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Summary: After Graduation Ginny left the wizarding world. Ten years later the Golden Trio finally find her – in the WWE, going by the name Lita.

Pairings: Lita? Draco? Blaise/Luna Ron/Hermione

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Ginny 2Xtreme: It Just Feels Right Chapter 5

Last time on Ginny 2Xtreme - About a half an hour after they entered the shop, all six left, fairly satisfied with the new piercings. Remus and Severus had both gotten an ear done, though Remus had both the lobe and the cartilage of his ear pierced, whereas Severus had only gotten his lobe pierced. Luna had gotten her naval done, Blaise had decided that a tongue piercing would be cool, and Draco was now sporting a very cool looking eyebrow ring. Sirius, being Sirius, decided that he wanted his nipple pierced. He also got one ear pierced three times, twice in the lobe and once in the cartilage.

They all parted ways after getting their piercings, Sirius and Remus heading back to Grimmauld, Snape back to Hogwarts, and Draco, Blaise and Luna to the Three Broomsticks for a drink before heading to their respective homes for a good nights sleep.

Lita sighed as she pushed her hair back out of her face. She had been working at Becky's Diner for about a week now and for the most part she liked her new job; however, the diner had been extremely slow all day. In fact, Lita had only had two customers in the four hours she had been at work, which meant she was bored out of her mind. Lita looked up as the bell above the door rang, alerting her to someone entering the diner. 'Oh thank the gods!' She thought. She quickly pushed off the counter she had been leaning against and made her way over to the young woman who had just entered and sat down at a table near the window.

"Hi, welcome to Becky's. My name's Lita and I'll be your waitress for the day. What can I get you?" She greeted, smiling at the woman.

The woman looked up and smiled at Lita. She was very pretty, thin with straight blonde hair that hit about mid-back, grey eyes, a tan complexion, about the same height as Lita when standing, and looked to be about the same age as Lita, maybe a year or so older. She was wearing a green halter-top, a pair of well-worn faded cut-off jean shorts, and a pair of sneakers.

"Hi, um, I think I'll just get a grilled cheese and fries. Oh, and a coke." She said. As Lita wrote down the order, the blonde tilted her head a little. "You're new, right?"

Lita looked up from her order pad and nodded, "Yeah, I just started about a week ago. How did you know?"

"Oh, I'm in here all the time. I work in the music store across the street and normally come over here for lunch. I didn't remember ever seeing you before, so I just figured… Plus, there's also the accent. British, right?" She explained as she leaned back in her chair a bit.

"Yeah, it's British. I moved here right after I graduated, like an hour afterwards, actually. It was kinda spur of the moment, but I'm glad I did." Lita answered.

"That's cool. Oh! I'm Lilian, by the way. Lilian Garcia. It's nice to meet you. Ya know, it seems pretty slow. Would you like to sit down and eat with me? My treat." The blonde, Lilian, said, inviting the redhead to join her.

Lita grinned. "Sure, I'd love to! Just let me go get your food and something for me and I'll be right back." She said before hurrying back to the kitchen. She returned shortly with Lilian's food and some chicken strips, fries and a coke for herself. "So, have you lived here long?" She asked as she set the food and drinks down.

"Only about a year, actually. I really like it though. I moved here after graduation, too. I just wanted to get out on my own, ya know?" She replied, popping a few fries into her mouth as she finished.

The former Gryffindor laughed. "Oh, believe me, I totally know what you mean! That's why I moved. I'm the youngest and only girl out of seven children and no one seems to realize that I'm not some little girl who needs to be protected. My mom still treats me like I'm five or something, just about everyone smothers me and won't let me be me. My brother Ron is probably the worst about that. He's only a year older than me and yet he still treats me like a baby. It's always 'You're too young' or 'You'll get hurt' or something of the sort. It's bloody annoying! Then there's Ron's girlfriend, Hermione. She's, like, way smart and always acts totally condescending towards me, like I don't know anything. Oh, and ya can't forget Harry. He's Ron's best friend and I used to have a crush on him when I was like 11 until around the time I turned 14. I am so far beyond over him now it's not even funny, but he doesn't seem to get that. And apparently neither do Ron, Hermione, or my Mother. So no matter how many times I tell Harry I'm not interested, he still keeps at it. He basically stalks me! Even when I was dating my ex, Harry insisted I was just playing hard-to-get and trying to make him jealous. Please! I was dating Dray for like two years! In what world is that playing hard-to-get? So yeah, I definitely had to get away from there. Actually, my family, Harry, and Hermione have absolutely no clue where I am. Hell, they didn't even know I was leaving until I was already gone. There are only like six people who know where I am, and there's no way in hell they'd tell. Three of them helped my leave and the other three are my best friends. I am definitely glad I left. I don't regret it for a second. I just miss my friends." The redhead paused and took a drink of her soda. "Sorry, I didn't mean to rant. It's just a bit annoying, ya know?"

