The Chibi Curse

By Fatala

Part 1: Bionicle

It's me again! I've decide to start another fanfic and try my best at crazy comedy. If you like it review so I can have motivation to write more.

I don't own Bionicle, only myself, "C" and "S".

Chapter 1: Their Alive!

My name's Fatala. I guess you can say I'm your typical, ordinary college student. (If you cconsider a typical college student to be obsessed with Transformers, Bionicle, and a number of other shows.) My life was pretty normal until I recieved a strange e-mail from my 'brothers'. (Don't ask. I'll explain soon enough.)

It was just a normal Friday; I had just gotten home from Photography after having made a quick stop at Wally World (That's what everyone around my area calls Walmart.) to pick up afew things. After unpacking the groceries I grabbed the last bag and took it into the living room, droping it on the couch as I turned on the TV to watch the news. Sitting down on the couch and opened up the bag to see my prize. 'I finally found you.', I thought to myself pulling out the Bionicle kit I had just bought. The lable read 'Vakama Hordika'. Immediately I opened the package and began putting him together. (So much for watching the news.) In almost no time I had him together and sitting proudly on my lamp table. 'Well that completes the Toa Hordika.', I thought happily to myself as I got up to put on a DVD. (Cat food, dog food, garbage bags, orange juice, milk, assorted fruits and vegetables, some meats, and one Toa Hordika. That was a pay check well spent.) I then settled down and got started on my homework for next Monday (Who was the jerk who came up with homework over spring break!); Storyboarding (-sarcasticly- oh joy) and Digital Animation. After two hours of Fullmetal Alchemist I had finally finished the work for Storyboarding.

"Finished with that. Now on to Animation.", I said to myself. (Yes, I talk to myself. If you have a problem with that, then I would stop reading this now. 'Cause it's only gonna get worse.) Heading into the other my bedroom (With Vakama in tow.) I started up my computer and placed Vakama on the bookshelf with my other Bionicle figures. (That's the other five Toa Hordika. Not really much of a bookshelf is it. Of course this does include the the Visorak that sits on top of my DVD player.) Sitting down at the computer I logged to the internet. (So much for college work.) After visiting several sites and reading the lastest fanfiction (Transformers and Bionicle.) I went to check my e-mail; which I hadn't done since last week. Once I dumped all that damn bulk mail I started sorting though the others. "Crap, crap, major crap . . ." (I hate spam.) "Crap, now this is interesting.", I said happily. For amongst the load of spam was a e-mail from "C&S". (Just wait for it.) "It's about time they dropped me a line.", I said opening the message. What I found was a simple video message. (Can't those guys ever just write something like normal people. . . Never mind. Don't answer that question.)

"Hi, Fatala! Long time no see!", said "C" happily as his and his brother's faces popped up on the screen.

"We heard that your last semester of college was great so we decided to give you a present.", "S" said pushing his brother aside. 'Last semester? That was last year, and it's March? What are those two up to?', I thought to myself. (Never trust those two. Their nothing but trouble, and I should know.)

"Yeah. So just click on the button below and check out your gift. Bye", "C" said befor ethe video ended. 'What could compel those two to do something like this?', I asked myself before looking at the clock which read 2:00 am. Then I check the time the message was sent; 1:00 am.

"They must have been on a sugar binge. Well, I mind as well see what they gave me.", I sighed resigningly as I pressed the button below the message. (Oh how I wish I didn't.) As soon as I pressed the button another video appeared, this time it had "C" and "S" dancing and singing along with a song. (Yes I know it's scary. Two 19 year old men singing and dancing to the Transformer: Victory ending song. Very scary indeed.) Strangle enough they were just singing the beginnig verse over and over.

"Chichichi chichinpui! Chichichi chichinpui! Papa-papaya-papa Chichinpui no pui!" They just keep singing it over and over.

"It was a sugar binge thats what it was. Yep yep. That explains it all.", I repeated over and over to myself grabbing my pajamas and trudging off to the bathroom. 'Thank heavens it's spring break.', I thought encouragingly to myself, not even caring that I left the computer on.

About a half an hour later after showering and brushing my teeth and stuff I wander back into by bedroom. By that time the video had already stopped and my screen saver was on. I quickly logged off from the net and shut my computer down before hopping into bed. 'This is what I need, a long vaction with no college work, no work, and no one around. Happy days.', I thought to myself as I drifted to sleep.


"She's still asleep."

"Do you think we should wake her up?"

"She should have early-risen hours ago."

"No, leave her alone. She was up until late last night."

"I agree." 'Damn those voices in my head.', I thought groaning as I turned towards the wall. (Those voices can be very annoying some times.)

"It's already late. I say we wake her up." 'Leave me alone. Its Saturday.'

"I still think we should wait." 'Wait those voices aren't coming from my head.', the thought finally crossed my mind.

"Fine, I you guys won't sleep-stoppen her than I will." 'What the heck is going on here?', I thought to myself opening one eye. Then suddenly there was a loud shout in my ear. "WAKE UP!" At that I jolted up sending my covers flying off of me.

"What the hell was that!", I grumbled holding my right ear.

"Well it's about time you woke up." I looked around to see where the voice had come from, then I looked down to see that something was moving under the blankets. I lifted them up gingerly to see what was underneath.

"What in the slaggen pits of the inferno?", I exclaimed holding up a small, very unhappy looking Matau Hordika!

"I told you it wasn't a good idea to wake her up." I heard another vioce say. Turning to my computer desk I saw the other five Toa Hordika, all of them chibi sized just like Matau. (I am going to kill them.) Not giving Matau the time to reply I flew out of bed plopped him on my desk with the others and turned on my computer.

"What are you doing?", asked the chibi form of Whenua. I didn't bother to answer as I logged onto the internet, switching my web cam and mic on.

"You two better answer!", I growled to myself waiting for a reply. In a matter of minutes "C"s face popped on the screen.

"Hey Fatala, what's up?", he asked cheerfully.

"Don't you 'hey Fatala' me. What they hell did you guys do!", I yelled into the mike. "C" instently covered his ears as "S" walked over.

"We didn't do anything Fatala.", "S" said.

"Then what the hell is this!", I yelled again moving the web cam so that they could see the chibis.

"Oh . . .", they answered sheepishly.

"What did you two do?", I asked crossing my arms. They didn't answer for a long time, then I spoke up again. "Chaos, Stupidity." They looked up at the sound of their names. "What did you two do?", I asked again sounding like a repremanding mother.

"We . . . uummm . . . unleashed the Chibi course.", they said slowly as if waiting for me to reach through the screen and smack them.


"We didn't mean to. We'll start looking for a cure bye.", they said before breaking off the connection.

"Wh-", I tried to protest but it was too late. I looked down at the six chibi Toa Hordika who didn't have a clue about what was going on. 'I can't take with much crazyness on an empty stomach.', I thought making my way to the kitchen, the chibi following behind me.

To be continued in Chapter 2: Kitchen Chaos.

That's the end of chapter 1. I wrote this in less than 2 hours so forgive me for any grammar errors. I might write another chapter later today or tommorow so if you want more review now.