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Chapter 1: My name is...Shayde

Colony Ark

In the dark gloomy halls of the Space Colony Ark a devastated doctor prowled the halls in hope for any gruesome ideas for any world domination and any hope for the "Eggman Empire". Aggressively searching through all the data consoles on the Ark Colony, he yet waited to come across any hope for bringing life to his devious dream. He slams his hands again and again on the current consol he browsed through. Tapping hungrily for information, he opens more and more documents that are locked and deleted. Opening and closing documents and files slowly lowered his hope in finding any valuable information from his dear late grandfather. He slammed his fist once more.

"Argh, There has to be something else left by my grandfather and his researchers! This can't just be it! Shadow can't be the only major project he worked on! There has to be something else! But where!" He shouts to the dead chrome walls of the Ark Colony. He continues his search into some more files and programs his grandfather and his researchers created, "Project Shadow couldn't be the only project my grandfather worked on! This is so frustrating!" He slammed his fists once again on the consol. He put his head in his hands as he brainstormed what he was going to do next.

"My grandfather was a genius! He must have something here for me to use! This just can't be it, there has to be more left in this floating heap of space junk. I just have to be smart and think of what!" He mumbled to him self for some encouragement. He went back into searching and browsing through more files in the computer. Just as he was going to give up searching through the files, a window popped up taking over a portion of the screen.

"What's this?" He opens the mysterious window and the map of the Space Colony Ark engulfs the screen, moments later directions were drawn on the screen, leading to a small closed chamber in the core of the Colony Ark. The doctor grins evilly knowing something devious awaits him as he takes down the information to the small mysterious chamber.

"Robots! I order you to go down there and search for anything valuable to be used for me!" He orders, the robots beeped in response and all moved out, "I knew my grandfather wouldn't let his devious grandson down! This is perfect, just you wait." He said and ended off his speech with a diabolical laughter.

In the small chamber in the core of the Space Colony Ark sat a long machine, it's lights were running so Dr. Eggman knew it was operational and most of all...On.

"What's this!" Eggman looked through a small computer sitting besides the large glowing capsule machine.

"Aho! This is perfect! This is amazing. It says here that this is an experiment gone terribly wrong!

Status log for bio-engineered assassin

Codename: Shayde

Ark Colony, Sector 5A

Date: 12/01/3210
First Log

Due to the recent failure of the Automatic Cyber Control Units ACCU's. Project Android D117517 Codename:AI557566 has failed our research development. Scientists and Engineers have been searching for alternatives to mobile robotic cloning. The flaws of Project AndroidD117517 have been well documented. Tests have shown that even with the strongest titanium limbs when put under the same type of stress endured by its biological counterpart,D117517 has undergone a series of short circuits or overloads. At our last meeting, fellow Scientist Dr. Gerald Robotnik stood up, posing this query: "When will we be ready to take animatronics to a higher level? When will we be capable of turning artificial intelligence into real actual intelligence?" This marvelous doctor has answered those questions with a superb speech.

"Ladies and gentlemen, that time begins…now. We have in our technological possession, technology necessary to step up from metallic exterior to flesh, from wire nuts and bolts interior to skin and bones, from battery acid, to blood, from control panel and chips to a real thinking working brain. My fellow colleagues, I am talking about the evolution of our science. Using this combination of technology, genetics, advanced cybernetics, and cloning, we'll be able to get rid of lousy mobile soldiers, and create a full biological creature trained to do as I, Sir Robotnik desires. We will be able to inject this directly into his blood. I request funds for the creation of biological weapon. A living creature that could single-handedly destroy and create sorrow or happinessto all who crosses our paths! Scientist and Engineers alike, this is the dawn of our new era!"

Project: Shayde

Journal Entry # 172

Everything in the Ark Colony as gone amuck. This new project my scientest and I were working on is complete only that it is a blood thirsty killer with no remorse what so ever. He is way too powerful for even his creators to possibly control his immense power, we must act now or the future will be dim.

Sector Two and Sector Four is completely destroyed and Sector Seven on Colony Ark is under construction. Project: Shayde is what we decided to call it. Shayde is our first created bioform that will take the name of the ultimate lifeform. He is ultimate alright, an ultimate killer. While putting his mental stability under a surveillance my researchers and I found that his mind is built like an animal, but just as savaging he is, he also is a very aggressive and envious bioform.

While tending to my grandaughter, Maria, he took off into a jealous rage. He then destroyed Sectors Two and Four, and Sector Seven was majorly damaged, which was the residential sector of the Ark Colony, there were many casulties, and about ten-to-twelve people were killed, such sad moments. So I decided to lock him away for good, for the safety of mankind, this project must not get out, it was a mistake creating him, and it will be mistakes trying to play the role of God and creating bioforms. I am so sorry everyone...This mistake will not happen again.


