A/N: Well here it is folks. The Sequel to A Bed Built For Two! Drum Roll please…

For Rose and the Doctor, married life wasn't really that different from before. Except, the cost of the other's lives was raised. It was now, where their enemies knew to hit them – Where it hurts.

Rosa knocked on the door of Mickey Smith. This man wanted the same thing she did. But first, to convince him she WASN'T Rose Tyler.

"Rose?" Mickey cried, mixed emotions in his voice. " What the bloody hell are you doing here?"

"First of all, my name isn't Rose. It's Rosa. I'm her clone. Cloned from her DNA taken from my ruthless Masters – The Cybermen. To prove it, this scar, it came from the Doctor's DNA. This scar is an exact copy of the one that stays with him with all of his regenerations. If this hasn't yet convinced you Mr. Smith, I'm here because of the blog you posted on your website. I too, want the Doctor dead."

Mickey was stunned. This certainly wasn't Rose. "Okay, I believe you. But get inside quickly, I don't want Jacks seeing you."

At that moment, Rosa and Mickey began to plot.


"So… Doctor. Where we going?"

"Well Rose Tyler, I could always take you to the beginning of time. Or, the very end, we could go on a shopping trip in Paris in 2010.

"Mmm, Paris sounds good."

"Women, you can never get enough shopping in," cried the Doctor mocking exasperation.

"Hey! You suggested it. Besides, I could drag you along to the opera and make you wear a tux," Rose teased hitting him playfully.

The Doctor pecked her on the cheek and set the coordinates. But he didn't tell her what era. It was going to be a surprise.

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