Inuyasha sat on the small windowsill of his one-room apartment as he stared into the rainy streets of Tokyo below. Today sucked, not only was he having a hard time paying for his tiny apartment, but the weather was depressing and he was going to have to go back to that hellhole of a high school tomorrow. Today sucked big time.

His small cell phone vibrated in his pocket and he looked down at the number, Miroku. What did that bastard want now?

"Hello?" he said in a dreary tone, matching the mood of the weather.

"Hey Yasha, you gonna party with me tonight? There's a hot new club opening downtown. Should be lots of hotties there you know. You sound like shit by the way, SO YOU SHOULD GET LAID!" Miroku was clearly excited and suddenly seemed to be above the need to breath.

Inuyasha sighed, "Yah, I guess I will."

He pressed the small button and hung up on the still talking Miroku. He didn't want to party, he wanted to sleep. He hadn't slept a full night since the accident, which had been a good six years ago. Meaning he was one sleep deprived hanyou.

He lit a cigarette as he started down the long staircase that led up to his small, meekly furnished apartment. He took a long drag, trying to make the world go away. But when he opened his eyes, surprise, it was still there.

Once down the stairs Inuyasha took the chance to go over his attire; baggy blue jeans, a tight black tank top, and a black leather jacket, topping it off with a small black beanie that he used to cover up his dog-ears, keeping his demonic heritage under wraps. Not like there weren't other demons in Tokyo, but he just preferred to go unnoticed. Most demons were either feared and avoided, or persecuted, and he wanted neither.

The streets were almost empty as he picked up a newspaper off of one of his neighbors doorsteps and held it over his head, protecting his hair and face from the drizzling rain.

He walked the four blocks that were between his and Miroku's house and knocked on the door. Miroku's mom answered and smiled at him, "Hello Inuyasha, Miroku is in his room."

Inuyasha mumbled thanks and climbed the stairs to Miroku's room. Now whereas Inuyasha was almost dirt poor and living on his own, Miroku still had his parents and so had it easier.

Miroku turned as Inuyasha came in his door. "Hey! Why didn't you tell me that you were coming over?"

Inuyasha gave a shrug and flopped down on the monk's waterbed, "I didn't feel the need?"

Miroku sighed and turned off his computer. "You realize that school is starting tomorrow? I didn't know that! A chick just told me!"

Inuyasha gave a careless nod and picked up a porn magazine off the floor. "Yah, it sucks ass. Do you just leave this stuff lying around?"

Miroku shrugged. "I can't wait to be a senior! It's our last year. And my mom doesn't care. So why should I?"

Inuyasha flipped idly through the magazine, stopping occasionally to give a page a second glance and then moving on. There was nothing he hadn't seen or done before here; nothing to interest him.

"I don't care if it is our last year, its still a year." He tossed the magazine unto the floor carelessly.

Miroku frowned, "Dude, have you always been this depressing?"

Inuyasha gave him the usual "keh" and snuggled down on the monk's bed. Before he realized it his eyes had shut and he had fallen asleep.

Miroku smiled down at him, sure the hanyou liked to play tough, but he was just a big puppy inside right?


Kagome sighed as she pulled her brush through her long raven hair again. School started tomorrow, and she wasn't prepared.

Kagome had moved into this small apartment with her mom when her father had died. His dying words had told Kagome to get an education and be somebody.

But she had failed him. Here she was, a high school senior, in the top 5 of her huge class, and still had not chosen her future career.

It was practically graduation for goodness sakes! But no career had particularly called out to her, her mother told her that if she didn't decide what she was going to do soon, then she would decide for her.

Why her mother didn't treat her sister, Kikyou, the same way she wasn't sure. "Mom! Kikyou won't leave me alone, can you come and put a leash on her or something?"

Kikyou gave a sharp tug on Kagome's ponytail as a response to her verbal insult.

"That's it!" Kagome screeched as she jumped onto her older sister and started to slap the hell out of her.

