On The Path of Vengeance

By Daishi Prime

Disclaimer – I have no claim to ownership of this series or its sequel (on which this story is based). I just enjoyed both and didn't like the idea of not knowing what happened to the characters later on. I do, however, claim credit for the character of Akira.


Prologue – Conflict


Nanoha spun to a stop in mid-air, Raging Heart ready in her hands, aimed back where she had just come from. She pulled in energy at a fast rate, pouring it through Raging Heart's systems, "Divine Buster Barrage," she ordered, normally soft voice grown harsh with exhaustion, not even noticing the circles and glyphs which manifested as her power shaped itself to her will.

Her target was face to face with Fate, Bardiche braced against his vile sword, and apparently unaware of her. The two broke apart, then slammed together again, exchanging fast, furious blows that Nanoha was hard-pressed to track. Finally, she felt her power peak, Raging Heart ready in her hands. "Shoot!" Mentally, she shouted a warning, Fate-chan!

With a thunderous roar, five bolts of focused magic flashed from their positions around her, covering the distance between her and him in a moment. Fate spun away at the last moment, and there was a massive explosion. Nanoha did not drop her guard, she had hit him with this before to no effect, and knew he would be coming out of it in a moment. She was already charging another strike.

She and Fate had been fighting him for what seemed like hours, now, Yuuno and Arf supporting them. The Knights were regrouping, preparing for the second wave of attacks, but Fate and Nanoha had to hold him for a little longer, until the damaged Asura could arrive with Chrono and the squads of combat mages he had gathered from Headquarters.

Nanoha, Signum's mental voice was strained, all the more serious because of it. Shamal, Vita and I are on the way, but it will be several minutes.

Nanoha nodded, even though the others were too far, across dimensional barriers, to see her. It was a sign of how tired she was, that a corner of her mind recognized even as she responded, I know. We're doing the best we can to hold him here, but he's too strong!

Call Excelion, Signum ordered, Fate, call Zanber.

Nanoha felt the blood drain from her face, and her answer echoed Fates, NO!

We can't risk killing him, Fate elaborated.

You can't risk loosing him, either, Signum's voice was grimly steady, or losing to him.

But Hayate-chan... Nanoha tried to argue, but she knew Signum was right.

Would not thank us if you died trying to avenge her.

Nanhoa bowed her head, understanding. Fate, I'll call Excelion, then take over distracting him while you call Zanber.

Understood, Fate answered, charging in to attack their enemy again.

We'll be there as soon as possible, Signum promised.

"Raging Heart!" To her surprise, her voice sounded stronger and more confidant then she felt, "Set up, Excelion!" The staff in her hand shook as three cartridges fired off in rapid order. Then the asymetrical curve wrapped around the massive jewel of her device shimmered, and disintegrated. The power flowing into and through the device trebbled, and Nanoha focused on controlling it, on forming the Excelion. It took only a moment, and Raging Heart settled into her most devestating form.

Nanoha! Behind you! Yuuno's cry was paniced.

She spun, Raging Heart before her, "Circular..." A harsh clang of metal and a jarring wrench at her hands cut her off. She cried out in surprise, falling back a few feet but keeping herself in the air. Then she realized Raging Heart was no longer in her hands, and hovering inches before her face was the tip of a massive black sword.

Yuuno was screaming now, verbally as well as mentally, Nanoha!

His voice was grating, freezing cold, and laden with sadness and hatred, the ring of sigils surrounding his sword blacker than she had seen in six years. Over the blade, she could see his eyes, blank and uncaring. "Soul Breaker."


Author's note: an idea I had, that I have outlined, but not written. It'll be expanded as I have time, but my other major story, Rise of the Guardians, has priority, barring feedback to the contrary. This one should be just as complicated as RotG, however.