Halo: Cloak and Daggers

By: Natination

The two warthogs burst out of hanger doors and drove down the jungle path. It had taken them 12 minutes to make their way to the surface including the three minute ride to the hanger above ground. Will glanced over his shoulder in the passenger seat to see how the second warthog of recruits were doing and then turned around. Accessing a data pad, he hacked into a satellite over the planet. Accessing the infrared records he glanced at it to see if there were any ships on the planet, something small… Cargo ship maybe.

20 clicks ahead of them was a small heat source. Barely visible by a patch of open ground in the tree cover. The heat source was definitely an engine warming up for take off. The driver screamed as he yelled for Will to look up. A rocket soared two feet over the warthog and knocked the second warthog out; the flaming wreckage prevented them from escaping. Three men stood in the road… with jackhammer rockets.

"Stop!" Will yelled. The driver put his foot on the brakes and the warthog slammed to a sudden but sloppy stop as it went forward 5 feet in the mud. Will at once threw down the pistol and battle rifle he had down on the ground and motioned the driver to do so as well.

"Wise choice you made." One of them said he had a sniper rifle across his back. Grabbing their dropped weapons they stripped Will and the recruit of their ammo satchels. "Will, you and your friend there better come with us. By the way don't wander off, or you're dead."

They motioned them towards a warthog with a truck attachment allowing 4 troops to ride where the turret would go. The wet rain soaked his uniform which was covered in mud and dirt. The Warthogs had required someone to lift up one end in order for the warthog to get traction in this mess. A Female dressed in standard army rain gear turned her head towards the 5 approaching figures.

"What the fuck are they doing here?" She said as he stood up in her seat. "Sam said to kill them."

"A few hostages are always a good idea." One of the men said. "Besides maybe they can help us."

"Yeah right asshole." She muttered as she sat back down and started the engine. The one with the sniper set his rocket aside and swung his sniper free. Prodded into the back, Will sat down next to the recruit.

The drive towards the cargo ship was silent the entire way except for a couple curses from the driver when she at times had to go over rough terrain. Jungle whipped by as they entered a clearing. Expecting a Cargo ship, well he was half right. A pelican stood there silent as stone.

A figure walked out with a pilot helmet on as he glanced at the warthog truck as it stood at the center pelican.

"Put them into one of the pelicans without supplies." The figure said into radio. "We're moving out."

"Yes sir." She said.

Will knew the Spartan's names by heart and their strengths and weaknesses in battle. He had to several mission reports on them throughout his career before he got dropped off on this rock. The driver was Kelly, the fastest of all the Spartans combined. The Man sitting with the sniper rifle was Will like his own name. Sort of ironic anyway that their names were the same, Will wasn't a common name as it used to be. The Spartan sitting across from him pointing the battle rifle at him was the familiar face he had interrogated. Nate.

Jacob was the demolition man of the squad. The Magnum that he wielded was one of his favorites. Particularly because he modified it to fire explosive rounds from the old standard issue pistol instead of the usually bullets it did. If it hit you, you were a dead man especially at this range.

The Warthog stopped outside the main pelican as they motioned for them to get off. Will reluctantly comply and tried to make his way though the mud.

"Sit here; don't say a word, hand signals or anything else tricky. We'll know about it." Nate said. "We do not take you prisoners because we're that kind of people. Personally I think John is doing you a favor considering your one and only supply base is about explode and I highly doubt the both of you could live here long enough for a ship to pass by. So do us a favor, don't give us trouble."

The warthog was attached to the back of the pelican as the hatch went shut. Two other warthogs were attached as well as Nate sat on the opposite side with Jacob.

"This duty station sucks." The recruit mumbled as he looked out the window.