"You know, Nabiki," the doctor states quietly, her face looking rather green, "just because you CAN stick your hand through a person's chest, does not necessarily mean you SHOULD."

I look at Nabiki's hand on my shoulder, then over at the doctor, and ask, "What are you talking about, Doctor Kurokina? Her hand is on my shoulder..."

Doctor Kurokina blinks, looks at me, then mutters, "Stupid reflections. I could almost swear that I heard a girl's voice." She looks at me and then asks, "So, are you a boy or a girl? You sure LOOK like a boy to me."

Nabiki blinks, and then asks, "With a chest like hers?"

The doctor smirks, "Yeah, with a chest like his, it'd be hard to see a girl. What do you see when you look at 'her'?"

Nabiki smiles, "I see a busty redhead, about fifteen centimetres shorter than me, who's completely confused right now. You?"

The doctor barks a short laugh, "I see a black haired boy, about sixteen years old, I think. And he is fifteen centimetres TALLER than you, Nabiki-chan."