Lilian looked at the other woman with wide eyes. "Hey, don't apologize. I get why you would rant. And did you say you have six older brothers?" she asked. At Lita's nod she merely blinked a couple of times. "Well, damn. So tell me about these six people who know where you are."

Lita smiled as she thought about Severus, Remus, Sirius, Draco, Blaise, and Luna. Just as she opened her mouth the bell over the door rang and another customer walked in. "Sorry, I gotta get back to work. Maybe we can get together later and I'll tell you about them. Maybe tomorrow? You can come over to my apartment and hang out and we can watch some movies or something." She suggested as she stood up.

"I'd like that. What time should I come over? I don't have to work tomorrow, so whenever is good for me." Lilian said.

"Cool," Lita grinned at the blonde as she pulled out a piece of paper. "I don't work tomorrow either so just come on over whenever you want. Here's my address and phone number." She said as she handed over the paper she had been scribbling on. "I'll see you tomorrow." With one last smile at her new friend, Lita made her way over to the table that now had people crowded around it and proceeded to take their orders.

Lilian finished her meal and left the money for it on the table along with a tip and headed back to work herself.


Remus slowly made his way down the driveway and to the mailbox of Number 12 Grimauld Place. After grabbing the mail he headed back to the house, flipping through the mail as he went.

"Junk…junk…bill…junk…" He muttered to himself while looking through the small stack in his hands. "Junk…bill…junk-" Remus stopped short just as he shut the door behind him after re-entering the house. "Sirius! Sirius! It's here!" He yelled as he grabbed the topmost letter and threw the rest onto the small table in the entry before making his way to the kitchen. He was grinning as he burst into the kitchen, making a half-asleep Harry and Ron jump as the door banged against the wall. Hermione looked at him curiously, wondering just what had gotten her old professor so excited.

"Good Merlin, Moony!" Sirius exclaimed, "What's all this screaming about?" He asked as he looked up from the Daily Prophet.

"It's here! It's here!" Remus said, waving the letter in front over his best friend.

"What on earth? Stop waving the damn thing around so I can see what the hell it is!" Sirius said as he grabbed at Remus, finally catching his arm and stilling the werewolf's movements. "Holy shit!" Sirius grabbed the letter from Remus, "It's here! Moony! It's here!" He jumped out of his chair and started bouncing around the room, waving the letter in the air. "It's here! It's here, it's here, it's here!" He chanted. Remus merely raised a brow at his friend before grinning and joining in.

By this point the Golden Trio was very confused and couldn't for the life of them figure out why the two 'adults' were jumping around and acting like toddlers with sugar highs.

"Um, Guys?" Harry started, "What, exactly, is here?" he asked, glancing back and forth between the two.

"It's Lita's letter!" Sirius grinned. He then grabbed Remus's arm and drug him toward the fireplace. "Come on, Moony, it's addressed to all six of us! Let's go, let's go!"

"Wait!" Hermione exclaimed, "Where are you going?"

"Why, we're off to see the Greasy Git, of course. After all, his name is on the envelope, too" Sirius said as he threw some floo powder into the fire before stepping in and calling out "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Severus Snape's Office." And with a 'whoosh' and a flare of green flame he was gone, Remus right behind him.

"Well, that was weird." Hermione said, still staring at the fireplace.

Ron looked at her incredulously. "Weird? Weird? Those two are bloody insane! Completely off their rockers!" He exclaimed.

Harry merely shrugged, inwardly agreeing with his redheaded friend, but not saying anything about it either way.


Remus stepped out of the fireplace in Snape's office to find that the room was empty save himself and Sirius. "Severus! Severus, Where are you?" He called.

When there wasn't an answer after a few seconds, Sirius rolled his eyes before heading toward the office door. "Oy! Snivellus! Where the bloody hell are you?" He hollered as he exited the office into the potions classroom.

At Sirius's loud entrance into the classroom, Severus looked up from the potion he was working on, an annoyed look on his face. "What is it, Black? And would you stop bellowing?" He asked in a resigned tone. "Immature prat." He muttered under his breath.

