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Chapter 1

Cody Martin is sitting through another boring, repetitive history class. Normally, he loved school, but these days school just seems so boring. It seemed like he already knew everything. After letting his mind wander for a few minutes, he decided to put some thoughts down on paper, just to pass the time.

As he sat down, he felt his heart start pouring out onto the blank sheet of paper. He wrote:

Sometimes I feel so lonely and hurt

And jealousy begins to kick in

I wish I were Zack

He has a perfect life

He gets all the girls

And he always seems to be having fun

He sat there for a while and stared at what he wrote. When he read it over, he nearly shed a tear. Am I really that jealous of Zack? Cody thought to himself. His teacher called on him.

"Cody. What's the answer to number 4?" his teacher asked.

"Uh, 1776," Cody answered. His teacher smiled at him.

"Very good, Cody," the teacher said. The teacher continued to ramble, but Cody was too busy thinking to really hear her. His thoughts were interrupted when the bell rang. Cody headed out into the hall and met up with Zack.

"Hey Zack. How was math class?"

"Painfully boring as usual, but Sarah looked really cute today."

"You say that every day," Cody said. "Why don't you just ask her out already? Are you scared she'll say no?"

"No, I'm just waiting for the perfect timing," Zack lied. He was scared of rejection, and he knew it.

"Chicken," Cody taunted him. He started clucking at Zack, and Zack blushed.

"I better get to class," Zack said, trying to think of an excuse to leave. He shut his locker and practically ran away from Cody.

Charlotte, an adorable girl with dazzling blue eyes and shoulder-length brown hair walked up to Cody shyly.

"Hi Cody," she said as she blushed.

"Hi Charlotte," Cody said awkwardly. He wasn't very comfortable around girls.

"Good job getting that answer right in history class today," she complimented him.

"Oh, thanks."

"So, um," Charlotte twirled her hair with her finger, "Do you want to walk me to math class?"

"Sure." Cody grabbed her books and they walked to class together.