Note: Well, I'm glad you all liked Till We're Separate Hearts, and as promised here is a sequel! I hope you guys like it! I don't own

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Gabriella and Troy. Troy and Gabriella. However you looked at it, he was hers and she was his. She was so happy. Until her mother

called her.

"Hello?" Gabriella said into the phone. She paused letter her mom speak. "What! Mami, they promised, you promised!" She cried. She

paused again, "Fine…Whatever…..when?" She cried again, "Next week!" She hung up the phone and sat on her bed crying.

Taylor and the other girls went out.

Gabriella stayed home. She wished she didn't. She had to talk to Troy, and soon. It was only Sunday, but she already knew it was going

to be a long week. She got out of her bed and got dressed. She slowly walked over to Troy's place. She knocked on the door.

Troy answered and smiled, "Hey baby!"

"Hey…"Gabriella mumbled.

"What's wrong?" Troy asked and wrapped an arm around her should and led her inside.

"Troy….we need to talk…"

No… Troy thought. Nothing good ever comes after we need to talk… He thought again.

"Alright, what's up?" He asked.

She looked up at him, tears filling her eyes again. She couldn't tell him, she couldn't bear to see his hurt face.


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