At this point, I am probably just as frustrated as nearly every other Woody/Jordan worshipper out there. What do you mean, "I don't want to be the rebound guy?" JD was the rebound guy from you, Woody. "Too soon?" What? After four years, NOW it's too soon?

Guys from Wisconsin must not be the brightest crayon in the box. In the great Crayolas of life, I'll bet good money they're the white ones in the box…they have to be there, but you don't really know why….


To get out my frustrations, I have made my own ending to season five. I've taken various spoilers, mixed them with my own ideas, added a pinch of sex and passion, and of course, topped it off with my own fluffy ending. Guy gets girl…girl gets…well….you'll see.

And, despite repeated whining to Tim, I still don't own CJ. If he gets too busy with his new series, Heroes, I'll be glad to take them off his hands.

Can't Find My Way Back Home

Chapter One

It All Comes Down to Your Body

Life had become a series of cheap hotel rooms and no-tell motels that ran on a cash-basis only. Anonymous. Impersonal. Cold.

Just what she needed.

Jordan carefully looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror of yet one more room of one more similar establishment. She was tired, and her face showed it. Tiny lines were showing at the corners of her eyes. Dark circles were there, too, giving her a haunted look.

That's what lack of sleep will do to you…she grimly told herself as she brushed her teeth and got ready for work. Lack of sleep…long hours…too much cigarette smoke…and not enough to eat. She rinsed out her toothbrush and put it back in her overnight bag…a bag that contained wigs and different colored contacts, as well as five or six changes of clothes.

After spending years in Boston, putting down roots in a place she had grown to love, Jordan never thought she would find herself on the run again. But she was. And this time it wasn't by choice.

It was the results of a case.

She inwardly shuttered when she thought about it. It had started out like a typical set of circumstances…your basic murder and the resulting mayhem. Woody and Lu had been the answering detectives. She had been the responding ME. But when the body found floating in the CharlesRiver turned out to be the wife of a prominent Boston Red Sox baseball player, the case had become anything but routine.

First it looked like a run-of-the-mill suicide. But Jordan had ruled that out. The woman's neck was broken but the angle that it snapped at wasn't conducive to a self-inflicted jump or fall. And the deeper Woody and Lu dug after that conclusion, the more the case became like a Gordian knot. Countless loops that never seemed to end. The wife was involved with a gambling ring that tried to throw games.

Then the simple crimes of gambling and game-rigging grew uglier. Extortion. Blackmail.


And what was worse were names of the people that were involved in the series of events. The list grew longer and more prominent with each day. The roster of suspects soon outgrew Boston and was circling larger cities.

Most specifically Washington, DC.

Woody and Lu were trying to work with the police in the capital to gain access to any information they had, but were having no luck. The DC police were closed-mouthed about anything they knew and were unwilling to share.

Fortunately, Jordan had an inside source into DC information: JD Pollack.

JD had been in DC working as a stringer for several of the local newspapers. He had been there long enough to garner some valuable sources. And since he had left Boston for DC, he and Jordan had kept in distant touch. An occasional phone call or e-mail. Light…nothing serious. He never asked her to come to DC.

She never asked him to return to Boston.

It had been an unwritten and unspoken "rule" in their new relationship – Don't ask. I won't tell. Don't question anything that happened between us.

And JD had. He had gone to DC and started a new life for himself, getting over Jordan and her infidelity with Woody.

For Jordan, it hadn't been that simple. Woody pushed her away yet again, then turned tail and ran straight into the arms of Tallulah Simmons. First Jordan had heard the rumors, and nearly discounted them. But when she caught them together one night in the parking deck, her worst fears came true. She had watched from behind one of the pillars as Woody walked Lu to her car and then caught the blonde in a passionate lip-lock before promising her that he would stop by her apartment later to tuck her in.

Jordan had remained hidden behind the concrete column until Woody had gotten into his old Chevelle and drove off into the night. Numbly, she climbed into her El Camino and went back to her apartment.

He hadn't wanted to be her rebound guy. He had wanted to slow things down.

Like an idiot, she had agreed.

Now look where it had gotten her….

But JD had remained somewhat her friend, even if he assumed Jordan and Woody were now the hot item in the Boston crime-fighting network. Jordan had never let JD know he had the wrong assumption.

So when Lu and Woody had run into the roadblock created by the DC police, Jordan hadn't hesitated on picking up the phone and calling JD to pick his brain. "Cavanaugh, you know too much about this," he had whispered tersely on the phone.

"About what?" she replied, playing dumb.

He had taken a deep breath then, she heard it hissing between his teeth. "Look. I'll talk to you, but not on the phone. Not even a landline. I've got to come back to Boston to tie up some loose ends. I'll meet you at your apartment Friday at three. Until then, not a word to anyone. Including your detective boyfriend. Promise?"

Jordan bit her lip to stop herself from telling him that wasn't a problem. "Promise," she choked out.

So she waited until the end of the week until JD was to meet her and tell her what he knew. She got off work early and went back home…only to find her apartment in shambles …

And JD dead on the floor.

The last thing she remembered as she had bent over his body was a hand over her mouth…with something in it that had rendered her unconscious.

The first thing she remembered after coming to, was Woody bending over her and something heavy in her right hand. A gun. Her gun. The one she kept hidden in her dresser and only pulled out on the rare occasions she felt frightened. "Jo…" Woody had asked. "How could you do it? Did he scare you? Did you think he was an intruder?"

"Do what?" she had asked. Her mouth felt dry and arid. Her tongue was thick and she had a hard time making the words come out of her mouth.

"Kill him."

"Kill who?"


Events had all run together and blurred after that. She was taken in for questioning. The ballistics report matched the bullet in JD to her gun. She was arrested. Woody had read her her rights. Nigel had made a frantic phone call to her friend Kim, the lawyer. Jordan was arraigned and made bail.

She blindly drove back to her apartment, taking a deep breath as she opened the door. Someone had come in and cleaned up the crime scene…she'd bet any money it was Lily. There was no evidence that JD had been murdered here at all…no blood on the floor, no spatter on the walls, no black fingerprint dust anywhere.

But it had happened. A man that she had an intimate connection with in the past had been killed in her home and everyone thought she did it…either in self-defense or because he was threatening to blackmail her in some way.

Neither was true.

But the fact was the gun that murdered JD was found in her hand and there were only her prints on it. Whoever had actually killed JD had been very thorough. And conniving. It was all being pinned on her very effectively.

That, coupled with the fact that her tox screen had come back clean wasn't helping. She had told Kim that whoever had put their hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming had something in it she inhaled that knocked her out cold—instantly.

The screens Nigel ran showed no trace of any drug in her system.

Kim had the results retested by an independent pathologist.

The results had been the same. No drugs. Of any type.

In sheer desperation, she had done the only thing she knew to do. She threw a few things in a suitcase and grabbed her old address and phone book. Hastily thumbing through it she found the number she was looking for. It was old and faded and other than a stray Christmas card four years ago, Jordan hadn't heard a word from him. She just hoped and prayed he was still in DC. If anyone could help her…prove her innocence…this guy could.

And he still owed her big time from the case they worked on five years ago. She held her breath as his phone rang and he picked up.

"This is Haley….."