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Kitty Foreman's Christmas Party in 1991 was an extravagant affair. She hung the mistletoe, cooked a turkey with all the trimmings, and decorated the house for the guests that were coming. Red would tell her that she was being silly, because Christmas was three days after the visit, but she didn't care. She knew that this was going to be an important party, and she was determined to make it better than the last large one she had put on twelve years prior.

The first people to arrive were Eric and Donna and their three kids. Donna and Eric had the twins in August, William and Natalie. Kitty had already made them little stockings, and couldn't wait for the little girl to be of age so she could teach her everything she knew. Though it was too bad that Bob couldn't meet his other two grandchildren, Kitty liked to think that he was watching over them.

'Let me see my grandbabies!' Kitty exclaimed, picking up Natalie above her head. 'Oh, they're bigger since Thanksgiving!'

'Yeah, Mom, they tend to grow,' Eric said. Red tossed the three year old a ball, and Tommy tossed it back. 'Hey Red, he's gonna be a little slugger, huh?'

'Just like his Mom,' Red stated, and Donna laughed as Eric sort of nodded, defeated.

The doorbell rang, and Kitty handed Natalie back to Donna.

'It's the others!' she exclaimed, beaming. She opened the door, and there were Jackie and Steven Hyde, with Barry Grant in tow. 'Merry Christmas everyone!'

'Merry Christmas, Kitty!' Jackie said, and Hyde carried in their little baby girl. Kitty hugged her, and then just HAD to see the little one.

'Is this Cordelia?' she asked, and Hyde handed her to his surrogate mother.

'No Kitty, it's some kid they snatched at the airport,' Red said. She ignored him.

'Oh my goodness she's beautiful!' she exclaimed.

'She's also really loud,' Barry said. 'Just like her Mommy!' Jackie shot him a look, and lightly punched him on the shoulder.

'Remind me why you aren't in Schenectady, please," she asked him.

'I fly out in two days, loves, you're all stuck with me until then.'

'But there are so many babies, I thought you were terrified of them,' Donna teased, handing him Natalie. Barry groaned.

'Not of the babies themselves, of the responsibility they represent.'

'He's our official babysitter, he's getting used to it,' Hyde said.

Cordelia was born in September, a few weeks after the twins. Jackie and Hyde had married the previous March, and after a couple of months of frantic planning they had managed to pull it off in Point Place, before Jackie's pregnancy was completely obvious. Everyone crowded around the little baby, since they had yet to see her. It was true. She was beautiful.

'So Kitty,' Hyde said. 'Did you make eggnog this year?'

'I did!' she exclaimed. 'But the difference this year is that I won't have to nag you in a drunken stupor.' Jackie laughed, and Kitty handed her Cordelia. As everyone sat around the fire, talking about things they had done since their last time seeing each other, Jackie smiled over at Hyde. He felt her looking at him, and he smiled back at her. She looked at all her friends and loved ones. Twelve years before was that Christmas Party that started it all. If she had been told then that she would have all this in her life, she wouldn't have believed it. In 1979 her Christmas was a disaster. But now, in 1991, it was everything she could and dreamed of. She rocked Cordelia, laughed with her friends and family, and smiled at the tree. I got everything I ever wanted, she thought. Everything. And I never thought I would get that.

'Hey doll?' Hyde asked. She was brought from her pondering. 'What are you thinking about?' She smiled, and handed him their daughter.

'About everything,' she stated. He smiled back, and kissed her cheek, and then kissed Cordelia.

Not only had Jackie Burkhart exceeded their expectations.

She had exceeded her own as well.


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