Summery: A girl gets sucked into the world of Fushigi Yugi, somehow discovering a copy of the book. However, this girl is not as she may seem at first glance, and this alone could change her fate in ancient China. An AU and Chichiri/OC fic. First Fushigi Yugi fic.

Warning: None yet. Will be some language - how can there not be, with Tasuki?

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"I'm so bored…I wish it would stop raining," Kiore grumbled, wandering aimlessly through her grandfather's house in Tokyo. She had been visiting when a typhoon hit, forcing the eighteen year-old to stay even longer than she had planned. Her grandfather, elderly and suffering from a slight cold, was sleeping upstairs, and the rest of her family was back home in Kagoshima, pointedly ignoring the fact that they had left her for over two months longer than they had told her they would. "Stupid family…tricking me into coming here…" Kiore had been led to believe her grandfather was ill to the point of death, and had rushed to him without a second thought. Kiore was a favorite of her grandfather, and vice versa, but she had planned on starting college that fall.

"Just because they didn't like the college," she continued angrily to herself, the stormy weather doing nothing to calm her down as she strode down the hallway. "They trick me and then leave me here without any money or contacts…damn family. Overrated anyway." She stuffed her hands into the pockets of her boot-cut jeans, and was glad her sweater protected her from the chill of the old house.

Kicking the wall next to her, her head shot up in surprise when a creak revealed another door down the hall suddenly opening slowly. Peering in around it, her pale-green eyes widened when she realized it was a small library, with wall-to-wall bookcases stuffed full to the point of overflowing. Although she had been to the house many times over the years, she had never been in this particular room her entire life.

"I wonder…if this is the room…" she wondered, tiptoeing – unnecessarily, since her grandfather was upstairs sound asleep – into the room.

"Kiore, you know I trust you with everything in this estate…"

"I know," the six year-old nodded solemnly, sensing her grandfather was telling her something important. Even at such a young age, the child was mature beyond her years, causing a rift between most of her family and classmates.

"But there is one thing you must promise me."


"You must never go into the library on the first floor," he told her, gesturing down the hall to the door that seemed to dominate the area.


"Because there's something very important in there, and you're still too young for it," the elderly man said, peering at her intently. "I know you will want to go into that room as you become older, but you must promise not to. One day I will show you, but until I do you must not go in the room."

"I promise, Grandpa," Kiore nodded, and took his hand in both of her small ones. He smiled at how serious she looked, but quickly hid it before she thought he was making fun of her. "I won't go in that room unless you tell me to, even if I really want to. And if I really want to, I'll go and tell you so you can make sure I don't."

"Good girl," he nodded, patting her head affectionately, earning a bright grin.

Ever since then, Kiore could recall five times she had gone to her grandfather about that room, and each time he had successfully diverted her interest to other areas of his life.

"Grandpa…I wish I could go tell you now," she said quietly, closing the door behind her and took a deep breath of the warm, perfumed air around her. The aura in the room seemed almost sacred, and Kiore somehow had the feeling she had entered something revered and ancient. Even her breathing seemed too loud, and she tried to hold her breath before sighing. "But it feels like I'm meant to be here…"

Running her hands along the spines of the books, her slender fingers stopped abruptly when they reached a book in the middle. Slipping it out of its snug sheath between the other books she allowed the tips of her fingers to brush along the gold embossed letters, and her lips silently formed the words on the cover.

"The Universe of the Four Gods"

"This….what is it about this book?" she wondered. As her fingers found the edge of the cover and began to lift it up, her shiny dark-brown hair – which usually fell just past her shoulder blades – lifted around her shoulders, as if a breeze were in the room. The cover of the book opened fully, and a bright flash of light enveloped her, before the book fell to the floor, revealing blank pages in its depths.

"Wha…what the hell happened?" she wondered, rubbing her head. Getting to her feet her eyes darted from side-to-side, knowing she most definitely wasn't in her grandfather's home. Taking a deep breath to steady herself, she still jumped when she heard someone behind her and whirled around, prepared to defend herself.

"My apologies, lady," the man bowed, and then peered at her curiously. "Should you be alone out here?"


"Come – I shall take you the village," he said, taking her arm gently. "My name is Toroki, Lady Miaka."

"Miaka?" Kiore repeated mentally, and pulled her arm from his grasp. "My name is Kiore."

