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I have been asked to join the staff of yet another C2, this one dedicated to stories about Dante's future children: after all, he certainly expects to have children given what he told Mundus at the end of DMC1.

I was the first person to post D/N to so I should write about their kids, as the C2's manager suggested. Here's my contribution to the C2.

Notes: the Sparda is a devil arm. So Sparda's soul is most likely in it, and according to Dante's game in Viewtiful Joe, which was created by the creator of DMC1, Eva's soul is in the amulet.

If Alastor can take human form from a devil arm, and given there are resurrection spells of various sorts in DMC, it's not unlikely that at some point Sparda and Eva can be revived.

And I am firmly of the opinion that Vergil wasn't killed in DMC1. DMC4 may or may not make that clear.

Also, this takes place in my fic-verse and I had Sparda's pseudonym be Lucian.

"Red and white streaks." Dante knew he was grinning like a fool and didn't care. "Phew, I was worried their hair would be pink."

"Pink?" Nevan laughed, reclined on the delivery couch. It had been an easy birth, no fleshly complications for a demoness. "You say the funniest things, sugar."

"And you love me for it." He checked out the older of the two babies like he'd heard every father did. Although he had more reason than most to be worried about them having the right amount of arms, legs, heads and so on. "They already have teeth and fingernails."

"Of course." Nevan sat up, some of her bats helping her and conducted her own examination of the younger-by-five-seconds twin.

"I thought dad said the spell he used on us so we'd be human as kids would take care of things."

"They're fingernails, sugar, not claws." She pried open the baby's mouth. "The teeth look about right too."

Dante checked. "Same here, not that I'm an expert." Three-fourths demon.

Vergil's kids would only be one fourth. Strange that he'd ended up marrying the human and Dante the demoness, given the ways they were messed up when they were younger. He was pretty sure someone out there was laughing at him.

That was okay, he looked back on his younger self and laughed too. He rocked the baby in his arms and his firstborn son laughed.

With an echo. "Uh, Nevan."

"I heard. Talk to your father about it." Nevan jiggled the younger one. "Who's a good nestling? You're a grand new nestling!" She nuzzled the baby's face. The baby gurgled and smiled.

Dante thought he had read in the development books that they weren't supposed to smile this quick or something? Hey!

"He bit me!" Dante grinned.

"They're hungry already?" Nevan smiled and held the younger one, Vergil to her breast. He bit. "Pass him here."

"But I just got him."

Nevan laughed. He loved her laugh. "Do you want to breastfeed?"

Uh, no. "Here." He passed over Lucian.

Nevan held him to her other breast after making a shallow cut in it with her nails. His kids drank blood.

That would have totally grossed him out, before. Now?

Well, like Lady said. He knew a lot of kind demons. He sat down on the couch next to Nevan and rubbed their heads, testing. The bone didn't feel soft.

He'd been a father for ten minutes and he was already paranoid about his kids being safe. Well, given what had happened to him and Vergil, that was justified, but they would have people to look after them even if he got killed, not that that was likely with Mundus dead. Their grandparents, Uncle Vergil, Aunt Trish…

Still, he was actually glad that they were showing demonic… hardheadedness?

"They look so fragile." He smiled down at them and their mother.

"They're not, sugar. They're our children." She was smiling softly despite the fact she had two mouths full of sharp teeth attatched to her like remora. If she was human, that would have to hurt. No wonder Mom hadn't breast fed.

The babies were making little sounds of contentment and curling a bit in Nevan's arms to get comfortable. "After all, sugar, you were taking on an army when you were nineteen. These two will actually have proper training. Your mother's a brilliant woman but she had no idea how to teach you demonic powers."

Dante nodded. "I had to make it up as I went along." He'd learned a lot from Sparda, now he was back. "Not to mention I had my head up my ass about being half-demon and hating everything to do with it."

"Don't be too hard on yourself, Dante." She rarely called him Dante: only when she was serious. This wasn't her usual serious tone of voice. She got rather sharp with him when he was stupid. It was hard for both of them to be fierce with these two around.

Though at the thought of anything happening to them he felt the demon in him rise. "I've told you before, it was no accident you survived. You're strong, smart. You've surpassed Sparda."

"There you go feeding my ego." He pecked her on the cheek. "You don't have to use flattery, oh mother of my children."

She laughed again, briefly. "I'm still amazed someone like you actually married a succubus."

"I would never do that to you. And I'm the traitor's son, remember? You might be the one who's marrying down."

"You're the legendary dark knight who killed Mundus now, sugar. If you went to the Underworld, you could rule it. Few would dare oppose you."

"The Underworld?" He snorted. "It's not even dad's home now."

Vergil pulled back and burped. They both laughed. The other one let go too. "Wonder what Vergil is going to say when he finds out we named the younger twin after him."

"He probably won't care: you named the elder after your father."

"You're right." He reached out and took Vergil.

Vergil looked at him happily, and he was pretty sure their eyes weren't supposed to be able to focus yet. "I think he knows me."

"Of course he does. Nestlings need to know who is safe and who is not, otherwise they'll get eaten." She started to groom Lucian's hair. Then she frowned and whistled a few notes.

Bats flew over to both of them with some tissues. "Could you wipe the blood off of Vergil's face, sugar?"

"Sure." He took the tissues. "Thanks," he said to the bat. He carefully cleaned off Vergil's face and neck. "You're a messy kid already. Wonder if you'll take after me. I was a little hellraiser."

"No, that was Vergil, sugar." Nevan laughed.

Dante joined her. "Right." Vergil was nuzzling his chest, scenting him. He felt curiosity and a nebulous love.

Love, he concentrated on sending back.