Shadow sat on a public bench in a small grassy park wearing a pair of black denim pants faded down the legs, a wife beater, a genuine leather jacket with one breast zipper pocket, and a dark pair of shades, accompanying all that with his trademark air shoes. He sat quietly on the bench listening to the children's laughter as they ran around the park wailing taunts like "can't catch me," and "nana-boo-boo". He looked at his watch and quietly sighed, "eleven-thirty."

"Shadow!" A voice called out to him. A female ran up to him and huffed heavily trying to catch a breath, "sorry I am a little late." She bowed and apologized in respect. A little? You had me here waiting over a half an hour. He thought to himself.

"Thank you for waiting though!" She smiled and cocked her head to the side. The female was none other than Amy Rose, a pink hedgehog with a big smile and a big heart. She bowed once more in respect and gave him a big smile.

"Yeah, sure." He said very dryly. He stood up and fixed the collar of his jacket, and dusted the back of his pants off. She grabbed his arm and hugged it in a tight death grip, "come on! We're gonna' be late!" She squealed as she pulled him down the park. But we already are.

A cacophony of screams of horror and excitement filled the air as sounds of steel rushing up and around mixed in with it as they waited on a long line that seemed to last forever. Shadow examined the scenery quickly noticing the bright colors and cheerfulness filling up the scene. He looked at Amy who was anxious to get inside.

"Why...Here?" He asked fearing of the answer she would give him. He already knew he would detest this place.

"What's wrong with Twinkle Park? It's fun here!" She said while hopping with excitement. He grunted, "yeah but, why here? And why didn't you drag along Sonic?" He asked.

"Because...He said...No...And you said you'll see." She smiled innocently.

"Yes, but that didn't mean yes." He muttered to himself.

Finally inside the big thrill park they walked around curious to what to do first. "So, what do you want to do first?" She asked scoping the scene.

"I don't care." He said crossing his arms across his chest.

"Oh come on...Don't be a spoil sport! Let's go on the roller coaster!" She said as she pulled him towards the roller coaster. He shrugged and followed along.

"Another...Line..." He mumbled as he scratched the top of his head.

"Oh don't worry, it'll be quick."

Shadow sat in the seat and lowered the chest guard down to lock and keep him in place while Amy did the same.

"Please remove any loose items such as cell phones, keys of any sort, change, wallets, clips, flip-flops on your feet, loose jewelry, or anything of the sort before the ride commences." The racoon said dully as if he had repeated it a hundred times. Shadow took out his wallet and handed him the shades and Amy handed him her wallet.

"Thank you, now please enjoy the ride." He said dully again. He stepped back and the ride shook into motion.

"Ooh this is going to be so much fun! Scared?" She asked as the ride climbed its way to the fall.

"Heh, hardly." He chuckled.

"Are you going to scream?" She asked.

"No." She smiled at his reply. She kicked her legs around as she looked at the whole park from her view, "isn't it so pretty up here?"

"I guess." He said not really paying attention to what she was saying he was just waiting for the drop to get this over with.

"I think its very beautiful up here, you can see the whole park!" She squealed. By her surprise the ride went down the first major drop. Shadow began getting annoyed with all the screaming from around him. He was just as bored up in the air on the ride as on the ground waiting on line.

Later on...

Amy sat on the bench next to Shadow with a medium sized chocolate ice cream cone, Shadow sat quietly eating his small vanilla ice cream cone. The sun was beginning to set, giving the sky a nice golden glow. She looked over to him, "so what else do you want to do?" He shrugged.

"Let's go on the Ferris Wheel!" She jumped up. He got up ready and they walked off the Ferris Wheel.

They sat quietly in the cart as the wheel brought them up to the top. "Shadow?"

"Yeah." He responded.

"I had a great time you know." She smiles.


"What about you? How was your day?" She asked.


"You know when someone says fine, that means they didn't like it." She teased. Suddenly Shadow shot up and plastered his face to the window. What is this strong sense I am getting? What is this feeling! Something or someone is out there! But where! He put his hand against the glass as he scanned the ground for anything suspicious.

"Shadow? I was just joking! What's wrong?" She sat forward.

Once the cart was grounded he hopped out and ran towards this evil aura he was sensing. Amy desperately tried to follow calling his name every two seconds for him to slow down. What is it? I need to know! Something isn't right!

While running through the crowd and into an empty open area with only benches he lost the sense. He quickly skidded to a stop and looked around for a feeling from any direction.

"Where did it go?" He said darting his head back and forth trying to get some sense of direction. Where?

"Shadow! Wait up!" Amy shouted from behind. He turned to her and just remembered that she was with him.

"Oh I'm sorry, I thought I saw something." He desperately came up with some sort of excuse.

"From all the way up there?" She asked, "never mind it's okay." She smiled, he returned her smile.

"Come on lets finish off the day." She said as she began walking back. He scanned the area once more then turned and followed her back into the thrill park. I know someone's out there...

"Hmm hmm hmm...Yes... I am out here." A dark voice said softly to itself before it left.

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