"Kiore…?" Toroki pronounced the foreign word awkwardly, and took a step back to observe her. "Forgive me – due to your strange dress, I assumed you were the priestess."

She gave him a look that plainly said she thought he was crazy, and looked around in confusion. "Where am I?"

"You really don't know?" he checked, peering at her.

"No!" she said, huffing in aggravation.

"All right – let's return to the village, and I'll explain everything," he promised. She paused for a moment, and nodded before taking his arm and following him down the path.

"So…there are gods in this world?" she repeated, when the man had finished his story. " And…warriors for a priestess?"

"Correct," he nodded.

"But I'm just me."

"I said I was sorry about mistaking you for the priestess," Toroki told her. "I saw you wore strange clothing, and assumed you were she."

"You're a Warrior for the god Byakko?" Kiore checked, and propped her hand in her chin. "Two other gods have priestesses already…"

"Both are Japanese girls from your world, and they each encountered a Warrior from the side they were on soon after. Perhaps you are the priestess of Byakko," Toroki suggested, and she blinked. "You are wearing strange clothes similar to the ones it is rumored Lady Miaka wears; you have absolutely no idea what's going on around you; and you are Japanese."

"But I'm just a girl – how can I summon a god? And how do we tell?" she asked, growing frustrated.

"For one thing, you're from another world," he pointed out once more. "And my symbol is visible."

"Are you always so trusting?" she asked.

"You seem awfully eager to back out of this," he grinned at her expression, and leaned back in his seat. "I'm trusting you mainly because of your clothes – there's nothing at all like them in the land, believe me. And for another thing, a girl in your condition wouldn't be in the position to lie to a strange man."

"None of this makes any sense," she sighed, frowning at him. "I don't understand!"

"Calm down," he told, and stood up. "For now, let's get a room in the village, and we can discuss anything else in privacy. Is that agreeable, my lady?"

"Please don't call me that," she said, rising to her feet when he placed a hand on her arm. Still hoping it was a dream, she allowed him to guide her from the room.

"Kiore?" her grandfather called several hours later, making his way down the stairs. He immediately noticed the open door, and entered the room as fast as he possibly could. "Oh dear," he managed, seeing the open book on the floor. He picked it up and lowered himself into a chair, afraid to read the words etched onto the pages.

'The young woman found herself in a strange world, unable to comprehend what had happened. Found by a man calling himself Toroki, she was taken to a village where he explained all that he thought necessary. They managed a way to communicate with each other, and he offered to help her return to her world. Finding no way to return, the young woman resigned herself to her fate, and allowed herself to be called the priestess of the god Byakko. The six other Warriors of Byakko were not easy to discover, and she went through many trials throughout her time in the world. Nonetheless, after six months the seven Warriors of Byakko were assembled and all seemed to be going in their favor. However, the Warriors of Seiryu discovered their intentions and quickly moved against them.'

"Oh, Kiore," the elderly man sighed, and closed the book, letting it rest heavily on his lap. "There's no stopping the wheels of fate, once begun on their motion of destruction."

"Go, Lady!"

"Toroki – I can't leave you!" she protested, and the man glared over his shoulder at her.

"My duty is to protect you! Go, now!" he ordered, shielding her with his own body. Fear took over her as she turned and ran, the warrior behind her guarding her from the enemy. Tears welled up in her eyes as Kiore scrambled through the forest, hurriedly shoving branches out of her way as she blindly ran further from the sounds of death. Suddenly, all life seemed to cease entirely around her, and she froze in her motions, unsure what was happening. Kiore had unconsciously tapped into her powers as the priestess of Byakko, and transported herself miles away from the carnage.

"Wh…what?" she managed, taking a few halting steps forward before falling to her knees. Her eyelids dropped, and she became unaware of the world around her in the next instant, collapsing onto the ground.

"Chichiri, I think we've scouted around enough now!" Tasuki complained, kicking up loose brush as he tried to find his fellow Warrior of Suzaku. "Chichiri? Where'd ya go?" he yelled, pausing for a moment to look around. "Damn it…" he grumbled, giving a particularly-hard kick to a piece of debris at his feet. Hearing a groan, Tasuki promptly jumped into the air with a shout, completely freaked out. "What the…"

"So, this is what I've been sensing. No da," Chichiri nodded soberly as Tasuki brushed aside the leaves and dirt, revealing a very dirty-looking young woman lying on her side, unconscious but with no apparent wounds.

