Chapter Nineā€¦I'm Doing Everything (For You)

"Elliot honey, wake up" Jessica cooed.

Weeks had past since the late night conversations had started. Elliot rolled over in his cover exhausted looking at Jessica. A worried frown appeared on her face so he sat up for her as best as he could.

"What's wrong Elliot? You don't look to good" She said, feeling his forehead. Feeling a bit warm Elliot pulled his head away yawning, "I'm ok."

"Are you sure?" She pressed. Not wanting to worry her or tell her about sneaking out of bed he nodded. Obviously Jessica wasn't going to let the subject drop so she studied him while sitting down.

"When can I go home?" Elliot voiced, as always. The constant talk of home made Jessica somewhat angry mostly at Bobby but she replied.

"Doctor Mendez actually called me here today so, keep your fingers crossed" She smiled. Elated Elliot crossed his fingers trying not to doze off in front of Jessica. "I have some good families though ready to meet you once your better". This statement Elliot hadn't expected so he choked a bit coughing harder than he had meant. Jessica hopped onto her feet rubbing his back immediately and fawning all over him.

"Your not okay" She stated, fearfully.

"I am, and I don't want to leave the Mercers" Elliot finally got out, "Do they want me to leave?"

"No-" Jessica said quickly. So than Elliot interjected, "So than why do I have to go?"

"Because it's not going to work out. This is the worst you've been sick; its too cold here for you" Jessica explained. Usually there weren't discussions of Elliot being pulled out of home mostly homes leaving him. It was hard for him to leave somewhere he become accustomed to.

"I'm fine" He snapped. A light headache started to form in Elliot's head not helping his demeanor.

"Elliot, I'm sorry. I know you've grown attached to the Mercers. But we can't afford for you to get sicker" Jessica continued to explain. At this point Elliot gave up speaking simply glancing at the television as if Jessica wasn't there.

A few minutes later Dr Mendez entered taking Jessica away to talk about him. He dived deep under his covers trying to sleep but he kept thinking about leaving.

-- Jessica's POV --

The doctor led me away from Elliot who was too upset to speak with me at the moment. I felt horrible since it was my job to get him a home while keeping him safe. There was no way to do both while idiots like Robert Mercer were being negligent and petty. This had been a bad idea from the start but now that Elliot's father was in Detroit and Elliot recovering was at a stand still.

In Dr. Mendez office I sat hoping that she would allow me to take Elliot home. Not to the Mercer's but with me. However, I knew those chances were grim seeing how Elliot had paled and was looking exhausted.

"Miss Arpole, everything with Elliot was running smoothly. But he's starting to once again develop fever like systems" Dr. Mendez explained.

"He was doing fine" I said, "But now he looks worst".

"His immune system isn't keeping up with him Miss Arpole" She said, looking stone faced. Her eyes though told me something that made me want to cry. I felt the tears coming but I held them back nodding.

"What can you do?" I pleaded. There had to be enough antibiotics to keep his immune system up to date.

"At this points all we can do is try to kill the bacteria in his lungs. Be warned though that his immune system isn't made for this type of fighting. He's putting up a wondrous fight but it may give out at some point if the antibiotics don't work" Dr. Mendez concluded.

"He might-" I couldn't finish the statement. "Not make it" Dr. Mendez replied sullenly.

No other words could make it out of my mouth at that moment. I pressed my head into my hands like the first time I saw someone die. Bile tickled the back of my throat and made me heave but nothing passed my lips.

"Miss Arpole?"

I sat back up glancing at the doctor putting my own stone cold face on. "Well he's still here and I want him on the strongest medicine you can give him" I retorted. Than I left the office quickly dodge into a bathroom where I sobbed for a bit. Though I put myself back together for Elliot heading back to his room where he was sleeping.

I couldn't leave him at this moment but my cell phone went off hinting the bureau. There was no way I was going to get away with staying by his side. I still had to catch his no good father. This son of bitch who had no idea his son was getting worst.

Almost shakily I bent down kissing Elliot on his head leaving the room soon after. Elliot was going to make it and I had to make sure his father was behind bars when he pulled through.

