The Chibi Curse

By Fatala

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Chapter 12: The Coming of Keetongu.

On the kitchen table the chibis and I were gathered. Before us was an instruction booklet and flung out on the table was a mixture of plastic pieces; some large, some small, all different shapes and sizes. Most were a golden yellow color, while others were grey and red. Off to one side was a large box with a picture of what all the pieces would create once it was put together. Keetongu.

After the chibi war incident the chibis were more persistent than ever to get Keetongu put together. Finally I stopped procrastinating and gave in. I was more than a little reluctant to add to the chaos by having another chibi running loose. But it couldn't be worse than having a chibi uprising on my hands. At least that's what I told myself.

Now the 'fun' part, putting him together. Since the chibis had been so demanding I was gonna make them help; whether they liked it or not. I'd read the instructions, they'd put the pieces together as I told them. This was gonna be entertaining. Either that or I'd be threatening death; both options seemed highly likely.

"What is this? A jigsaw puzzle or something?" Onewa asked lifting up a large piece that looked like a foot.

"Close enough to it." I replied flipping through the pages. Damn, who knew Keetongu would have so many pieces. I was getting a sneaky suspicion that this was gonna be a lot more trouble than it was worth.

Looking up from the booklet I was ready to say that I'd do it myself but it was already too late. The chibis were already trying random piece combinations. Sighing to myself I reached forward taking the scrambled pieces apart.

"If we're gonna do this, we need to do it by the book." The last thing I need is some mismatched Frankenstein's chibi running around. Would probably be worse than the Hordika. And I am not willing to spend another $50 to try again.

"Ok. Nuju, bring over that piece." I said starting to give orders.

"No, no, no. That's not right! Your suppose to put it there." "No, it goes there!" Nokama joined me with a sigh and a small face palm.

"Here they go again." Whenua said looking somewhere between bored out of his mind and irritated beyond belief. This was the third time in 15 minutes that Vakama and Matau were arguing about a piece's position. Onewa had tried to break it up but instead got dragged into it leading the argument to degenerate into a brawl.

I glared at the chibis as they wrestled around the kitchen table. We hadn't even gotten to Keetongu's torso yet; if this kept up it would take forever to get done. Finally deciding to break it up I got up, filled up a glass with water, walked over to the fighting chibis and dumped it on their heads.

At the sudden shower of water the air, fire, and stone Hordika sputtered immediately getting interrupted in their fight. They were ready to turn their irritation and anger on me but stopped at the truly menacing look on my face.

"If you three don't stop I swear by all that is holy and unholy; I'll lock you three in the cat carrier with Leo and have Shadow bring Makuta over so he can record it and put it up on Youtube."

All three chibis looked up in fear. Matau especially looked afraid, I had already kept my threat once before and I would definitely do it again. But threats do little good without a constant reminder. Every time they'd start to bicker again, I'd fill up another glass and dump it on them; 'til I got sick of going back and forth to the sink and just settled on a squirt bottle. Should have done that from the beginning.

'Just a few more pieces.' I told myself. The legs and torso were done. I put the last pieces on the arms as the chibis put the chest together.

"Finished." Nokama said as Whenua and Onewa carried over the completed piece. Taking it, I attached to arms to it; with two easy pops they were on. Matau and Vakama held the lower section down as I popped the top and bottom together. Not there was just one last part to complete. I looked up for the final piece but there was nothing. A clear table laid before us with no sign of the missing part.

"You've got to be kidding me!" I growled as I looked under the directions, on the floor, and under the box. The box felt slightly heavy but I didn't find the pieces inside but a very confused Nuju.

"Piece gone." he said shrugging as not even he knew where they were. "But they left a note." My mind immediately went 'What?' but there in Nuju's hand was a small piece of paper. Taking it I opened it up and read what was inside. Immediately I scowled crinkling up the piece before throwing it at the table in frustration.

All the chibis ran over to the note, uncrinkling it as best as possible as I gargled out my frustrations with several non-children appropriate words just to give my voiced frustration more color. (After my universal sign of discontent given some chapters ago is anyone surprised by this?) On the crunched up piece of paper the chibis read what had pissed me off.

'Think we'd really let you have Keetongu that easily? Think again. Have fun suckers! *insert evil laughter here*'

"Gah!" I was still growling in the background. Then I remembered; they didn't have anything in their grubby little paws when they were taken away. "The piece still has to be here."

"But where?"

"They were trapped in the kitchen the entire time so it has to be around here, somewhere." But where was the question. There were so many places where it could have been hidden. Under the stove, behind the fridge maybe, in the corners between cabinets, or high up on the shelves?

Jumping down from the table the chibis began their search. I searched too, taking the upper shelves with Nuju, but found nothing. Whenua took searching under the stove and fridge but found nothing but crumbs, a couple bottle caps, and lots of dust bunnies; many of which refused to let go of him. (I swear a few must have been alive because they nearly dragged him back underneath.)

