The Centre.


Lyle was sitting by his desk as usual these days. He wondered how Miss Parker and Jarod were doing. But at least he knew they were safe wherever they were. And he had managed to fool Raines too, at least he thought so. He had told Raines nothing. That he knew nothing about what was going on with Miss Parker and Jarod.

It was strange that Raines just seemed to believe him like that, without asking anything. If he had suspected anything was wrong, he wouldn't have settled with that, he would have killed him. Lyle was a little afraid he was planning something. He hadn't heard anything, but if they'd found the chip Jarod placed at that horse, Raines would most likely suspect Lyle. And if he did, Lyle definitely had to watch his back…

"Mr Lyle."

Lyle looked up and saw his assistant walking into the room.

"Adia," he said with a smile.

"This just arrived for you," Adia gave him a small envelope with his name on it.

"Thank you," Lyle said, not taking his eyes off the envelope. It was strange. Adia left the room, closing the door after her and Lyle immediately opened the envelope and brought out a white paper.

"Thank you
I forgive you…"

Lyle smiled sadly. Just two sentences, but the meaning of the words touched something inside of him he didn't even know he had. Just two simple sentences, but they meant everything to him. For once in his life he had done something to help another person, and it actually felt good.

"You're welcome sis," he whispered, putting the little note in his pocket. It was the only thing he had left from Miss Parker; he was going to save it. I'm gonna miss you sis…

If Raines knew and pretended not to, at least Lyle would die for the right reasons. And when he thought of what his actions had meant for his sister and Jarod, he didn't really care what happened to him.

Maybe he had changed, but the Centre was still the same. What if he didn't fit in there anymore?

Mr. Parker had come home from his business trip and when Raines told him his daughter had left the Centre with Jarod, he was furious at her. What Raines didn't tell him was what he had done to Miss Parker. Maybe he wouldn't be so mad if he knew her reasons…

Lyle hated his father for hating Miss Parker just like that, but he decided to not tell him anything. He was in trouble anyway. Mr. Parker had to find out on his own.

The news about Miss Parker was the big topic at the Centre right now, and as the time went on and no one confronted Lyle about it, he started to relax more and more.




Jarod had forced her to tell him everything, every tiny detail of their wedding night and when she did, the look in his eyes almost took her breath away.

Miss Parker had started talking rather innocently, but as she continued the details became more and more dirty. She knew Jarod enjoyed this very much, and she hadn't been able to stop smiling.

One thing led to another and they relived their night together, only this time Jarod and Miss Parker was sure they would remember it forever.

Miss Parker couldn't believe she had lived without him for so long. How did she do? Now she realized how much she needed him. Jarod was everything she'd ever wanted, he was loving, caring, understanding, he made her feel alive and safe. He made her happy just by being there. The sex was better with him than with any other man. And most important of all, she knew he would always be there for her whenever she needed someone.

Jarod rolled over to his side, sneaking his arms around Miss Parker's still naked body. Only the thin sheet was covering her as she snuggled up closerto him.

"What are you thinking of?" Jarod asked softly.

"You," she murmured.

Jarod smiled.

"Jarod, I just want you to know that I want to make this work… I mean, I'm not always easy to be around, but I really want this… us… to work…"

"Don't worry; I'm not giving up on you that easy baby." Now it was Miss Parker's turn to smile. Jarod continued. "Considering everything that happened to you… I understand that it'll take time for you to heal. But never forget that I will always be standing here right beside you and help you."

Miss Parker felt a tear roll down her cheek. She wasn't sure she deserved a man like Jarod.

"We'll get through this together, you're my everything, I love you," Jarod whispered just as if he could feel her sadness.

"Thanks… I love you too Jarod…" Miss Parker whispered softly. Maybe she didn't deserve his love, but she was so thankful for it, because she knew that without him she wouldn't be able to go on…

Together they would get through this darkness and pain their lives had brought them. Miss Parker still had a hard time understanding all of this. She was married to the man she loved more than everything. She was free from the Centre. Jarod had promised her they would contact Sydney and Broots when things had calmed down a little. They both needed to say goodbye and explain everything. Sydney had always been like a father to both of them; they couldn't just disappear like this.

Miss Parker didn't know what the future would bring. She knew they would have a long and painful journey ahead of them, but she would take one step at time and one day it would be worth it all. One day they'd be unconditionally happy…



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