"I heard that, Snivellus!" Sirius said as he and Remus made their way to the bench Snape was working at. "And if you aren't nice I won't let you see this!" He continued, waving the letter around Severus's head.

"Damn it, Black!" The Potions Master exclaimed, swatting at the letter. "Did you give him sugar, Lupin? And what in Merlin's name do you keep waving around my head?" He added some belladonna to the potion he was making, stirring it in, and pulling the cauldron off the fire to cool before looking up at the two former Gryffindors.

Remus watched the two, looking amused at Sirius's antics and Severus's reactions to them before he turned to Sirius, "Sirius, stop taunting Severus." He chuckled at the pout that formed on his friend's face before turning to answer Severus's questions. "No, I did not give Sirius any sugar. And as for what is being waved around your head… Well, that would be Lita's letter." He said, laughing aloud as Severus immediately jumped up from his seat and tried to grab the letter from Sirius.

Sirius let out a short yell as Severus lunged for the letter, demanding to know what it said, before starting to run around the room, Severus right behind him. Remus just stood watching the two chasing each other around the room, an amused look in his eyes. After a few minutes, he finally pulled out his wand and with a quick 'Impedimenta' he had frozen the two men in place. He quickly plucked the letter from Sirius's frozen hand and turned to look at them. "We don't know what it says yet, Severus. It's addressed to the three of us and Draco, Blaise, and Luna. We figured we should all open it together." He then released the spell on the two men and tucked the letter in his pocket.

Severus brushed himself off and straightened his robes after the spell was lifted. "Well, in that case I believe that Draco, Blaise, and Luna planned to spend the day at Malfoy Manor. That being said, he quickly headed into his office in order to floo to Malfoy Manor, Sirius and Remus quickly following.


The three men stepped out of the fireplace of Malfoy Manor one right after the other gently brushing soot off their clothes. They made their way to the large entertainment room that Draco had had set up in the Manor the summer after his sixth year. It had all sorts of Muggle entertainment equipment; a big screen TV, DVD player, Playstation 2, X-Box, pool table, air hockey table, a few computers, a huge stereo system with surround sound, and a mini fridge for snacks and drinks. Sure enough, Draco, Blaise and Luna were in there, Draco and Blaise battling it out on one of the game systems and Luna working on an article for her father's magazine, The Quibbler, on one of the computers. Severus cleared his throat loudly causing the three teens to turn towards the doorway.

"Severus!" Draco exclaimed, quickly pausing the game before getting up and inviting the three older men into the room. "Sirius, Remus. Come in, sit down, make yourselves comfortable. So what brings you gentlemen by?"

Remus smirked slightly as he settled into a comfy arm chair, while Sirius and Severus settled on one of the couches. "Oh not much really," He replied, "Just the fact that Lita's letter arrived today."

"What!" "Well, what did it say?" and "How is she?" were heard from the three younger occupants of the room.

Remus chuckled. "We don't know what it said yet, we haven't opened it. We figured we should all open it together since it's addressed to all of us." That said, he pulled the letter out of his pocket and quickly opened it. "Okay, here goes. 'Dear Moony, Padfoot, Sev, Dray, Blaise, and Luna; Hey, guys! How are you? I hope you're all doin' good. I'm doin' really good. I'm renting an apartment in Stanford, North Carolina and have bought furniture for all of my rooms as well as new clothes, a laptop and some entertainment systems. By the way, thanks again, Sirius, for funding my escape. I couldn't have done this without you.

So how badly did everyone freak when they couldn't find me? I'm guessing it was pretty damn funny watchin' everyone run around lookin' for me when you knew exactly where I was, huh?

Oh and Draco, Blaise, and Luna, I am so sorry for not telling you guys goodbye before I left, but it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing and I didn't want to take the chance that anyone might find out and stop me. Sorry, guys, but I figured the quicker I got away from Harry and the Dream Team and my family, the better.

Well, I'm no longer Ginny Weasley. My name from now on is Lita Black. And wipe that smug look off your face, Padfoot, I didn't choose Black because I like you best, I chose Black because Weasley, Lupin, Malfoy, Zabini, Lovegood, and Snape are all pretty conspicuous and Black is fairly normal and ordinary. As for Lita, that's kind of an interesting story. While I was trying on clothes this guy came up and said that the clothes looked good on me and that I looked hott and kept calling me Lolita. I kinda liked it so I just shortened it a bit and voila! Lita Black was born, so to speak. He also convinced me to get my navel pierced, which looks really cool. While I was in the piercing shop I also decided to get my tongue pierced so I have a bit of a lisp now, but that should be gone soon.