-- End POV --

It seemed as Elliot was sleeping when Jessica kissed him on the head but he was only recuperating. Warmth had seeped through his whole body making it hard to focus. Alright, so maybe he hadn't be fine but he had to pull it together. Night had fallen upon the hospital making it time for Elliot to go upstairs. He slid out of the bed with a sweat creeping up across his forehead. Elliot wiped his brow basically crawling out of the ward however, he stopped on the steps. His breathe was starting to falter making it hard to walk up the stairs without gasping.

Elliot finished the rest up the steps barely able to stand without the wall. His breaths had turn into shallows gasp that didn't filter into his lungs. This trip seemed longer than the other ones he had made previously. By the time he reached the room he was sweating furiously along with the fact he was breathing like he had sprinted here. Dizzily Elliot fell against the bed no longer able to form words due how hard he was breathing.

"Help-" was the only words Elliot could whisper. His small pale frame crumble to the ground right beside the bed unnoticed. Everything than faded out for Elliot into the darkness which he would now have to face alone.

Or so, he thought. Jack's lid felt cemented as he'd been trying to get them open for the past few hours. Unable to move his weak arms he eagerly try to get one of his eyes to open up. The first was the right which lazily rose than fall again. It was dark but the streetlights outside blinded him a bit causing his eyelid to spasm. Blinking several times Jack now felt the tubing going down his nose and throat. It cause him to gag several times which only irritated his throat more.

He glanced around at the blurry setting around him surprised he hadn't died. Slowly, Jack lifted his arm touching his chest where he had been shot. Nothing could be felt through the fabric so he focused on the tubing in his sinus area. His hand spasmed as he grabbed the tube but he could hardly grip it hard enough. So placed the tube between two fingers than tug every so often getting it out of his mouth.

A loud beeping noise went off somewhere next to him but he couldn't get himself to look. Seconds later a nurse ran in she looked at him than looked down at the floor.

"Oh my" She gasped, and dropped to the ground. When she rose again she was holding a small kid than about a second.

Jack was exhausted so he didn't bother with the tube anymore until a doctor returned to put it back in. He tried to say something but he could barely recognize his voice anymore. "Bobby" He finally whined. It was strained but it got the doctor's attention.

"Relax Jack" The small doctor responded, "We called your family".

He rested a bit but was still unsure about this doctor poking and prodding him. Soon he left and was drowned out by familiar yelling coming from down the hall. Jack tried to smirk but his lip merely twitched so he figured he'd save it for later.

"HE'S BEEN FUCKING ASLEEP FOR MONTHS-" Bobby yelled, swinging open the door. Jack shut his eyes quick trying to make it like he was still comatose. But he was rudely jarred by Bobby who snapped at him, "Wake the fuck up fairy, I know your faking"

Jack opened his eyes glad to see Bobby who looked like he'd cry a bit before he got here. It was rare that Bobby did cry but Jack could spot it from a mile. "I ain't a fairy, I got bullet wounds now" Jack said lightly. For a moment he thought Bobby was going to yell at him for leaving the house and getting himself shot. But he didn't, he grabbed Jack and hugged him like when their mom had died.

"Fuckin' Cracker Jack" Bobby growled, and Jack took the embrace but before he could put his arm around Bobby, it was over. Now the hard ass Bobby was back, "What the hell is wrong with you running out the house without a piece?"

"I told you to give me a gun" Jack said smugly.

"You shoot for shit fairy" Bobby responded, as Jerry and Angel entered.

Jack glanced up at Jerry who looked quite sullen but Angel came around the bed pulling him into a bear hug. "How you feeling Cracker Jack?"

"Ready to get the hell out here".

"I feel you" Angel said, "Get you some food, liquor, and pussy".

"Well before any of that he's need to rest up" Jerry interjected, pulling his kid brother in hug. When Jerry pulled away Jack glanced at the door, "Where are the girls?"

"Downstairs-" Than Jerry halted. Jack glanced at Jerry who definitely seemed to be guarded about something but he let it drop. He glanced at his hands than back at his older brothers, "Did we get the guys who got Ma" He said softly.

"Yeah" All three of them responded. The subject was than buried sort of like Victor Sweet's body underneath the lake. Apparently which no one cared enough to find.

"So anyone has my cigarettes?" Jack figured he ask.

A/N: Jack's back...but what about Elliot? And what about his father? Can Elliot pull through this time around? Will father and son ever be reunited?