently. "Yes, yes, I do suppose that would be fine, Brennia.. We're on a tight schedule around here after all... Not that everyone respects that, of course. Hmph! Do tell her that the princes of Ashen have arrived an hour ahead of schedule; I wanted to introduce her immediately. Sweet boys! Perhaps she will finally think of getting married and settling down… But never you mind that. Just do as I say." She was known for rambling on, so Brennia was happy that it was a busy night and she didn't have time to do so. She bustled away as Brennia curtsied and darted upstairs, where Sae was not, in fact, getting ready.

Sae smiled to herself as she left her bedroom to the adjoining luxury bathroom. In her bed was Torenn, son of a rich duke from the countryside. She didn't care for him at all, but that twit Cecile Bradley had done it with Sae's on-again, off-again secret boyfriend Thomas (her parents didn't know) just because they had a fight, so she wanted revenge. Cecile was constantly hanging over Torenn, but he didn't care for dumb blondes, so she stepped in. And now, he was hers. That pathetic cow Cecile! When would she learn that Sae, and Sae alone, was in control? Cecile was just her best friend, the equivalent of a sidekick. And now, well, she was nothing. Sae was the princess and heir to an entire kingdom, after all.

When she heard a knock on the door, she froze. Then she heard Brennia's voice, and scowled. What did the little twerp want? Brennia seemed to adore her, which she didn't mind (after all, everyone did), but the girl was getting annoying, tagging along whenever she could.

"Well hello, Brennia. What is it?" Sae opened the door and smiled at her, hiding Brian from view. Unfortunately, he snored right then and Brennia jumped.

"W-who's there?" She gasped.

"Nobody important." Sae said. "You know how it is…You will not tell, will you? You're one of my only real friends!" She widened her eyes innocently as if her life depended on Brennia's silence. Not like it did, it would just be a bit of hassle. In her mind, she rapidly constructed a plan, just in case: "It was Brennia who was sleeping around, send her away immediately, Mother! That disgusting little peasant! You simply can never know where they've been!"

Brenna beamed at her, hearing the word 'friend', and Sae relaxed. "No, my princess, I wouldn't tell. Friends don't tell each other's secrets. It's just that your mother, well, she wants you downstairs right away. People are arriving." She curtsied, and Sae dismissed her with a smile and a hug of "thanks".

Sae changed and put up her hair hastily. "Torenn, you fool, wake up." She hit him lightly, then harder when he didn't respond.

"OW!" He grimaced, and glared at her. Torenn's eyes were gorgeous, and his body wasn't bad either. The trouble, Sae decided, was that he was stuck-up. All good-looking men were. Worthless. Did she really have to marry one of them someday? Luckily she had plenty of time. She was only nineteen after all. Her mother may have gotten married at seventeen to her father, but that did not mean that she had to. She did things her way. Her parents knew that by now.

"Get up and get dressed. The Springtime Ball's starting." When he did not immediately move, she shoved him, and he fell onto the floor with a short shout. She leaned over and looked at him. "You deserved that, you know. You're a fool, Torenn!"

He rubbed his forehead and looked back at her with an arrogant expression. "You did just give your virginity to me, princess. Do not dare to call me a fool if you wish for me to stay with you."

She raised her eyebrows. "Is that what you think? Really?" She laughed hard and loudly. He looked annoyed. "Torenn, you are not the first man I have had in my bed. Nor will you be the last. You are merely a notch on my belt, as the saying goes." She winked at him. "Now be a dear, and come."

It took a moment for that to sink in. He blinked a few times, watching her from the floor as she sauntered about, trying to decide what heels to wear. It was an important decision, tonight. Finally she looked over at him, and giggled. She had just conquered Torenn; the fool hadn't known what hit him! And men thought that they were the conquerors! Please.

Her good mood back in place, she went over to him and rubbed his shoulders. "Come on, baby." She purred in his ear. "Get up." He sighed and turned to kiss her. He was one of the best kissers, she had to admit. Mmm. But kissing did not make up for lack of brains.

She sent him out of her room, and pondered her future. Would she ever meet someone as interesting as herself? She highly doubted it. Tonight, she would meet several princes. Maybe she would have some success at last.

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