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"Rachel, would you come to our office with us, and fill out a missing person's report on Alex?"

"Yes. Of course."

The ride was a silent one, with each of them lost in their own thoughts. As she looked out the passenger side window Jess had another vision.

Colin appeared. But this time he had "Рая" on his shirt. "Truth, American, Justice," he said. As Nicole parked the car, Jess came out of her vision. It had almost sounded like 'Truth, Justice and the American Way'. But the fact that he'd said them out of order had to mean something, she mused.

Once they arrived Jess took Rachel to her desk, to do the report on Alex, and Nicole went to report in with Pollock.

"Declan isn't really IRA is he?" Rachel asked. "And FBI Agent and an IRA man together? It doesn't make sense. And you started to call him by another name earlier. . . ."Col" something."

'Truth, American, Justice'. The words echoed in her mind, and she again saw the image of Rachel's name on Colin's shirt. Was Colin trying to say that she should tell Rachel the truth? That he was American, not IRA and in the Justice Department. At the moment it was the only thing that made sense. And Rachel had said she considered Colin a brother. . . "His name is Colin McNeal. He works with the Justice Department. He's working undercover. Trying to get information on your father."

Rachel's eyes lit. Here was the chance she'd been hoping for, but never dreamed she'd get. "If we find him and Alex. . . If Alex and I tell you what we know about my father, could we go into witness protection. . . together?"

Jess was shocked. "You'd testify against your father?"

"And I hate what my father does for a living. We left Russia when I was very young. My mother told me we would make a new start in America. We'd get away from that life. But it didn't happen. A bullet meant for my father killed her. I do not want to be the next one that happens to. I need to be with Alex, and my father will never allow that. Yes, if you can make sure Alex and I will be together, we can help you bring down my father. And besides, I told you, Decl. . .Colin is a brother to me. I don't want him hurt for trying to help me."

"Noble sentiments. And protection for you and Alex can be arranged," Pollock said from where he'd been standing nearby. Jess and Rachel had been so caught up in the conversation, they hadn't noticed him.

Nicole was beside Pollock, and Antonio joined them. "Cortez, you and Scott go bring in Mr. Gorshov. I'll speak to him in my office. Mastriani, get Miss Gorshov somewhere her father won't see her when he arrives.

Almost an hour later Antonio and Nicole escorted Vladimir Gorshov into Pollock's office.

Hello. Please, have a seat. Pollock greeted in perfect Russian.

Gorshov raised an eyebrow, and sat down. Thank you.

Declan Mulroney is missing. According to the rumors, you are responsible.

A man in your position should know better than to listen to rumors.

A man in my position knows which rumors to listen to. Pollock replied, giving a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

And if I was somehow responsible? Why would you care about this man?

I care about this city and it's people. I do not want you and the IRA having a war here that will kill innocent citizens.

Ah. I see.

If you were to turn this man in, I would owe you a favor. If you or one of your men were ever arrested, I would feel obligated to drop the charges and let you go. . . to repay the debt. Even as he spoke, a plan formed in Pollock's mind.

I know you talk with Ivan Petrovich. But unlike him I don't deal with the FBI.

Pollock gave another non-smile. You aren't dealing with the FBI. You're dealing with me.

Something in that smile that wasn't a smile told Gorshov it would not be wise to make an enemy of this man. We'll see. After all, he reasoned, it wasn't as if Mulroney was one of his own men.

With that, Gorshov stood and left.

Pollock picked up his phone and dialed a number in Russia.

Two hours later Pollock's phone rang. "Pollock."

Have two of your Agents waiting in front of your building in 10 minutes. And don't forget that you owe me a debt. With that the line disconnected.

Ten minutes later Nicole and Pollock were standing outside the building. Jess and Antonio waited just inside the door. As much as she hated being ordered to wait inside, Jess understood why Pollock had ordered it. Gorshov could have men watching the drop off, and any emotional display on her part could ruin things. Two EMT's were waiting with Antonio and Jess, in case Colin had been hurt and needed medical attention.

A black van, with no plates, pulled up. A second later the side door opened and Colin was pushed out. He would have fallen to the sidewalk if Pollock and Nicole hadn't caught him. Once inside they led him to a nearby conference room and cut the ropes tied around his hands, and untied the gag. Jess contented herself with placing a light kiss on his lips before moving out of the EMT's way.

Colin forced himself to focus on the EMT's and answering their question, since the sooner they left, the sooner he could talk to Jess, and hold her in his arms again. Other than some scrapes and bruises, and needing water, food and sleep, they pronounced him fine. They let him some painkillers, but instructed him not to take them without some food.

As the EMT's were leaving another Agen showed Rachel into the room. "Raya?" Colin asked, very surprised to see her.

"Hello, De. . .Colin," she corrected herself. "I'm glad you're okay," she said, hugging him.

"We'll get Alex back for you," Colin told her as he returned the hug. "But what are you doing here?" he asked, pulling back.

"You're friends came looking for you."

"We found her phone number in your apartment," Nicole told him.

Colin looked at Jess. "How did you know I was in trouble? My missed check-in's or. . ."

He let it trail off, not wanting to mention Jess's visions in front of Rachel.

"Both," Jess answered. "Don't scare me like that again."

Nicole and Rachel shared a look. "Let's go find Colin some food, and something to drink," Nicole suggested, pulling Antonio out the door with them.

"Both of you report to my office. . . in, say, half an hour, after you've had something to eat," Pollock said before also leaving, and closing the door behind him.

Taking Jess's hand Colin pulled her closer. Within seconds she was sitting in his lap, with their arms around each other.

"Guess your vision was pretty bad?"

"You were moving farther and farther away from me, and a lot of guns were pointing at you. Then Pollock calls us in and tells us you're missing. . . Not one of my better mornings." She pulled back a little to look at him.

"Since you aren't mad at me, I guess Rachel told you about her and Alex?"

"And that you were helping them. . . speaking of Rachel, we found her number at your apartment. Even I know enough about under cover work to know you don't stay at your own place."

"I had a new apartment for Declan. But when Rachel and I were supposed to be together, I needed to disappear, so I went back to my own place. Enough about Rachel and the job, it's been way to long since I've been able to do this. . ." he said, leaning in and kissing her.

They broke apart several minutes later when Rachel knocked on the door. And few seconds later Nicole and Rachel walked in with a sandwich and drink for Colin.


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