One for Me

Disclaimer: Don't own Power Rangers. Never have, but maybe I will. grins

Rating: K

AN: Hey everyone! Here's just a little poem that I wrote. I thought about it, and it reminded me of Tommy and Kim. So… read on and review. (one-shot)

I knew you were the one from the start…

Kind, caring, and smart.

I couldn't let it show.

Yet, I had to let you know.

Now you see…

You're the one for me.

All I had to do…

I just had to see it through.

My love for you hasn't changed.

At times people thought it strange.

Everything that they said…

All the pain as my heart bled.

I just felt that I knew it from the start.

You were mine, fine, and pure of heart.

Maybe one day you'll find me.

I know it now… you're the one for me!

Please tell me what you thought. Your reviews inspire me.

redandblack 4eva