As soon as I get my phone set up at my apartment I'll call you guys and let you know my number. Speaking of which, Sev, Draco, Blaise, and Luna, you guys seriously need to get phones at your places, or at least cell phones so that I don't have to hope that you're all at Grimauld Place when I call Remus or Sirius.

Anyway, as soon as I get settled in and everything you guys all need to come visit. I'll talk to you all soon.


Lita Black aka Pixie aka Vixen aka Red' Well, it sounds like she's doin' pretty good so far. What do you all think?" Remus asked as he finished the letter, folded it back up, and replaced it in the envelope.

"Sounds to me like she's enjoying her new found freedom." Sirius replied. The others all nodded their agreement.

Luna spoke up from her position curled up next to her boyfriend, "And as far as the phone issue goes, the three of us have had phones installed in our homes as well as getting cellular phones."

"As have I," Severus added, "Though the cell phone will not work on Hogwarts grounds as the magic interferes with all things electronic. However, the phone should still be able to receive voice or text messages and I can check my messages whenever I leave the school."

The six Hogwarts alumni sat and chatted for a couple of hours, discussing Lita, work, and anything else going on in their lives. Overall, they had a very enjoyable afternoon.


Meanwhile back at Grimauld Place, Harry, Ron and Hermione sat talking about the disappearance of Ginny Weasley.

"I can't believe no one is trying to find her yet!" Ron exclaimed.

Hermione nodded, "Yes, I know. They really should be out looking for her, she has absolutely no idea how to take care of herself. Honestly, what is everyone thinking, listening to what that note said? She doesn't know what she's doing."

"Besides," Harry added, "How do we even know that that note was from Ginny? Maybe somebody kidnapped her and left that note to make us think she was okay. You know that there are still stray Death Eaters out there who want to get to me. What better way to do that then to kidnap my girlfriend? And really, why on earth would Ginny leave? She has me here to take care of her. She's the girlfriend of the Boy Who Lived, every girl in our world wants to be her! She is completely head-over-heels in love with me, why would she voluntarily leave me? I was going to marry her and she was going to have my children! There is no way she would give that up. You both know how much she loves me, that we are meant to be together, and that she belongs with me! There is no way that she would leave me, or leave without telling me. She must have been kidnapped!" Harry sat at the table staring at his best friends, believing every word that had come out of his mouth. (Delusional, ain't he?) Hermione and Ron nodded their heads in complete agreement with the dark-haired friend. (Oh no, they're all delusional!)

"Of course, Harry!" Hermione said, "You're completely right, there is no way Ginny would have left you, it must have been a few stray Death Eaters trying to get back at you for defeating their master!"

"Okay, this means that we need to start looking for her. Where should we start? Should we go question the Death Eaters that Are in Azkaban? See if maybe they know something? Some of the most recently captured may know something or have heard of a plan involving Ginny." Ron stated, trying to come up with a good strategy for searching for his missing sister.

Harry shook his head. "No. That won't work. All of the Death Eaters that were captured during the war and hadn't died before I defeated Voldemort were given the Dementor's Kiss as soon as the war ended, and any Death Eaters brought in after were questioned thoroughly and given the Kiss. The Ministry didn't want to take any chances of them escaping and trying to bring Voldemort back again or take over as a new Dark Lord. So that won't work, we'll have to come up with something else." The Golden Boy explained. "I think right now the best thing would be to put an ad in the Daily Prophet, the Quibbler, and Witch Weekly offering a reward for returning her to me safely and a smaller reward for any information that helps us find her. It's not like the money will be a problem, I'm one of the richest wizards in the world, after all." He looked quite smug at the end of his statement.

Hermione beamed at him. "Of course, Harry, you're brilliant! We'll have her back in no time! Perhaps 100 galleons for information, and 1,000 galleons for her return?" She suggested.

"Yeah, that sounds good. I'll go write up the ad and send it out." Harry said, getting up and leaving the table.

"Yeah, we'll see you later, mate," Ron said, "Mione and I are going to head out, we wanted to catch a movie tonight. Don't worry, Harry, we'll get Gin back soon."

That said, Ron and Hermione flooed out of Grimauld Place and Harry went to look for parchment and a quill so he could start on the ad and send it out as soon as possible.


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