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Chapter Fourteen: Epilogue Part Two

Paris, 1919

The young woman walked arm in arm with her male companion into the abandoned Opera House. They took note of the big banner over the doors announcing the auction that had begun earlier that day. The pair crept in and took seats at the back. "Lot 669, a poster advertising the famous 'Phantom of the Opera'. Do I have 10 francs?" The male companion, Bellamy Destler, raised his hand. "12 francs?" A man at the front who was in a wheel chair, clutching a musical box he had just won accepted the bid. After a short competition Bellamy won the poster at 20 francs. "Bell." whispered the woman frantically. "That's the Vicomte de Chagny, he's the one mother told us about."

"I do believe you're right Aimee." He said, his soft voice sounding almost magical. "We must not go to him now though. I would hate to cause a scene." She nodded in agreement. They sat through the rest of the auction and followed the man out. When he got into his car, Bellamy quickly led Aimee to his own and told the driver to follow the de Chagny car. When they realised where de Chagny was heading, Bellamy told the driver of the short cut he knew that would halve the time and ordered him to take them that way. He obeyed and soon they were at the cemetery.

They climbed out and rushed to the grave of the Vicomtess Christine de Chagny. Aimee observed the picture on the grave. She had been a pretty woman and looked faintly like Aimee's own mother. Aimee withdrew the red rose gently from her handbag, being careful not to disturb the ring or ribbon and laid it on the corner of the grave. She smiled and went with Bellamy to stand just out of sight. They watched sadly as the old man came and saw the rose. It obviously meant something to him. After looking around for the source, he picked it up and put the music box on the grave, for the one who had left the rose. He stood and was assisted out of the cemetery by the nurse and driver.

Raoul felt a huge weight fall from his shoulders and tears come to his eyes as he alone knew the significance of the rose and ring. He had of course heard of Christine's fight with consumption and how Erik had caught it from her after a short time. They had both died in the summer of 1918. He realised that Christine had probably had one of her children deliver her small gift. He left, safe in the knowledge that he could live out his few remaining years in peace.

Aimee Rose and Bellamy Ciel would never know that in keeping this, their final promise to their mother before she died. That they had given one man his redemption and had truly laid their parents to rest.

Bellamy walked forward silently and collected the music box then they continued on their short quest. They stopped when they came to the last grave. It was beautiful and simple. It was a traditional gravestone and on it was carved a mask and a rose entwined. Aimee traced the familiar words with her finger, as her brother laid the music box where they would normally have laid flowers. She read the dates and then the inscription.


Erik Charles Destler and Christine Laurette Destler

Beloved parents and friends.

Their love will never be forgotten.

Their music will live on forever.

The two left the cemetery with a feeling of peace. Aimee looked back and fancied that, just for a moment, she caught a glimpse of two figures. One dressed in white and one in black, they were holding hands and smiled waved at her. When she looked back a second time, they were gone and she wondered if it was just a trick of the light. But inside she knew what…who… she just seen. For only her father and mother had ever smiled at her that way. She followed her brother and waved a sad, silent good bye as they walked through the gates of the cemetery.

The End


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