Disclaimer--J.R.R. Tolkien owns Middle Earth and everything in it. I don't

--By Elwen Aiwelinde

Before the Moon, before the Sun
The Stars shone bright o'er Tirion
Upon the hill beside the sea
Unfading in my memory

There silver-gold the tree-light shone
And salty-sweet sea winds were blown
Upon twining crystal towers
Where softly fell spring rain-showers

I danced upon the starlit strand
Gem-strewn shore of the Blessed Land
Through wood and mead, my feet to roam
And carry back to Elvenhome

There minstrels sang and harpers played
No darkness on the land yet laid
Yet shadows come and shadows grow
We listened then, we did not know

For poisoned words we traded light
The poisoned words that led our flight
Into the dark when the Trees fell
No more in Valinor to dwell

In bloodstained sea-foam in that gloom
In madness fell wrought our own doom
In exile now to dwell apart
I turned away with heavy heart

Those who drew sword, we who did not
Against our kin, yet still our lot
Was judged the same, and so we fled
In sorrow, our hearts filled with dread

Fell flames rose dancing in the night
The swan-ships burned, their timbers white
Into ash fell, no more to sail
Beneath the Western starlight pale

Across the Ice we made our way
And came to land in moonlight's ray
Our horns did blow, banners unfurled
When dawn first shone upon the world

Yet darkness came, and darkness grew
And darkness kin and friends it slew
Without a home, without a king
Without a song of hope to sing

Beside the sea, where waves yet foam
My eyes turn West to Elvenhome
As if by grace my eyes might see
Some trace of home denied to me

I still recall songs that were sung
Can still hear bells that once were rung
Before the Moon, before the Sun
I still remember Tirion.