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December. I'll make her happy. I swear it.

"I can make you happy Raven. And I will." I said steady as my shaky voice could ever be.

I know Cyborg could make her happy. Maybe even Beastboy. Starfire well, not sure. But could I make her happy? Heck no. I have no idea of what I'm doing or saying. Its like my arrogance is not connected to my mind.

But once I said it. I will do it.

Just Because, I can and I'm not afraid to.

"You? Me, happy?" Raven laughed mockingly. "Sure Robin...I believe you." I frowned. Just a bit. "Well, I would make a little wager on this. But since you already know my intentions, it would be unfair..."I was hinting off. Suddenly. I was so confident I could make the dark girl happy.

"Well, tell you what." Raven muttered. "I'm only doing this because I promised the Titans to deflate your swelling and over bloated ego. "You make me happy. I promise you I will not lie or act as if I am not if you miraculously make me happy." She said with disbelief I could make her happy.

"Oh, ok. Wait, is my ego really that big? Cos I kinda thought-" I was cut off by a black pillow swallowed up by Raven's aura whacked playfully onto my head, "So..Start today at twelve. I have how many hours?"

Raven gasped for air and wheezed noisily. I was about to whack her back to get whatever she was choking on out.

I learnt later she was choking on her herbal tea.

"How many hours?" She asked mocking me in a condescending tone. "Your going to need days!"

I scowled unhappily. The girl was grinding my nerves and only Beastboy'slove for tofu and Starfire's pudding was suppose to do that. But I twisted my face into a pondering look. "So, 2 days?"
She quirked a brow.

That said it all.


A quirked eyebrow and a twisted to the side scrunched up lip. She looked, cute. For some reason beyond my understanding. Haha, I could have laughed then. Her lips were so scrunched up and it looked like heaven sent, I could maybe just steal a quick ki-. Oh wait...nonononononono NO! Hormones. Getting out of control. But then again she is beautiful, I could maybe just- NO! Yeah. Uh. Well. I'm going to take a cold shower after this.


A caustic laugh. Not many people can make caustic laughs.One of the many uncountable talents I admire in the hooded girl.


She glanced at me irritably. "I'll just save you the time Boy Blunder-"

I smirked, "You used caps for Blunder. So, does that-"

I swear I could see a cartoon nerve throb on her forehead. "No!" She raged.

"Okokok, touchy!" I said backing off.

"12 days Robin." She finished.

"12? Wouldn't that be the Christmas? I asked cynically.

"Gee! I wonder how I could miss that when theres so many FRICKEN lights up!" She bellowed, clearly annoyed. I eyed the living room. Yes it was covered with lights and one heck of a christmas tree was towering above me. To put it simply, its 10 feet tall.

And I could tell all the Christmas decorations were driving Raven to the brink of insanity. I mean. Why else would she agree to this? And the least to play fair? Maybe by just one slight chance Raven would like- Nah. I must be delirious. But maybe just maybe she might when I'm done with her.

I like this girl. And maybe just maybe. She might... never mind.

"Okay, twelve days it is.When I win, what do I get?" I asked innocently. To add up with that. I pouted placing my hands behind my back. "A good slap Boy blunder! Your too cocky for words." Raven snapped.

"I'll take that as a compliment." I retorted. "Take it however you want it Grayson." Raven mumured.
I shrugged. "So, okay. To make this very fair, to you. What is the most you would give me?"

"A slave for as long as Christmas lasts?" She joked. She was about to snort to that comment before she could I said: "I think that would be fair."

"But I-I-I-I...Wait. No! I was just-"Raven stuttered in panicky fustration.

"Joking Raven?" I mocked. "Well I have no sense of humour so I'll take that as seriously as I can possibly get." I pushed her chin up with a finger smilling with arrogance, looking her into the eye.

But Raven was one who would recover quickly.

My beautiful dark goddess rolled her eyes. "If you must Robin. I doubt that you will even fufill your task." Raven said quietly and doubtfully. She knows what she was getting into but why was she letting me?

"You mean win?"

"If your vocabulary is only so few. Then yes. Win." Raven spat back. I admit. Her comebacks are quite comparable to mine.

"Whatever, the matter is, I will win and for the twelve days of Christmas, I will have you as my slave." I said smirking to myself. That earned two narrowed in confusion brows from Raven. "C-Christmas...L-last for ...Twelve days?" She asked.

"Yes!" I laughed. "You sure you know what your doing Raven? Maybe I could have Christmas in july-"

Raven shot her death O glare at me. "As long as Christmas last. 12 days as your slave Boy Blunder, if you win."But I refuse to shrink in any way she wanted me to. I just smirked conceitedly rocking my head back and fourth to the music blasting in my ear.

"I'ld like to see whos smirking once wer're done with this juvenile competetion."Raven muttered.

"My word is law Raven, and this is not juvenile. Its merely..."I waved her hands in search of the word for it. "Immature?"

She breathed anger through her nose. "You wont win Robin. You wont win."Raven said with an evil laugh. "Oh and before I forget Robin, If you dont make me happy. Well. Lets say, I have you at my will for as long as I want."

Then again.

Maybe I'm the one that does not know what I'm getting into.