Scowering the high areas Matau looked on top of the fridge, stove, and dish cabinet; more dust but nothing. (I know dusty house. When do I have time to do such out of the way cleaning with all the chaos in my live. Only reason I don't hire a clean is because I'd pity them to under go the chibi treatment.) Nokama took under the sink as Onewa searched the lower cupboards. I cringed with each crash and clang I heard down below. Well, I had been looking for an excuse to buy some new pots and pans.

Vakama's job was to check out the many dark corners. Matau and Nuju ended up helping since Vakama had found a few nasty spiders. (*shudders*) The biggest ones I took care of with the sneakers on my foot. Afterwards I felt bad for Tsuzuki who had witnessed the whole spider stomping frenzy. (Tsuzuki: "So glad I'm a visorak." *shudders* "I rather take the blender over that." Sorry.) After everything we still came up with zip, nadda, nothing.

"Where the hell could they have put it?" I groused flopping into one of the kitchen chairs. "We searched everywhere!"

"All but there." Whenua said pointing to the trash as he still picked off the remaining clinging dust bunnies. Looking at the trash my lack of enthusiasm for this whole thing hit rock bottom.

"Oh, hell no. That's it I'm done. There is no way I'm digging through that." I said getting up ready to leave the kitchen.

"It can't be that bad." Nokama said causing me to turn back. Without a word I walked over to the trash can dragging it over to the table and flipped open the lid.

"Want to bet?" I asked as the chibis say the full trash can. "If its in there its buried under nearly a weeks worth of garbage. Any of you crazy enough to try and look for it?" No one answered as they looked horrified. (Now, my trash isn't THAT bad. But anyone knows it is/would be no fun digging through trash just for a couple small pieces.) "Whether you look for it or not I don't care as long as there is no mess. Either way it's going on the curb tomorrow." With that I walked away. As the chibis contemplated their decision I got ready to go out. No way was I gonna stay and watch them trash dive; if they were brave or stupid enough to do it.

Even with the seemingly horrible obstacle before them the chibis were intent on getting the final piece for Keetongu. The only question was; which one of them was gonna take the dive?

"No, no, no! I've already gone through enough horrible things since we got here. There is no way I've going in there!" protested Matau. He was sick of being thrown into horrible situations, he certainly wasn't gonna volunteer for one. "You do it Nokama, your the one who said 'It can't be that bad.'" he said pointing to the blue hordika.

"You can't be suggestion a woman to jump in there?" she asked indignantly.

"That's exactly what I'm saying." Onewa barely had time to dodge as Nokama went flying at Matau with all the malicious intent they had only seen from Fatala thus far. Regardless of it being slightly entertaining to watch their water sister thrash Matau around it did nothing for their current situation.

"Only one way to settle this, we can draw straws." Onewa suggested. Although they didn't use straws, toothpick pieces worked rather well. For all except Whenua that is. But they weren't gonna send down their brother without some 'protection'. They put together a 'rubber suit' made of a Ziploc bag, a mask from an old salt shaker top, and two tied together sporks so he could grab the head should he find it. Finishing the very odd yet hopefully effective outfit was a long string tied around his waist so they could pull him back up once he found it.

"Give three pulls once you find it and we'll pull you up." Vakama said as Whenua looked warily down at the nearly fun bag of trash.

"Sure its too late to change place?" Whenua asked but was unable to get a reply as Matau was thrown into him, knocking the earth Toa off the table and into the trash. There was no going back now. Unwillingly Whenua began to dig, very much thankful that the bag kept the garbage from touch him. Yuck! But the mask did little besides that for smell could still get in. Thankfully he had Nuju go and get a bottle of Febreze for when he came back up; he was gonna need it.

The earth Toa had to be about half way down in the bag with still no signs of Keetongu's missing head piece. He was starting to give up hope of finding it when he spotted something further down near and empty chip bag. Digging deeper he was ready to praise Mata Nui at seeing it was what he had been searching for. Closing the distance he latched on to the piece before pulling on the string.

"Hurry up and spray me again the smell is starting to come back." I sprayed Whenua again with the febreze.

"If that smell doesn't go away soon your going into the sink and getting a spray down." I informed him. Like I'd let a stinky chibi roam around my house, ha!

"Right now I don't care as long as the smell goes away." he replied soberly. Then again who could blame him.

"Why does it smell in here?" asked Keetongu who had recently been chibized. Gah! I had to plug my nose to keep the smell from attacking me as well. It was far worse on Keetongu that it was on Whenua. Even the other chibis had retreated from the smell.

"Alright! Into the sink! Now!" I yelled grabbing gloves, soap and a scrubber.

To be continued in Chapter 13: Amusement Rides Again!

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