Chapter 1

It had been five years since Naruto had left the village; no body knew why he had left. There are still a few that remember what it was like when they found out that he had left. The one that was hurt the most out of all of Naruto's friends was Uchiha Sasuke because he was the one to find out first.


Sasuke was heading over to Naruto's house to talk to him. For awhile Sasuke had been hiding his feelings for Naruto, in reality Sasuke was in love with Naruto and he was finally fed up with having to hide his feelings for him and that's why he was heading over to his best friends house.

While Sasuke was think to himself he didn't notice that he was already in front of Naruto's apartment. When he knocked on the door it opened a little. Sasuke was a little worried because he knew that Naruto would never leave his door open. Once Sasuke opened the door all the way he was in shock and he had to stop dead in his tracks.

The whole house was a huge mess; it looked like there was a huge battle that took place in there. As Sasuke was walking through the apartment you could see blood everywhere: on the floors, walls and the furniture. Once Sasuke got to Naruto's room and saw that the window looked as if someone was thrown out of it, before he had a chance to think about what had happened he ran over the roof tops towards Tsunade-sama's office.

When Sasuke got there he saw that Tsunade was asleep and that he would have to wake her up, but he didn't really care what the consequences for that would be because all he cared about right now was to find where his Naru-chan had went and what has happened to him.

Once he had finally got her to wake up, he told her everything that he saw in Naruto's apartment and what he thought had happened inside of it. After Tsunade got over the initial shock and her thoughts of Naruto being kidnapped by either the Atsuki or Orochimaru, she sent out teams of ANUB and Jounin to go out and search for him, but after a couple of months of searching she stopped the search.

Everyone just figured that he had died or that he was with either one of the groups planning something against Konoha, but with the people that knew Naruto the most, they knew that Naruto was not dead but they were not so sure about if he was with either of the groups, but one thing they knew was that he was not planning anything with them.

End Flashback

Ever since Naruto's disappearance Sasuke had become more cold and distant to everyone. The village had also been vary quite lately but as of today it seemed as if nobody lived in the village and a feeling of dread had fallen over everyone. For some odd reason it felt as if something was coming, either it be bad or good, nobody could tell. But just on the out skirts of town on top of a hill stood a tall 17 year old wearing a black cape with a hood.

As the stranger was walking up to the west gates of Konoha an ANUB that was guarding the gate jumped in front of him to stop him from entering the village.

"Who are you and what business in this village?"

"My name is none of your business and what I plan to do in Konoha is none of your business but the Hokage to know."

The stranger stepped over to continue into the village, but the ANUB just stepped back in front of him again.

"What business do you have with her?"

"Like I said before that is none of your business but the Hokage."

Seeing as the stranger was not going to tell him anything he reluctantly led him into the village towards Tsunade's office. Once they finally got into the tower and into her office they saw that she was asleep as always on her desk. The ANUB was just about to turn around and tell the stranger that he would have to come back tomorrow, when he saw that he was already shaking Tsunade violently.

He was just about to tell the stranger not to do that but it was already to late as he saw Tsunade's fist coming up to hit the stranger. To his surprise the stranger had grabbed her fist in his hand. Everyone in the room was shocked to say the least, and could not say anything, that is until the stranger broke the silence.

"We need to talk."

Tsunade shook off her shock and pulled her hand back.

"Fine, sit down."

"What I mean is that we need to talk alone."

"Fine, Neji-kun will you please leave us."

Neji look at both of the people in the room with unease but then just bowed and left the room. When Neji left Tsunade's office, she looked up at the stranger as he went back around her desk to sit down in one of the chairs. She started to grow impatient when he hadn't said anything yet.

"So are you going to speak or not."

"The Atsuki and Orochimaru have joined forces and they are planning to attack Konoha."


The stranger just sat there calmly looking at her, but Tsunade could not tell if he was looking at her or not, because she could still only see is hi mouth. She was a little at ease because 1) she didn't know who this person was and 2) how he had gotten this information. She was pulled out of her musings when he started to talk again.

"How I got this information does not concern you at the moment."

"Can I at least know what your name is and if you are even on our side for this up coming battle?"

"All I can tell you is that you will be seeing me again."

"sigh Can you at least tell me your name?"

The stranger looked up and smirked at her.

"You already know my name and who I am."

Tsunade looked at him with a bemused look on her face; she had know clue what he was talking about, but when she looked back up at him to ask him what he meant, he just gave her a amused smirk and disappeared.

Tsunade called in the guard that was standing outside of her office and told him to find all of the old Rookie 9 and tell them to meet in her office. Once all of them were in her office she told them all of what the stranger had said; to say that they were shocked would be an understatement, they were all beyond shocked.

Once everyone calmed down she told them all that they needed to train and to tell everyone else to do the same. When everyone left, Tsunade thought to herself on what the stranger had said, and was trying to figure out who he was, then it came to her. She was shocked beyond belief and in the quite of her own office she said the name that she thought she was never going to say again. She looked up at the seat that the stranger was just sitting in moments ago and said the name out loud with a hint of shock in her voice.


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