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Harry hated the lake. He had officially decided this three minutes ago. He had found Ron already. All he was doing was waiting at the bottom of the lake.

Why was he doing that?

Because he was the hero. Because J.K. made him that way. Because he was a naturaly good guy. Blah, blah, blah.

Harry sat down and moped (well, technactly, he couldn't sit at the bottom of theBlack Lake, but whatever.) Until he started moving.

Harry was not in charge of his own body. The Big Boss-a.k.a., J.K. Rowling- was in charge of it for him. Obeying her commands, he moved forward and cut the little girl's rope. Then hegrabbed afistful of Ron's robes and grabbed the girl by the neck of her shirt and started kicking towads the surface.

"Thank you J.K."Hewhispered fervently. Ofcourse,no words actually came out, only bubbles, but Harry didn't care. For once, Harry was going to get an easy task.

"Suddenly, Harry felt his grip on Ron slipping..."

'No! Please, no!' Harry prayed. He had grown rather fond of Ron over the countless months they speant together stuck inside J.K.'s computer.

Plus, who wanted to die at the bottom of a lake?

Harry used all his will power to hold onto his best mate, but he already felt J.K.'s words come true. Ron was slipping.

"NO!" The cry escaped unbidden from Harry's throat. Of course, it turned into bubbles, but what would anyone else have done if they knew their best friend was going to drown.

Then Ron was floating upwards, against the current. He was propelled by an unseen force.

"What?" Harry gasped from his position in the lake.

"What?" J.K. Rowling exclaimed, sitting at her computer.

"What?" The fans of the book yelled months later, at three o' clock in the morning, just hours after the book was released.

Then all three parties shrugged, and went on swimming, or typing, or reading, depending on who they were.

"Welcome to my life." was Harry's last thought just before he broke the suface of the lake.

Possibly the stupidest thing ever written. Whatever,I still like reveiws.