Chapter twelve

Somebody poked him Alexander squeezed his eyes and the poking stopped but when he went back to sleep the poking began again.

He opened his eyes and found it was night time and Hephaistion was starting at down at him he was still pale but had gained some colour

"Alexander what's going on why I am in your room and why does my head hurt?"

Alexander sat up "You don't remember?"

Hephaistion shook his head then he caught sight of the bandage around his wrist and his shoulders sagged and he bowed his head so that his hair fell forward hiding his face from Alexander

"I did it didn't I." he whispered

"Yes you did." Alexander replied

Suddenly Hephaistion broke down in tears he felt so ashamed of what he had tried to do. Strong arms were going around his waist and pulling him close

"Shh," Alexander soothed rubbing his hand up and down Hephaistion's hair "I am here now everything is going to be ok."

Suddenly Alexander was letting him go and was getting out of the bed; he went to stand in front of the bed where Hephaistion could see him. He got down on both knees

"Please forgive Hephaistion I should have never lost my temper at you I was so ashamed afterwards that I could not bring myself to face you. Then you disappeared and I found your letter I was so frightened that I had lost you forever and had lost the chance to beg for your forgiveness it should be me not you with that wound" he nodded to Hephaistion wrist "I hurt you when I should have been there for you."

He stop he had ran out of things to say that would make Hephaistion forgive him he still kneeled in front of Hephaistion.

Hephaistion to get up off the bed he shakily moved towards him and stop on front of him. He held up to the bed frame for support. He took one hand off the frame and balled it up into a fist. It took all of his remaining strength to strike Alexander, if he had been fit it would have left a bruise but it would only sting.

"That's for hitting me." he said collapsing to the floor

Alexander stood up and picked Hephaistion up from the floor and walked him over to the bed

"Does that mean we forgive each other?" Alexander asked rubbing his cheek

Hephaistion nodded his head "Yes."

Alexander smiled and pulled him close

"I love you." he said kissing Hephaistion on the lips

"I love you to." Hephaistion replied.

They laid back down and Hephaistion snuggled up draping his injured wrist over Alexander's chest and intertwining his legs with Alexander's and rested his head on Alexander's shoulder.

Alexander laid stroking Hephaistion hair.



"Promise me something."


"Don't ever scare me like that again."

Hephaistion looked up and smiled "Don't worry I won't," then he lost the smiled "It scared me to."