"What is it?" Tasuki demanded, eyeing her suspiciously.

"A young woman, of course," the other young man informed him, his mask contorting into a slight frown as he crouched down beside Tasuki.

"Yeah, but…is she a spy from Seiryu, or what?" the eighteen year-old wondered, blinking curiously at her. "I mean – she's a mess. I've never seen a woman like that before."

"Perhaps we should first tend to her, no da," Chichiri suggested, straightening up. "Then we can return to the others and let them know."

"I guess," Tasuki shrugged, and suddenly realized Chichiri was leaving him in charge of moving her. "Hey! What do ya think yer doin'?" he demanded, as the other Warrior, seven years his senior, began to stride away.

"To get some water. No da," Chichiri shrugged, and disappeared.

"I can't stand women," Tasuki grumbled, awkwardly picking her up and heading in the general direction his friend had gone.

"She's waking up," Tasuki realized, glancing absently at the sleeping woman. "Finally. The moon's been out fer hours."

"Are you all right? No da?" Chichiri asked, leaning over her in concern as her eyes fluttered open.

"Mmm…Toroki?" she breathed, before her eyes shot wide open in panic. Realizing that she was alone with two strange young men, she scooted backward and panic was obvious in her voice. "Wh-who're you? More soldiers from Seiryu?" she demanded, and Chichiri placed a firm hand on her shoulder.

"Tasuki and I are warriors of Suzaku, no da," he informed her calmly, and the fright in her eyes dimmed a little at hearing this news. "I am Chichiri," he added, and peered at her. "And you are…?"

"Ki-Kiore," she managed, and rubbed her head. "Where…am I?"

"Not too far from a village, luckily," Tasuki grunted. "Once you're awake we'll head back there."

"Are you feeling all right?" Chichiri repeated. "We found you unconscious underneath brush, no da."

"I…I don't know how I got there," she lied, deciding not to trust the two young men. "I'm fine, thanks. I can go home on my own, though," she said, and struggled to stand on her own. Chichiri caught her as her legs crumpled underneath her, and she sighed in aggravation.

"Here – eat something," Tasuki thrust a fish at her, which she took in surprise. "Well? It's not poisoned, so eat the damn thing!" he ordered, and she quickly began to eat. Chichiri backed off, his thoughts turning inward as he studied the strange young woman. When she had finished eating, he leaned forward slightly and had to touch her arm to get her attention.

"You're the priestess of Byakko, no da," he said calmly.

"Huh?" Tasuki demanded, looking between the solemn Chichiri and tensed young woman in confusion.

"How did you know?" she asked finally.

"We are warriors of Suzaku – our priestess is not of this world either," he reminded her. "We knew of only one other young lady that came here, no da."

"Yui, the priestess of Seiryu," Kiore muttered, her jaw tightening.

"Ya know her?" Tasuki asked, sticking his face next to hers curiously, but she ignored him.

"But we heard that the Warriors of Byakko had gathered around a young woman, supposedly from another world as well, no da. So, you are the priestess of Byakko, no da," Chichiri nodded in self-satisfaction, inspecting the girl's face more closely than before.

"What happened to yer warriors?" Tasuki pressed.

"They…they were murdered by those of Seiryu," she forced out, clenching her fists in her lap. "I managed to escape, and found myself here." Chichiri remained tactfully silent, but Tasuki shook his head.

"Not very good warriors, were they then?" he wondered. Kiore's eyes narrowed to almost slits, and she suddenly lunged forward.

"Tasuki!" Chichiri called out. The warrior whirled around to see the young woman inches away from him, and promptly landed on his back as she straddled his hips, her hand raised angrily.

"How – dare you!" she hissed, her voice trembling dangerously. In the firelight, they saw her eyes glistening with unshed tears – and a moment later, she was pounding on the helpless Tasuki, who couldn't bring himself to fight a woman.

"Calm down!" Chichiri said soothingly, dragging her off him.

"He has – no right to say that!" she yelled, and turned away abruptly. "No right…" she repeated listlessly, her body shuddering with unshed cries. The young men exchanged a glance before turning away, and waited for dawn to return to their comrades.

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