In the year of 2005 laid chaos. More chaos than ever imagined. More than half the earth was destroyed that day, but a man named Jack Frant stopped stood in the way of the place we fear most from taking over Earth. Hell caused more panic that faithful day than ever. The price to pay for their sins came once. It happened once, and it will happen again.

Frank Jules picked up his gun firing at a target. He loved his gun. Frank was an assassin. He killed people and was wanted for many murders including two presidents of the United States that he killed. The year was 2505. Frank hated anyone who tried to kill people for the wrong reasons. For example, Frank once killed a man who raped a little girl for that reason. He also once killed a guy who was mugging a woman. Frank was known for some pretty grisly murders. Like one guy he killed he stuck a knife in, put his hand in the wound, and ripped out his insides. Frank hated people who just killed innocent people. Frank loved kids. He once found a kid crying by a creek once because he was lost, and took him back to his home. Frank of course couldn't tell the boy's mom that he had brought him home because he was all over the news for murdering President Carl. The United States was a wasteland. It had been like this ever since George W. Bush had become president in the early 21st century. Frank loved killing people who he thought deserved it. Frank was just about to go kill a child molester he heard was on the run. Frank knew how to think like a killer, and he knew that the molester was probably hiding somewhere obvious like a church to ask for forgiveness, or to burn it down to symbolize his hatred of God. Frank once burned down a church. Frank was 32 years old, and he was born in 2473. His first murder was on a man who killed a little girl. He was 20 when he committed his first murderer. Yet no one had found him yet. Frank had a son. But he didn't know him because his son was murdered 1 when Frank was 24. Sadly, Frank never found the man who did so, but he was still searching for him. His girlfriend who had bared his child died at child birth. The sad thing was he had to miss the birth of his child because he was wanted for murder. So Frank took the child or "kidnapped" it from an orphanage a month later. Frank believed he had every right to do what he did, but eventually everybody knew he was the father and he had the chills, and when he was murdered Frank was blamed for it. That was a murder that wasn't on his behalf that was put there. Frank knew a specific way to find who killed his son, and that was to search for prayer beads that he had given his son. Frank was knocked out by a cheap shot the man delivered and when he woke up his child was dead and the beads were gone. Once again, Frank knew how to think like a killer and a killer would keep the beads. Frank just knew if he ever found the man who had killed his son, that man would never see light again. But he probably was never going to find him, and knowing on how many people Frank killed, he had already killed him. But he prayed that was not so because he had special plans for whoever did it.