Their mother came into the room shouting, "Girls, Girls! Control yourselves!"

The girls separated and sent daggers at each other with their eyes.

"Mom! She won't leave me alone!" Kagome growled.

"Mom! Come change my diaper!" Kikyou mimicked in a whiny voice.

"Mother! Get that bitch on a leash before I knock her out!" Kagome screamed.

"Kagome!" her mother whispered fiercely, "For as long as I live, I NEVER want to hear you use that language again in my house!"

"BUT MOM! Weren't you listening to her?" Kagome nearly passed out she was so full of rage.

"I heard her! Now, Kikyou, apologize. You too Kagome." Their mother said meekly.

Kikyou gave a go to hell smile, "I'm really sorry Kagome."

Kagome glared at the floor, should anyone hate their sister this much? "I guess I'm sorry too."

Kikyou gave that evil smile again and wrapped her arms around Kagome, "I love you sis!"

Kagome tried not to gag. Damn her sister, had she always been such a bitch? Kagome thought back and sighed, it had only been since their fathers' death. So it had affected them all. Kagome was determined to be perfect and would faint if she got less than a 96 on any form of grade for school, Kikyou became a hardcore bitch/Goth and hated everything, and their mother had become soft and passive. She no longer gave any sort of discipline or anger; she felt that all she could do was tell them profusely that she loved them. She smothered Kagome with it, and allowed Kikyou to do whatever she wanted. She now lived everyday of her life thinking that someone else she loved would die soon.

Kagome grabbed her school uniform and her summer homework and walked out the door. Once outside she walked the three blocks to the bus stop and rode it the mile or so to Sango's house. Sango was her only friend and had the normal life that Kagome so dreamed for.

She knocked once and the door opened, a young boy stood in the doorway smiling "Hey Kagome! I missed you this summer; why didn't you come over more?"

Kagome smiled, "I'm sorry, I was busy doing homework and sleeping. How are you Kohaku?"

Kohaku smiled a warm smile back; Kagome was just like a sister to him, "Good. You were doing homework? All summer?"

Kagome nodded back as they started to walk up the stairs to Sango's room, "Well yeah, you're supposed to take your time. Then when your done recheck it several times."

Kohaku stopped at the door to his sister's room, "Kagome, I love you and all and I don't mean to be mean, but you seriously need a boyfriend."

Kagome blushed as she walked into her best friend's room, "Sango, do you think I need a boyfriend?"

"Yes," Sango answered before Kagome could say another word.

Kagome frowned and sighed, "Well jeez, why don't you people tell ME these things, and not just everyone else? Besides, I need to focus on school right now this is a vital time…"

"In a young teenager's life. When a young persons mind can be molded and shaped by the people surrounding them, whether it be a good or bad mold…." Sango stuck her tongue out at Kagome as she finished Kagome's speech for her. "I know dear, I've heard that speech MANY times before. But you still need a life."

Kagome sighed. Am I really that boring? She sighed as she sat down on the bed, "Well it is an important time in a young person's life. And I know I need a life, don't remind me."

"Oh, by the way, do you mind if I stay the night here?" Kagome asked softly. "I have a small tiff with my wonderful sister and I don't want to see her again until I'm forced to. Basically tomorrow at school."

Sango gave a suddenly mischievous smile, "Yah you can stay the night, on one condition. You go to the new club with me tonight."

Kagome nearly choked, "On a SCHOOL night?"

Sango nodded.

"But…I was considering going over my homework again…I don't think I would have the time to do that, go to the club, and be in bed by 10." Kagome looked at the floor. She realized how incredibly lame she sounded but she couldn't help it.

Sango stared at her open mouthed.

Kagome blushed brightly before sighing, "I don't have anything to wear with me."

Sango grinned evilly and moved to her closet.


The girls had both had their showers; both had some cool clothes, and had done their makeup.

