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I was going to make this Despair/Lucia, but then I thought since people have been wanting more in the Youthful Hijinks ficverse I'd do some of my drabbles for the drabbles100 challenge on livejournal for it.

96. Hacking

'Fer leaned back in his chair and whistled aimlessly as he thought. The annoying thing about fixing systems instead of just making new ones was that he had to deal with the bugs and the patches others trying to fix them had made. On the other hand, the confusion of code made it easy to hide his back doors into systems.

Minnie had been right, someone had to go into computers, for the good of the family and the world. Just making it so search engines couldn't find any of the dangerous stuff about demons had made a huge difference.

97. Victory

"Well, I'd like to thank my uncle." Dan smiled, standing at the podium. "A lot of the people who voted for me for Best Actor probably thought they were voting for him." He paused, waiting for the laughter to quiet. "I'd like to thank my parents for teaching me the importance of discipline and hard work to achieving your dreams. And, most of all, I'd like to thank my wonderful wife Gemma for always helping me with my lines. It's easy to be romantic when I'm thinking of you, honey." He took out a ring. "Will you marry me, again?"

98. Knowledge is money is power

"One of the interesting aspects of our business model is that we're independent of the Federal Reserve rate. Unlike practically every other bank in existence, the Sparda Bank has had a policy since the beginning of neither borrowing from nor loaning to governments. Some of them object to this, but our mission statement is to provide loans to help individuals develop themselves. The one exception to this is that my father, Sir Lucian, helped some developing countries during the Sixties so that the World Bank would not destroy their economies by dictating policy," Minerva lectured to the attentive conference attendees.

99. Realer than real

Alexandra looked around, satisfied, at the full gallery. "Marco, we're going to need more magnifying glasses, they're almost out."

"Sure, Alex."

People were using them to see the incredible detail in the paintings and sculptures: detail and vibrant color were hallmarks of the fantasy art movement Alex was credited with moving into the realm of fine art.

"The idea," she'd said countless times, "is to make the supernatural more real than 'reality.' After all, consider how many illusions are part of everyday life, how everyone constantly lives in denial. There are worse things out there than the monsters I depict."

100. Dynasty

His wives were fighting again. He never tried to step in, they'd all turn on him then. Baldur sighed and wished he'd stuck with only three. Three had been a nice number, but Hel was gorgeous and Sifid was wonderful with the children… he loved them all, and everyone was happy there were so many children to carry on the bloodline, but he wished they got along a little better.

Not that he objected to seeing them fight, preferably half-naked, he could just do without the shouted death threats while he was trying to sleep. It woke up the children.