The Gift of Choice:


Good Intentions

"You're majesty, are you quite certain that you should be doing this? I am sure you mean well, but don't you think his highness-"

"I know what I'm doing!" the cat king took a breath to calm himself, "If it hadn't been for her, I wouldn't have been able to change so much. I know the gifts we gave her the first time weren't the best for her, but now I know the gift that will finally end the debt between our kingdom and her!" He grinned and gave a chuckle. "Catnip and Mice didn't do it, and a bunch of sticks could never repay her for saving my sons life, but THIS will repay her. I'm not a complete fool, I know now how to repay her in a way that she will deem fit." He held up the box wrapped gaily in gold and purple, long silver ribbons trailing from the bow.

His poor advisor sighed, feeling all of his years in his body. His loyalty was to his master, but he highly doubted the ex-king had been in his right mind since Lune had grown out of his kitten hood. Perhaps he should inform King Lune of his father's insane notions.

"Your highness, perhaps you should consult with the King and Queen. Queen Yuki knows Miss Haru a lot more then we do-"

"Nonsense! And if you want to still have a job you'll not say a word. This is a gift! Meant in good faith! No one ever had to ask a person if they should do something NICE for a person! I refuse to start now!" he huffed in indignation.

His advisor shook his head, how was he to work around this? Perhaps warn the poor girl of the kings well meaning but utterly mad, intentions?

"And don't you DARE think of informing anyone else either. Including Haru, it's to be a surprise. And that's that. You are my servant and no one else's."

He bowed his head. "Of course your majesty." Sounding much the way he did when the king had suggested a retirement. Tired, worn, and unsure of where the decision would lead them.

Author Notes:

1: What the HECK is the name of the cat in the chinese outfit in the movie? He's not in the Manga.

2: What is the name of the outfit he was wearing? It's a chinese outfit the men wear and begins with a 'C'. I know

Count D wears them.

3: No my chapters are usually NEVER this abominably short. Honest. I couldn't help it. This was the prologue.

Honest, in the next chapter, theres more. Mwahahah.