Kagome felt self conscious as she climbed into Sango's nice Pontiac Firebird in her short jean skirt and pink tube top with a pink see-through netting over it and down her arms. She never dressed like this; she felt like a hooker, a cheap hooker.

As they pulled into the clubs parking lot (which was filled with expensive cars) they could hear the music bumping from outside.

Kagome walked in behind Sango only to see that she wasn't the only scantly clad girl in there. Some girls had only the netting top with no form of bra to cover their bouncing…

Kagome turned and walked back out the door only to have Sango laugh and jerk her back in.

"Come on Kagome! Have a good time!" Sango tried to yell over the music.



Kagome stumbled out onto the dance floor as the music blaring around her sent her blood pumping with its beat. She held her hands over her head and started to grind and slide her body with the music.

A few guys came up and started to press against her and dance, grinding their crotches against her as she grinded back. She was too drunk to care. She saw Sango for a minute, off dirty dancing with some boy she recognized from school, but then forgot when she saw HIM.

He had long silver hair that clung to his shoulders and neck as he pressed a young girl against his body and moved perfectly in rhythm with the beat of the music. He had a beanie on and a black tank top with blue jeans. His jeans were sagging a bit allowing her to see the royal blue boxers underneath them.

She instantly wanted to be the girl he was dancing with, as she saw him slide a hand up from the girl's abdomen, around to her back, then up to her neck. Kagome watched the girl bend over, still grinding with the music as the beautiful mans hand pushed her softly at the neck. The girl didn't seem to mind as he pushed his crotch against her ass with the beat.

Kagome gasped as if he was doing it to her. She found herself pulling away from the couple of guys that surrounded her. She walked slowly across the dance floor towards the couple dancing. Watching the beautiful muscles of his shoulder and back ripple as he danced with some girl that wasn't her, his body seemed to sway perfectly with the music in a sinfully sexual way.

As she got closer she placed herself against the guys back and pressed her full breasts against his back and grinded against him to the tune of the music.


He had been dancing for hours and had yet to get tired. He had traded partners several times and already gotten one blowjob tonight.

Currently he was dancing with a sixteen year old that he wasn't sure had ever given her name. It didn't matter though, he didn't need a name; he needed a mouth and two hands.

The music's beat made his blood pulse with it as he bent the young girl over and grinded against her best feature.

Suddenly there was another, a girl with a wonderfully clean vanilla scent tainted a bit with alcohol and nice big boobs, was pressing against his back.

He grinned; maybe he'd get a threesome tonight?

The girl behind him pressed against him harder as if seeking his attention. He briefly wondered if the chick was sexy or butt ass ugly.

His mind told him that this chick was sexy, more than sexy, she was an angel, and she was perfect.

Unable to ignore her any longer, Inuyasha turned around.

A head of glistening raven hair tilted back to look up at him. Inuyasha was struck by the clarity of her pale blue eyes; he let his gaze slide down to her glossy lips that seemed to be yearning to be kissed.

Inuyasha smiled down the girl in front of him as he put his hands on her hips and placed a leg between hers, making the grinding all the better.

Inuyasha could almost smell the girl's innocence; innocence, he would love to take. Especially a girls like Kagome's. He knew her from school, but she had always been so studious and a complete bore. And yet here she was, grinding all her stuff against the schools biggest rule breaker. Ironic.


Kagome gasped as she saw her sexy mans face. He was beautiful, handsome to the extreme. And something about him was familiar…but she was to drunk to care.

She stared into his deep golden amber eyes. He was what her mother had always warned her about. Sexy as sin, his movements screamed of a predatory dominance as she loved it.

Kagome smiled a goofy smile at him as she stepped up on his tippy-toes to whisper in his ear. She had absolutely no control of her actions as she slid a hand up and down his chest, feeling the muscles covered by his tank top.

"I want you to touch me…like you did the other girl." She whispered before she softly licked his ear. She had always wanted to do that- but had never had a boyfriend and so had no one to try it on. She hadn't even had her first kiss yet but here she was asking a guy to touch her.


