Lonely no more.

By Miss P

Summary: What would Jarod and Miss Parker do if they found out they were married? And what will Jarod do when Miss Parker's life is in danger…

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story, and I'm not getting paid for writing it

Note: The Bold/Italic sentences show when someone is thinking.

Sorry about the short chapters, but it makes it easier for me to write…



The Centre


It was an early morning, like all the others at the Centre. The long dark corridor was empty except a single sweeper hurrying away. Broots wasn't in a hurry, it would be two more hours before Miss Parker would arrive and he decided to enjoy a little time off. With acup off hot coffee in his right hand, he strolled along the corridor towards the tech room. Once in a while he took a sip of his coffee; for once he really enjoyed the lack of company. It was really nice to just walk there, thinking, humming some stupid song without being snapped at. Broots smiled to himself. He did like being around Miss Parker, he really did, but every now and then, she could be a little too much.

As he walked pass Raines' office, he made a brief halt, looking inside. No one was there he noticed before he continued. Suddenly a thought struck him. Mr Raines wasn't in his office, but a lot of answers were. He stopped and looked back at the slightly opened door, he shook his head. Maybe he was stupid, but not THAT stupid! But if he managed to find something interesting, Miss Parker would be impressed. Broots stood in the middle of the corridor with his coffee, not knowing what to do. Finally he decided to go for it; just a few minutes in there couldn't hurt. I must be crazy.

Just as he thought it was time to leave, Broots suddenly laid eyes on something sticking out from one of the folders lying on the desk. He tiptoed up to it and carefully brought it out. His eyes grew big as he read the title, marriage certificate. Broots shook his head in disbelief. Miss Parker is not going to be happy He once again flipped through the pages. It was not just a marriage certificate – it was… No, he had to show this right away. Quickly he folded the papers and stuck them into his pocket. Just as he was about to open the door and sneak out, he heard the squeaking from Raines's oxygen tank. Broots started to panic, he had to hide and that's fast!

When Raines entered, the first thing he saw was the red cup of coffee standing on his desk. He gave it a puzzled look, than sat down. Maybe someone had brought him coffee, he thought. Not that it was very likely to do that but at the Centre anything was possible. He took the cup and tasted the liquid. At least they could have thought of warming it

From under the desk, Broots silently kicked himself for being so forgetful. Please don't let him find me


The two hours passed quickly and Miss Parker and Sydney were waiting in the tech room. It wasn't like Broots to be late, what if something had happened, Sydney thought.

"Where the hell is that moron, I don't have time for this," Miss Parker said, pacing back and forth silently cursing to herself.

"Easy Parker, he's just a little late," Sydney said calmly.

Just as he finished his sentence Broots came running into the room.

"Where the hell have you been?" Miss Parker immediately asked, reminding Broots why he needed some time off.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," he answered, still breathing hard from his little running exercise from Raines office. That was the worst couple of hours in my life!

Miss Parker raised an eyebrow. "You sound like you've been chased by the devil himself," she said with a grin.

"Worse, I've been hiding under Mr Raines desk for the last couple of hours and when he finally decided to take a break, my legs were all spaghetti-like and I couldn't even run if I'd wanted to, but I…"

"Broots! Cut the crap, what did you do under that ghouls' desk?" Miss Parker cut him off. This could be interesting

"Oh ehmm… his door was opened when I walked by, and I decided to see if I could find anything important…" Broots answered proudly.

"Really?" Miss Parker asked sceptically. "And, you found what? Heaps of dust?" she said with a fake tone of sweetness.

Broots cleared his throat. "No actually," he picked up the papers from his pocket. "I found this," he said with a look of triumph. Oh I love that look on her face

"What is it? Miss Parker tried to snatch the papers out of his hand but he backed away. I'm impressed, didn't think you had it in you Brootsy

"I… I think Sydney should show them to you," he said, feeling nervous again.

Miss Parker sighed. "Give them to me, NOW!" she demanded. And Broots felt like he didn't have a choice but to obey.

Broots looked at her nervously as she looked through the papers. She won't be happy, he repeated to himself.

With a gasp, Miss Parker dropped the papers which fell to the floor. She shook her head in shock before turning to Broots.

"Where did you get this from?" she asked.


"They have to be faked; this has to be some of his twisted jokes…" Miss Parker mumbled.

"Raines's?" Broots asked puzzled.

"No you moron! Jarod's, I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch!" Miss Parker said angrily.

"Miss Parker, what's…" Sydney started but got interrupted.

"Seems like your monkey boy just crossed the line," Miss Parker snarled. Not caring about the questioning look she received from Sydney, she turned and stormed out of the room.

Sydney turned to Broots. "What was on those papers?" he asked.

"Those papers were a marriage certificate, Miss Parker just found out she and Jarod are… married."