L is For

I. Lazy

When L would get up in the morning (whether or not he had any sleep the previous night was a different matter altogether), the first thing he did was hunch over to the breakfast table and have his morning tea, and a couple of cakes and cookies to go with it. Once that was done he'd head for the bathroom, brush his teeth, and if he thought he needed it he'd shower, and if not, he'd simply wash his sleep-deprived face. Then he'd stretch for a long time, and scratch too. Afterwards he'd slouch over to his laptop and sit in front of it, and remain there the whole day, working on cases, contacting the police, receiving the information Watari would send, and if he was bored, playing Minesweeper.

When Watari wasn't out representing him or busy receiving more clues, he would stay in the headquarters. He knew L well, contrary to what the police thought, and he also knew that the genius was just a boy. He was special, gifted – but still young, and lacking what most boys needed: friends his own age, loving parents, the proper diet (L was very fond of his sweets) and ample exercise. That last one was especially hard to get him to do.

"I know the case is important, but perhaps…some fresh air would do you good?"

L would smile a little. "You know I haven't been outside in ages, and it's not like it affects me. I hate going out. It's creepy."

"But," Watari persisted. "Children your age at least need to move. And I imagine that, with all that sugar you're devouring, you'd need it more than most!"

The young detective blinked. "You're saying I should be hyper?"

Watari hated arguing with L, but this was getting exasperating. The boy's body, which was already steeped in bad posture, didn't have to be lethargic as well. The old man nodded, knowing it wouldn't do much anyway. "If being hyper will get you to move around some, and if sugar makes you hyper, I don't see why not."

L sighed. He got up from his place on the floor and scratched his head wearily.

Then he did ten jumping jacks.

"Happy?" He asked, puffing heavily. A single bead of sweat crept down from his unruly bangs.

Watari stared.

L shrugged and went back to work, humming sweetly.

A/N: This is supposed to be a series of random snippets, with no particular timeframe, that speculate on a certain aspect of L that could explain the letter he chose for his codename. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Comments and reviews are all greatly appreciated. :D

Special thanks to A for some editing.