Bang, Bang You're Dead (Soprano's Tribute)

Bang, bang. You're dead

I put a bullet through your head

I felt no anger, felt no fear

No remorse, nor like I'm even here

I've gone numb but there's blood on my hands

I feel I'll crack under my Boss' demands

If he knew I had this issue

He wouldn't think twice

He'd have be destroyed

For possibilities of being nice

I gotta be a man and hide my disgust

Hide all evidence as it turns into dust

I live this way of no will of my own

I'm just a pawn, the Boss has all as his throne

I just pray to get through another day

Without the possibility of getting whacked

I'm lucky to be alive without being verbally attacked

So, this life I lead to kill

Do whatever the hell I'm supposed to

I don't like it sometimes

But I do what I've got to do

Bang, bang. You're dead

Skull bashed in, bleeding red

Another mark has been done in

Bad boys with the power always win.

March 14, 2006