Inuyasha nearly choked as the schools biggest virgin licked his ear. Oh, he'd love to get in between those soft thighs.

He smiled and nodded to her, "Turn around."

She did as he ordered and he put his hand on the back of her neck, slowly pushing until she bent over and her ass was right against his hardening dick. He nearly groaned as he slid his hands to her hips and pulled her harder against him.

Kagome seemed willing enough as she swayed her hips softly from side to side against him.

Inuyasha looked up at the ceiling, silently thanking god for his sexy little present. He slid one hand down to her thigh and then back up, causing her already short skirt to ride up onto her hips and flash him more of her creamy skin.

Kagome came back up and turned around; he could smell the lust coming off her, as he could half the crowd, but hers was directed towards him.

Inuyasha gave her a devilish grin and pulled her against him as the song changed.

Kagome put her hands on his chest and pushed back. Inuyasha gave her a confused look before she started to pull his shirt up over his head.

Inuyasha laughed and took her hand, using it to pull her out of the room, through a side door, and into the alley where a couple was making out.

"Hey, your time's up, beat it." Inuyasha growled to the couple.

The man turned to him and flipped him off and started to say something before Inuyasha's eyes glowed a soft red and the dude instantly changed his mind and ran, leaving his "friend" behind though she was following him only a second later.

Kagome giggled, "How'd you learn to do that?"

Inuyasha smiled at her, "Lots of practice…"


He pulled his shirt off over his head and tossed it to the ground, leaving the hanyou standing in his baggy jeans and beanie. His body was great, toned muscle everywhere but none of the excessive buff-ness that was gross.

Kagome smiled and reached out a hand to softly brush one of his silver nipple rings. Inuyasha smiled and caught her hand, "You can touch…if I can touch."

Kagome giggled again in her drunken haze and pulled off the netting top, leaving her in her tube top. She moved to lift it too but was stopped as Inuyasha reached up stopped her, "Let me…" he whispered, sending chills down her spine.

Kagome held up her arms and allowed him to pull the top over her head, revealing her plump, soft beasts.

Inuyasha groaned and leaned down, kissing the nipple of one softly. Kagome arched against him, she had never felt anything like it. Kagome moaned as his tongue toyed with the small bud and caused entire body to flush and shake.

Inuyasha kissed up her neck and pushed her skirt off her hips revealing…a white thong with a small monkey on the front that bore a little caption reading "Lets get wild…"


He smiled at her innocence and looked into her eyes. They were glazed and unfocused as she bent down and softly licked the silver hoop on his nipple.

"Oh, fuck" he growled more to himself than to anyone else. She would be so fun to fuck…but he already felt like an ass for pulling her into the alley. It pissed him off that he would pick now of all times to get a conscience.

He sighed and then gasped and she softly nibbled at the ring and the sensitive flesh around it.

Inuyasha pushed her away and growled, "Put on your clothes."

Kagome pouted, "But…"

"GO" he growled in a demonic voice.

She had a bit of trouble getting her clothes back on but Inuyasha refused to touch her and help; once dressed she gave him a forlorn glance and slipped back in the door to the club.

Inuyasha growled and looked down at the hard-on that had formed a tent in his shorts.

He pulled on his own clothes, refusing to touch himself also. Inuyasha had never been and would never be the type to self-service. He didn't need to, there would always be a girl waiting.

He wasn't sure why he hadn't been able to take Kagome in the alley but it bugged him. He was not and never would be a 'nice guy.'


As she walked back into the club Sango ran up to her. "Are you okay? I just looked around and you weren't there! What's wrong? Are you hurt? Talk to me!"

Kagome glared at her, why was she yelling? Then she giggled, "I got my first kiss…on my boob. Hehe…and I gave him one too!"

Sango's jaw dropped, "Kagome! Why did you get drunk?"

Before Kagome could flip her off (which was what she was planning) she leaned down and barfed all over Sango's lovely heels and her own.