Diablo Fall-Out

Ron stood outside in the moonlight, the light wind ruffling his hair. He glanced at the mission clothes in his hands, then back up at the moon. Ron knew it; this was the last time he would wear them or any like them. Shutting his eyes, he knew it was the end. He would never see her again. Why had he just accepted it instead of pushing her away? If it saved their friendship? Ron sighed deeply, he never should have let it happen, yet part of him reasoned it wasn't his fault. She initiated it, how could he have known? Thunder clapped about him, a sure sign of lightning to come, but at this point Ron didn't care. Sinking down to his knees and dropping the clothes, salty tears poured forth from his brown orbs as his eyes closed once again.

I close my eyes

And I can see

The day we met

Just one moment and I knew

You're my best friend

'Do anything

For you

Kim kept running, then stopped and stood rigid. Staring at the mission clothes in her hands, she flung them as far as she could. A splash echoed about her; she was near the river. Silent tears trickled down her cheeks as a light drizzle began to fall. That sparkle in his eyes when it happened, how could he fool her like that? Perhaps she had fooled herself. But her heart knew no truth in either. Fourteen years... down the tubes. Why did she do it? Kim's heart ached, she wanted to rip it out into the rain and hurl it to the bootom of the river. Instead Kim the next best thing; grabbing a fist sized rock, she threw it into the stream. What had happened? The Diablos... Bonnie... Monique... Rufus pushing her... it was all a blur. Now in full out sobs, Kim collasped in the mud, coating herself with the muck. He was a part of her, something she'd remember forever.

We've gone so far

And done so much

And I feel

Like we've always been together

Right by my side

Through thick and thin

You're the part of my life

I'll always remember

Ron gradually rose to his feet, a spark of determination hi-lighting his eyes. His feet like lead, Ron stalked over to the Possible household. Not caring that he would get mud all over the carpet, Ron marched over to the closet and grabbed his extra clothes, then headed upstairs. Two stunned parents and a set of twins stood wide-eyed, open-mouthed, not comprehending. Coming back down the stairs, Ron shoved all his junk into his backpack, then walked purposely out of the house, never saying a word. There was no need for him to go home, everything he needed was at Kim's house; he spent more time there than at home. Quickly realizing something, Ron re-entered the Possible home, then plucked something from the hairline on the back of his head near his neck. Setting it down on the table, Ron left, never looking back. At the end of the driveway, Ron mouthed two words to the dark storm clouds overhead. 'Goodbye Kim.'

The time has come

It's for the best I know it

Who could've guessed that you and I...

somehow, someday

We'd have to say goodbye.

Purpose etched it's way into Kim's eyes as she stood and left her and Ron's childhood play area. Almost running, Kim sped off towards her house, taxing her already sore legs. The front door crashed open with a boom, and her startled parents jerked their heads up. The twins ran to her, but she strode past them decisively. Kim strutted her way upstairs and grabbed some clothes and her backpack, then marched back down. Noticing the mud on the floor and the tiny tracer on the table, Kim yanked her's off as well, placing it next to Ron's. Her father attempted to stop her, and she shrugged past him. Mrs. Dr. P. put a comforting hand on Kim's shoulder, and Kim turned and gave her an icy glare. Forcefully removing her mother's hand, Kim left without a word. The twins were lost, and clung to their parents. They would have been alright, except their sister and the man they considered their brother had both left them, betrayed them, in the same night. Upon reaching the end of her block, Kim studied the moon as it slipped once more beneath the clouds, and silently murmured two final words. 'Goodbye Ron.'

You've helped me find

The strengh inside

And the courage

To make all my dreams come true

How will I find

Another friend

Like you

Unbeknowst to each other, both were thinking of the missions. Paisley, first mission, Flamingoat, baby Rufus. Then gradually their minds slipped to more recent missions, of the Diablos, then that moment. The moment it all changed, and their team was ripped apart, shredded, and burned. Both knew it, there was no going back; time for separate lives. No more missions, no more Team Possible, no website; no more anything.

Two of a kind

That's what we are

And it seemed

Like we were always winning

But as our team

Is torn apart

I wish we could go

Back to the beginning

Ron raced through Middleton Park's forest, blindly avoiding the trees. Memories of happiness, of sadness, of anger, of disbelief, and of love, all including Kim, were whirling through his head. Tears once again spurted forth from his eyes once more, and this time he could not stop the torrent of sadness that poured forth. His vision blurring as the tears grew more numerous, Ron nearly ran into her.

The time has come

It's for the best I know it

Who could've guessed that you and I...

Somehow, some way

We'd have to say goodbye.

Kim stood in front of Ron, both of them out of breath. Slowly, the two glanced each other over, soaking in the finality of the situation they were in. Almost in slow motion, the two shook hands, then hugged fiercely. Then both grasped their friendship pendants, and connected them. They smiled slightly at each other, then disconnected the pendants. Another hug, and then the two split, each knowing this was the last time they would see the other.

Somehow today...

...we have to say goodbye.

Bonnie stood stock-still in the gym doorway still, not caring that her new dress was soaked, or that her hair was ruined. She absently picked the flower Brick had given her off her dress, and let it fall into a growing puddle. Monique had slumped down beside her, and in the process of crushing a despicable Diablo toy with her bare fingers, not an easy task. Both had the same thought. 'How could this have happened? What was the motive behind this accursed torture of two wonderful people; one a hero, the other a heroine?' Next to them Brick and Felix were quiet, expressing their disbelief at what had occurred. Steve Barkin, too, was at a loss; how could something so right go so wrong so quickly? Tara was the only one amongst the group at the door and in the gym that was making noise, and that was one of slight, low whimpering. All posed the same question on their shattered minds. 'What had happened?' In the middle of gym floor, untouched, rested the destroyed Kimmunicator.

A/N: Well, that was unique for me... I think. It was hard for me to write; I don't know why. It just was. I had to stop a lot to write this because I didn't want to write it, but I had to... for some reason, and I don't know why. Surprisingly, the lyrics fit real well, which shocked me because I just wanted to use it because it had a nice tune... Some things are meant to be, I suppose. I forced myself to put no dialogue in because I think it just wouldn't have seemed right for this moment I wanted to capture and save. I just wanted the seriousness and sadness to be there. Anybody know why this happened? I want your opinion.

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Summary: Things are never what they seem... Cryptic, I know.