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Robin stood there looking at the roses on the shelves.
'Too damp.' Throwing it aside he looked at the others. ' Too dry!'

He picked up a wine shade of red rose and sniffed it. 'Perfect' He looked over and saw numbers of beautiful red roses just as pretty and nice smelling. He embraced the aroma as he carefully picked them up, avoiding all the thorns.

And then he realised...

'Red roses stands for love!'

And then he thought...

'I already knew that but why did I not think of that before!'

And then he gasped...

'I like Raven?'

And then he laughed...

'Absent mindedness'

He sauntered over to the shelf overwhelming withyellow roses. They were so bright and cheery...

'Raven would kill me...'

But nevertheless, after careful examination by the master of deductions, the Boy Wonder himself...Checked every spot and picked out a dozen perfect yellow roses.

"Ouch!" He yelps out in pain as he pricked himself. "Gah!" He noticed his finger dripping with red blood (Okay, what did you blood?).

He pulled a tissue out of his pocket and wrapped it round the bleeding finger. Walking over to the counter, Robin noticed all the people staring at him. 'Thats right people, Dick Grayson in the flesh!' He mused to himself.

He watched the number of people point and whisper at his hair. His trained hearing picked up most of what they were gossiping about.

"Doesn't adolescents know anything about orginality anymore? Thats excatly like Robin, the Boy Wonder's hairstyle!" A grandfather with flesh clinging loosely on his bones, wearing a white polo shirt and brown pants whispered to his granddaughter

"Yeah! He's not Robin. Robin isn't that handsome." The girl giggled.

'Even the six year olds love me...'

"I agree." The grandfather nodded. "But nontheless, he should learn about creativity.

'Oh yeah, I'm a total copy cat.'

"Lets get these sunflowers for mummy and go buy something to eat later."The blonde hair girl chimed happily

"Of course." The grandfather smiled.

This somehow strange but pleasant scene Robin just saw gave him a nice tingling feeling down his spine. He rested his arm against the counter and heaved a contented sigh.

He reached a hand over and toyed with the little tag on a sack of marbles. 'Raven would love these roses...' He allowed himself to drift off to his ecstacy filled dream land and hummed the lyrics of some song he heard on his I pod he had heard earlier.

Even though he didn't realise it, whilst trying to make Raven happy, he felt pretty good himself. When he had completely let his brain turn into a muddy gloop of mushmush, the sales girl called out "Sir...Sir...em.."

"Yes?" Her perked upright, bolting out of his sweet day dreams. "Are you buying that?" She beemed, motioning to the net of dark silver marbles which he was playing with.

He let out a deep chuckle and pulled it out of its place and dropped it gently onto the counter. "Well, okay. Since you asked so nicely." He flashed a wimsonsmile at the teenager.

She cupped her mouth and giggled with a deep redblush. "Sixty dollars and twenty five cents."

"Trick me into buying the marbles and then make me pay through my nose?" He said leaning down his head to her level in the most unbashful way as ever.

"I dont know... how about you treat me to dinner and I'll let this slip..." She flirted wildly and reached her hand out for him to take it.

Smoothly, Robin extended his hand out. The girl shut her eyes, waiting for his hands to race against hers but instead, she felt a rough texture of paper and cold metal.

She opened her eyes, upset and angry that it was a fifty dollar note, a ten dollar note and two coins.

Robin leaned in and whispered: "You shouldn't be flirting with customers, what would your boss think of you?"

She gasped and an angry expression strained against her face. "By the way," He whispered, "I'm taken."

"But yellow flowers meants friendship!" She protested with an ugly pout on her face.

"I know, I'm taken by that friendship." Robin said as his hands slid over to the flowers and marbles.

"Good day." He said saluting to her casually. "Argh!" She fumed, she pulled out her cell phone and practically screamed when the cal - lee answered, "Do you know what happened to me? There was like, this like, really cute guy but he was like, so totally mean to me. He was like - ..."

After changing out of his civies, Robin took the roses and left the room, smiling like an idiot.

He walked into the living room,and unsuprisingly, Raven was on the floor reading, Cyborg and Beastboy playing the game station, Starfire...that was strange, she was not present.

He walked towards the sitting Raven and looked down with a disturbing beem - in Raven's opinion- with the flowers behind his back.

"These are for you." Robin smirked as he pulled them from behind his back.

Once seeing the flowers, Raven had trouble keeping a straight face. She tried to quirk up a brow in some success. "Thanks?" She deadpanned.

Robin frowned but recovered quickly and smirked. "Dont you like them?"

"Yeah." Raven said letting her hard to get act slip a little. But once noticing this, she raised her chin up, daring him to say more. She suddenly recalled making that bet just an hour earlier ago and this was his first attempt?

'Pathetic...' She kidded herself.

She got up and slammed the book shut and stared at him."You cant buy happiness Robin, no one told you that?" She said, catching the attention of Beastboy and Cyborg.

The room was silent as Raven stalked off and slammed the sliding doors loudly.

The Titans did not move a muscle at that time, the silence continued as they stared at the spot Raven used to be in.Then, after a minute, the door whooshed open, Raven walked briskly into the room, reached for the flowers, took it, smelt it, and left.