He'd kept his demon senses shut off when he was younger. Had barely knew he was doing it, only felt anything when it was screaming at him.

He'd not wanted to know his mother's heartbreak, the pain of people who lost kin to demons, the inhumanity of demons, his own self-loathing.

He hadn't wanted to scent suffering and feel hungry.

But knowing Nevan loved him? That his brother still loved him despite him being an idiot back then and failing to save him twice (Temen ni Gru and Mallet Island) before storming hell?

The baby gurgled happily and intensified his squirming. "Hey, careful there. I might…" drop him? No, he would never let Vergil fall. "What are we going to call you to keep you two straight? Little Vergil? Verg?"

"Verge sounds like a rock star name."

"Who knows? He might be one when he grows up. He could be anything he wants to." Not like him and Vergil, who had had to fight for their lives. Never like them.

He looked down at the child in his arms and the child in his wife's and renewed his vows.

There was a banging on the door. "Dante! You've had them long enough! I want to see my grandkids! Now!"

"Milady…" he heard Sparda's quiet voice.

"Grandkids. I'm officially an old woman now. I even died. I have a right to not want to waste time." Eva laughed.

Dante walked over and opened the door. Sparda, Eva, Vergil, Lady, Trish, Alastor, Lucia, Matier, his new baby sisters: everyone was waiting outside.

Eva held out her arms. "Gimme."

Dante handed him over, trying to tell the baby to stay calm. This was family.

Eva took him expertly and checked him over. "So cute! I'm going to hug you and squeeze you and call you—what's his name?"

"This is Vergil." His eyes met Vergil's. He looked surprised. Touched. Then he smiled.

"You couldn't think of anything better? I'm not surprised." It had taken a while for him to recover, but not even Mundus had been able to break Vergil's spirit.

Nevan had her bats cover her and moved to stand next to him with the elder. "This is Lucian."

Sparda bowed and Lucia smiled. "Thank you."

The babies, nestlings, were passed around and sniffed everyone. They took to it happily, the only blot on the evening when the sixteen-month-old Auntie Alexandra bit Lucian, who laughed and bit back.

The children were pulled apart, protesting by gurgling unhappily and waving their limbs. "They are already brave fighters." Sparda took Lucian, kissed him on the forehead in benediction, and allowed him to tug on his white hair.

Nevan seemed to relax at Sparda's approval.

"They're going to be little terrors." Trish poked Vergil's nose, making him look at it cross-eyed. "What I'm wondering is, what are they going to do without Mundus and his hordes to provide free punching bags? They're going to be horrible as teenagers, just mark my words, Dante."

"She's right Dante." Vergil rubbed it in. "Humans will always seek dark powers, but fewer and fewer devil lords think it worth their time or servants to ally with them."

"Arius worked on his own," Lucia pointed out.

"Arius only got that strong because Dante and the Guardian tribe were too busy to nip him in the bud." Vergil shook his head. "I tried to gain Sparda's power because once I defeated Mundus with it few would dare try to take over Earth. Now they would be facing all of us. Demonic activity has been decreasing for a long time now."

"Superpowered teenagers with time on their hands." Trish was grinning at him.

Eva looked a little worried. "You two were hard enough as children. I had to keep you busy all the time studying or training or you would come up with your own games."

Like trying to knock down trees like dominos.

Dante tried to laugh dismissively. "We'll be able to handle it. After all, Nevan here's got a few hundred babysitters."

"My twin and I had the whole of our parents' demesne to play in. You can of course let them play in the forests of my lands here," Sparda volunteered. "Their aunts already seem to like them."

He should look into buying a big chunk of the Amazon with his hunting money. Surely exploring that would keep them busy. He remembered inventing games with Vergil. Poor endangered species, but better twins then loggers, right?

Seriously. He'd killed Mundus. How hard could fatherhood be?

He was doomed.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

'Fer sat in a meditation pose, looking through the eyes of his bats. "It will be safe to move forward to the next spot in three, two, one, now!" They quicksilvered.

"Okay. Now tell me when to displace." Verge grabbed his brother's arm.

"Go ahead, I've already had the bat bring your illusion up to the camera."

Verge nodded and took them through the wall.

'Fer sighed. "I thought this place was supposed to be secure. Most two-bit excuses for sorcerers at least keep you from going through walls. Seriously, whoever they paid to ward this dump ripped them off. If they warded it at all."

"Yeah, this is no fun." Verge rolled his eyes. "Let's just get in, grab something and get out. At least we'll have bragging rights."

"Like you have trouble getting laid." 'Fer rolled his eyes.

"Hey. If you've got it, you've got it." Vie du Marlian chicks loved their gods.

"Dad's going to blow his top when he finds out we broke into Fort Knox." Which was, of course, the entire point.

Five minutes later, they were through the last wall. "Sweet. 'Fer, take some pictures! Hey!" Verge exclaimed as they were grabbed from behind.

"Boys. Since when is breaking and entering a 'school project?'" Dante grinned like a shark.

"Uh… it's a project on important sites in America for geography?" 'Fer laughed nervously.

"Yeah. Right. Guess what?"

"We're grounded."

"Worse. You're cleaning the fur of all your mother's bats, that's what."

"How did you know?"

Dante sighed and shook his head. "Boys, the day you two willingly do a school project is the day the Underworld freezes over."

Seriously, these two. They'd be turning his hair white if it wasn't already.

Nemi said I should explain why his nickname is 'Fer. He refuses to be called "Lucy." "Luce" is too easy to turn into Lucy. 'An sounds like Anne, also a girl's name. Hence Lucifer, his first nickname,got shortened to 'Fer.