Author's Notes: I'm a total Neji/Tenten fan. But I think they need more lemon in their lives. Hehe…Please R and R. No Flames. Thank you very much. Please enjoy! (If you're a lemon fan)

Summary: Let's take a peak into Neji's mind, where we'll be able to see his perverted thoughts about no one else except…the beautiful Tenten!

Chapter 1-Into the Mind

Neji's P.O.V.

Today wasn't really one of those days where I would live my boring life and feed on my boring stuff or maybe chew something. Oh, no. Today I was in the sparring field, when I noticed how big Tenten's breast were. Sure, we grew up together and did a lot of stuff together. We even took a shower together once. Ah…yeah, baby. Oops! Sorry, anyway, I never really noticed before that her breast were so big. How could they just become big like that? Did she get plastic surgery? Or maybe one of those medications to have bigger breast? Or maybe it's a new jutsu that makes breast bigger? I really don't know. I'm getting a headache! So I tried to ask her. It wouldn't be a bad thing right? It wouldn't be bad for a curious nineteen year old guy to ask a nineteen year old girl why her breast became bigger. Oh, wait, yes it is. But if I can't know why, maybe I can just look at them, admire them, and touch them?

"Neji, are you okay?" Tenten asked me. It was just too bad that my eyes were focused on her breast that I actually touched them without doing it on purpose. That was a wrong move Neji. Ahh…yes so soft…I'm already drooling.

Then my face came in contact with Tenten's hand as she slapped me. Ouch.

"I hate you, Neji! You're such a pervert!" she said and ran away. Damn…

I wasn't even able to use my Byakugan to see the inside of her bra.


How was it?